Are the stories about Hitler getting too ridiculous to take seriously?

Adolf Hitler, the psychotic crystal meth addict and asexual germaphobe, responsible for the murder of 6 Million Jews. Pictured alongside Eva Braun, who could cause him to orgasm just by lifting her skirt. Oh, did I mention, he only had one testicle and was part Jewish himself?

Despite the fact that the man has been dead for almost seven decades, it seems as if the world can’t stop obsessing about Adolf Hitler. Despite the numerous tyrants that the world has endured before and since, none of them can hold a candle to the level of fascination that Hitler elicits and likely never will. Hitler has pretty much become the personification of evil in the eyes of most of the world, as the media continues in their never ending quest to essentially turn him into a comic book supervillain.

I’m not here to defend the actions of Hitler (I’ll leave that for the neo-nazis and holocaust deniers of the world). However, I do take exception to the fact that so many of the stories we do hear about Hitler are so ludicrous, that they serve, not as a documentation of history, but instead as nothing more than a smear campaign against a man who already has plenty of genuinely bad things that can be held against him.

I mean lets take a look at a few of these stories.

1-He was addicted to Crystal Meth

2-He was an asexual germaphobe

3-He achieved an orgasm just by watching Eva Braun lift her skirt

4-He had only one testicle

5-He was a Jew himself

Some of these stories have already been disproven. Some even contradict each other. However, my point is this. How many more of these ridiculous unproven stories are we going to hear as time goes on, and when are people going to realise that by promoting such stupidity, they’re only lending credibility to the Hitler apologists. Afterall, if some stories are untrue, how are we supposed to believe anything?

How long will it take for some “historian” to use this picture as “proof” that Hitler was also gay, and only hated gays because of his own insecurities. Not long, I bet.

I really think that stuff like this plays into the hands of Nazi apologists perfectly. By giving them such stupidly easy “facts” to disprove, you only serve to open the door for them to start preaching against other things. The holocaust is actually illegal to even question in several EU countries, and Israel (obviously). However, many people (for example, David Irving and Ernst Zundel) continue to do so despite facing persecution. Seeing these men stick to their beliefs, despite facing hefty prison sentences, simply for daring to question the holocaust, makes them seem like martyrs for a cause. I would much rather see holocaust denial being allowed and disproven through facts. I’ve heard the excuse thrown around before that actually taking the time to argue with these people would only serve to legitimise them. I disagree. I think imprisoning them without daring to confront them is what really legitimises them. However that’s a different topic for a different day.

“New evidence suggests that Hitler was a cyborg”~ Historian in the not too distant future.

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