Political correctness: Where facts take a backseat to “Muh feelin’s”.

If there is one group of people that I certainly don’t envy, it’s transgendered people. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to feel as if you’re trapped in a body that isn’t a representation of who you really are.

A few months back, the former Chief Psychiatrist of the John Hopkins hospital made the controversial statement that rather than just simply being a different lifestyle that is perfectly normal, transgenderism is in fact, a mental illness, and that sex changes are biologically impossible.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh: A brave man who doesn't allow hurt feelings get in the way of scientific fact.
Dr. Paul R. McHugh: A brave man who doesn’t allow hurt feelings get in the way of scientific fact.

He cited studies which showed that between 70% and 80% of children who suffer from gender identity disorder are just going through a phase and end up moving past it (something which isn’t an option for children who are put on puberty delaying medication by their doctors at the first of any such issues). He also cited studies which show that the suicide rate of transgender people who go through with sex reassignment surgery is in fact 20 times higher than that of the general population, suggesting that getting the surgery they felt they wanted, didn’t do anything for their happiness. And to be honest, I can see why that would be so. How could irreversibly mutilating your healthy, natural, genitalia, and pumping yourself full of the opposite sex’s hormones possibly seem like a solution to any problem?

Based on these studies, he claimed that treating it as a civil rights matter, rather than a mental health issue was doing no favours. Needless to say, his comments didn’t go down too well. You see, despite being one of the leading authorities in the world of psychiatry, with 6 books and 125 peer reviewed articles to his name, and with other peer reviewed articles on the topic at hand being cited, his scientific claims went against the feelings of the liberal brigade, which clearly makes the man a heretic.

Galileo facing the Inquisition for daring to claim the Earth revolved around the Sun. He must have hurt the feelings of the church by saying this.

The way I see it though, this man is much more a friend to the transgendered community than the liberal brigade that encourages them in their delusions. If a person suffering from schizophrenia claimed they heard voices telling them to harm themselves, they would receive treatment rather than encouragement and support for their delusions. Is it really such a bad thing to try to treat people who are transgendered rather than encouraging them to mutilate themselves and potentially destroying their own lives if ever they have second thoughts like the 70% to 80% of their peers who do?

6 thoughts on “Political correctness: Where facts take a backseat to “Muh feelin’s”.

  1. […] Instead of pointing this out to people who suffer from gender identity disorder, and trying to help them come to terms with who they are, they are instead told that their delusions are real, that the gender they think they are is more real than the sex they actually are, and that its everyone else’s fault for not being able to understand. I’ve already discussed why I think this is a bad idea here. […]


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