The benefits of multiculturalism. What benefits?

In the politically correct world we’re living in, we constantly hear about the alleged benefits of multiculturalism. One of my personal favourite terms that is used is “Diversity is a strength”. Has anyone noticed though that instead of ever specifying what these benefits are, they just keep repeating that they definitely exist and accuse anyone who disagrees with it of being a Nazi/ KKK Grand Wizard/ Skinhead etc? That’s because these so called benefits don’t actually exist so they aren’t able to spell them out . Instead, the Cultural Marxists who push for it (and who unfortunately wield a lot of power and influence in the Western World) resort to name calling, bullying, and destroying the livelihoods of anyone who dares to question their ridiculous lies.

What they want us to think happens in a multicultural world.
What they want us to think happens in a multicultural world.
What actually happens.
And this.
Which pisses off people like these.
A country like Sweden suddenly becomes the rape capitol of the world.
1400 young English girls are raped by Muslim men.
Different cultures fail to mix in artificial boundaries. As a result, civil wars occur with new boundaries set up to separate the different cultures. (Yugoslavia then and now)
Genocides occur.

Now just to reiterate what I’ve already said, there is nothing wrong with letting in reasonable numbers of outsiders, provided they make an effort to integrate. Anyone who is willing to assimilate themselves into the culture and traditions of the host society should be welcomed. Multiculturalism however by definition means more than one culture. This cannot work as history has shown time and time again (and is showing once again today in Europe).

The fact of the matter is, while we may have advanced a long way in terms of technology and culture, biologically speaking, we’re much the same as we were in the stone age. Back then, we were tribal societies and we evolved psychologically to prefer the company of our own tribe, over others, who were our competitors. Because we haven’t evolved since then biologically and psychologically, this tribal instinct is still encoded in our genes.

With multiple cultures living within the same boundaries, there will inevitably be competition for supremacy as each culture will prefer their own way of doing things and will want dominance. The only way to prevent this is to stop actual multiculturalism from occurring and instead, maintaining the supremacy of our own culture in our own boundaries. If people from outside want to join, I welcome them, but they must accept us for who we are. If they can’t do that, they shouldn’t be here. Plain and simple.


One thought on “The benefits of multiculturalism. What benefits?

  1. […] To be blunt, they won’t be, no more than a white guy living in China will never be a true Chinese man. European culture has been evolving for thousands of years. Islam originated around the Middle East and so, has ties to Middle Eastern cultures. The two are simply incompatible. I’ve already explained why multiculturalism is destined to failure here. […]


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