The Normalcy Bias: A potentially fatal trait to have.

The normalcy bias refers to a person’s inability to comprehend the possibility of a disaster occurring, or if one does occur, the inability to realise how serious it is until it’s too late. However, I’m going to steal the term and apply it to another situation to which I think it is suited for.

The vast majority of us would like to think of ourselves as decent, normal people. We believe that what we perceive as good is factually good, and what we perceive as bad is factually bad. There’s nothing wrong with this. The problem occurs when we project our own values on to others. We assume that because such a way of thinking, a way of feeling, or a way of behaving  seems completely rational and normal to us, that everyone else must think the same way. This is flawed and can be disastrous.

Lets look at the lead up to WW2 for an example of the worst case scenario. In the 1930s, when the Nazis came to power, Germany made a rapid economic and military recovery and soon began to flex its muscles once again. The other great European powers (notably France and Britain) were naturally alarmed by this and wanted to make sure that Germany didn’t become a threat again.

However, there was also a sense of sympathy in Britain that perhaps Germany had been unfairly treated by the Treaty of Versailles, so rather than bullying them into submission, Britain chose the approach of appeasement. The British Prime Minister of the time, Neville Chamberlain, worked under the assumption that Hitler, the leader of a civilised European country, would have similar motivations to himself and so, would be just as determined to avoid a war as he was.

Neville Chamberlain after securing “peace for our time”. Little did he know, that peace wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

Of course, we all know that didn’t happen. Germany ended up invading Poland and much to the bewilderment of Chamberlain, WW2 happened. So, why am I talking about the normalcy bias right now? Simple, because I think it’s a danger to us in our present situation of borderline unrestricted mass immigration.

Now just to reiterate what I’ve already said (before the accusations of racism start occurring) I have nothing against a sensible immigration policy. I see no problem with letting in a reasonable amount of intelligent, hardworking, and skilled immigrants who are interested in contributing to our countries, and who respect our laws and our culture. Nor do I have a problem with us taking in genuine asylum seekers who are in need of our help. In fact, I reckon most people would share this view.

What I do however have a problem with, is mass immigration, in which millions of non-Europeans are brought into European countries, regardless of their skills, but more importantly, regardless of their respect for our way of life. We think that because we would regard a world of religious oppression and barbaric behaviour to be a bad thing, that everyone would feel that way. Also, we assume that everyone wants to experience Western style freedom. This is despite the blatant evidence to the contrary that exists within our own borders.

Why are these people welcome in our countries? No seriously, can anyone who isn’t a braindead moron justify this?
You don’t like blasphemy? Well, there’s plenty of Sharia hellholes where it’s forbidden that you can go to instead.

We can’t use the excuse of “oh they don’t know any better”. They live in our countries, they know what we’re all about, and yet they CHOOSE the lifestyle of their old countries instead. And more importantly, they want to inflict that lifestyle on us by force. They leave their countries, they come to ours as our guests, and they want to dictate to us how we should live our lives. This isn’t simply immigration, it’s colonisation. The normalcy bias prevents people from seeing the danger that we’re in. We have this idea of “oh, they’re just a minority. They don’t have the numbers to do anything”. Or we think that those with the power to do something about it will come to their senses, and put a stop to it. That kind of thinking is suicidal.

This summarises my fears perfectly.
This summarises my fears perfectly.

The birth rates of Europeans have stagnated. Meanwhile, the people we’re importing en masse are breeding at a much higher rate than us. It’s not racist propaganda to point out the fact that their numbers are growing faster than ours. If people like those in the pictures above get the numbers necessary, you can be sure that they will try to force their way of life on us. Unfortunately, people are too in denial to see this. That’s why, I’m actually glad that they’re acting up already. If people can wake up to the threat now, we might have a chance to stop it. Either that, or we can just stay asleep and go the way of the Native Americans.

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