Cultural Marxists: “If transgenders can’t be comfortable, then nobody can”

Very recently I made a post in which I discussed the doctor who claimed that transgenderism is a mental health rather than a civil rights issue. I don’t take pleasure in the idea that these people are undoubtedly suffering. However, just because these people are suffering, doesn’t mean everyone else needs to be dragged down to their level.

In the last few years, I’ve seen transgenders being increasingly highlighted in the media as being a marginalised group in need of compassion and help. I have no opposition to this, but I think the way in which various Western countries have been going about doing so is nothing short of insanity.

A little over a month ago, I read about a primary school in Britain which introduced unisex toilets without consulting the parents. Parents, were of course furious about this, and the children themselves were uncomfortable with going to the same toilets as the opposite sex. What was the schools response? To ignore the concerns of the parents and instead invite them to a discussion on transgender equality.

A rare image of parents heading to a meeting on transgender equality.

I’m sorry, but how the fuck is this equality? The story makes no mention of how many transgender students that there even are in the school (I’m guessing there actually isn’t any all and this is all just an idiotic stunt to make themselves look progressive and get a pat on the head by the insane politically correct media). However, even if there is a few, catering to this small minority over everyone else is not equality at all. True equality would mean providing toilets for boys, girls and a third gender neutral option, for those whose gender doesn’t match their biological sex. However, it’s pretty obvious that equality isn’t the issue here. Creating chaos, and destroying long held values is. Oh, but it gets worse.

Another story that really irritated me was about a school in Nebraska in which teachers were provided training documents which dictated that they should not use gendered terms such as “boys and girls” or “ladies and gentlemen” when referring to the students. Instead (and try not to laugh too hard at this idiocy) it suggests using terms such “hey campers” or “purple penguins” to describe the students. I shit you not, read it here.

It’s ok to call the kids purple penguins, but we can’t call them boys and girls, as that might confuse them.

What mandate to these idiots have to impose this stupidity on everyone else? Where did they get the idea that anyone who opposes this nonsense is the one with the problem? I’d bet that most rational people would have a problem with this, but this loud and vocal minority of lunatics somehow are given the opportunity to force their unnatural and insane views on the majority.

In the former communist countries, in which Marxist theories were put into practice, in their efforts to create an equal society, they realised they were unable to raise the standards of living of everyone. Their solution to that was just to lower everyone’s standard of living to an equal level instead. Cultural Marxists are exactly the same. When a small minority of people are different from what is deemed normal, instead of helping these people to adjust and become more comfortable, their solution is to just destroy everything that is natural about our societies and make everyone equally uncomfortable.

And somehow I’m the one with the problem for pointing this out.

Except for the fact that toilets were originally separated because of the different SEXES you simple minded twits, not your “social construct, gender” nonsense.

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