Minneapolis school district being racist towards white students.

Disclaimer: I just want to make it very clear that I am by no means a racist. I believe in equality for all races in the true sense of the word. Nobody should be treated in a discriminatory fashion because of the colour of their skin or because of their place of origin. Here, I provide an example of white people being treated as such. I would be just as outraged if it was any other race, and I would hope that all decent people of any race will agree with my point of view.

As I mentioned in the very first post that I made in this blog, I really can’t stand political correctness. I truly believe that political correctness is essentially an Orwellian Newspeak term to mask a more sinister (or at the very least, a more insane) plan which is to create chaos and disorder in first world societies, in the hopes of dragging them down to third world levels. There are many examples of political correctness gone mad, but the one I’m going to focus on today, is a specific example of the racism against white people in predominately white societies.

In the Minneapolis school district, it has just been announced that schools can no longer suspend non-white students from school, for non-violent offences, without first running it by the school district’s superintendent.  However, this ruling only applies to non-white students, and so white students can still be suspended without going through this process. Statistics show that minority students were ten times as likely to be suspended from school than whites.

What you people don’t realise, is that it’s all the white man’s fault that these non-white kids are getting themselves suspended.

I think it’s hilarious that they actually have the audacity to refer to them as minorities in this case seeing as white students make up only 30% of the students in the schools (compared to about 67% just 30 years ago). Yes, I know that in terms of overall demographics in the country, whites are still the majority (for now), but in this situation, they most certainly are not the majority.

Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson (seen in the image above)  claims that “minority” students were getting suspended for reasons that white students wouldn’t have, but what proof does she have of this? Can she provide a detailed analysis of the transgressions of each suspended student as proof? Can she compare the reasons for the suspensions for each demographic? I doubt it, seeing as she is ONLY REVIEWING THE SUSPENSIONS OF NON-WHITES RATHER THAN EVERY SINGLE SUSPENSION!!!!

Suspending them would be so evil, it would be like going back to the days of slavery.
Suspending them would be so evil, it would be like going back to the days of slavery.

All that’s going to happen is that persistent trouble-makers who have no desire to actually get an education will be kept in the classroom, and will disturb those who actually do want to better themselves (which the statistics suggest are mainly white kids).

Would you really like to get an education here?

How is that fair? Either leave things as they are or offer the white students the same protection. Otherwise, it’s discrimination against whites.


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