Love/Hate Season 5 Finale. Will somebody please think of the children? (Spoilers)

Most sensible people already are thinking of the children ma’am, by not allowing them to watch a show that is clearly aimed at an adult audience. If your children saw something you don’t approve of, it’s your own fault for being stupid enough to allow them to watch it.

So here I am, a little over 24 hours after the finale of season 5 of Love/Hate. I, like so many other people was watching live what may very well have been the most violent episode in the show’s history. Brothel manager Janet was brutally tortured to death to set an example to any would-be rats in Nidge’s organisation. Nidge himself was gunned down at the very end, with niece Siobhán getting caught by a stray bullet. However, in terms of brutality, all of this pales in comparison compared to the faith of the character Fran.

Fran, back in the days when he could still sit down.

I’m assuming that most people reading this will be familiar with what happened, so rather than telling the whole backstory, I’ll just cut to the chase. Fran was brutally beaten and gang raped in the prison shower with a snooker cue. The last image we see of him, is of him lying alone on the shower floor with horrific anal injuries. Needless to say, it makes for very difficult viewing and it’s hard for anyone who isn’t an unfeeling sociopath not to feel disturbed by it.

As a result, a minority of crybabies have been on social media and the radio whining about how the show went too far and how it’s unsuitable for children.

I mean, seriously? Did these people not see the warnings at the start of each episode which state that it contains scenes that may be disturbing to some viewers? Have they not watched the show before? Did they really think a show that features drug traffickers and all around violent psychopaths was ever going to be suitable viewing for children? What the hell did they expect when they watched the show, a Fair City clone?

Fair City: The pride and joy of RTE. Personally, if I was to rank RTE original programming from best to worst, I’d put it below even The Angelus.

I don’t want to drag this post out anymore than necessary (especially seeing as it’s almost 1:30AM  as I write this and I’m tired), so I’ll just conclude with this comment. Please, please, if you don’t like something, then exercise some self-discipline, and just don’t watch it. Don’t preach to the rest of us about how it went too far. We don’t agree with you and we just don’t care. Personally, I think it was a brilliant scene. People have complained in the past that Love/Hate is glorifying the criminal lifestyle and may encourage other to take part in real life. I bet seeing a scene like that and knowing shit like that happens in prisons for real, would put a lot of people off ever wanting to end up there.

Your face says it all Maude. She is being hysterical over nothing.

Until next time.


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