It’s not “Romanians”. It’s not “Romani”. It’s “Gypsies”.

For better or worse, one of the principles of being a member of the EU is the right of free movement of citizens between member states. The problem is, that not every person who can avail of this right is going to be of benefit to their new host nations. If a large group of a particular demographic move in and start causing trouble, this can lead to prejudice against said group. Obviously, the politically correct brigade cannot abide by this and so will do whatever it takes to stop this from happening, even if it means demonising another, entirely innocent group in the process.

Gypsies, have acquired a very negative reputation in various Eastern European countries, who have dealt with them for centuries. They are generally regarded as economic parasites, thieves, and generally just a scourge on society, with a sociopathic disregard for others. One of the countries in which they are particularly associated with is Romania.

Gypsy children “at work”
They are enriching our culture.

The naive Western European countries had no idea what they were getting into with the 2004 and 2007 enlargements of the EU in which Eastern European countries joined. This opened up the free travel arrangement to whole new demographics of people. While some (most notably here in Ireland, the Poles) have integrated well and have been fine additions to our workforce, the same can not be said by everyone.

Stories about Romanian criminals causing trouble, is something that I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with. It’s become so common that many people have been led to believe that Romania is a country full of criminal scum and are genuinely shocked whenever they meet a a decent Romanian person. This is a result of the standard Cultural Marxist propaganda techniques, camouflaged under the usual banner of political correctness.

For 100s of years, these people were known as gypsies due to the mistaken belief that they came from Egypt. Evidence available now points to an Indian Origin instead. Gypsies was simply a term used to refer to these people. It was never meant as an insult. However, people like Ian Hancock (a Gypsy himself) decided that this term that had been used to refer to his people for so long, was apparently an insult and so lobbied to have the term “Romani” used instead. The word “Gypsy” had too many negative connotations surrounding it.

In a sense, he is right in one way. The word “Gypsy” has indeed taken on negative connotations as time has gone by. There’s a reason for that. The actions of the gypsies themselves has caused people to hate them and therefore the once neutral word gypsy has been tainted by those actions.

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. And a gypsy by any other name is still a gypsy, with all the same traits he had before.

The politically correct brigade of course took delight at finding yet another way to subvert traditional norms and be offended, and so started referring to these people as “Romani”, “Roma” or even just simply “Romanians”.  This meant that when reporting on their criminal behaviour, they could be hidden within the much larger Romanian demographic, resulting in Romanians becoming hated in Western Europe due to an unfair association with the behaviour of an entirely different group.

This is absurd. The Romanians and Gypsies are nothing alike and should never be lumped together. It would be like saying that the Australian Aborigines and the Australians of European ancestry are the same. That’s how different they are.

If you ever hear a story about “Romanian” criminals again, please remember this. More than likely, “Romanian” is just politically correct language for “Gypsy”


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