If we’re so horrible, so racist, and so oppressive, why do you choose to come to our lands?

No, no. Surely if we're so bad, you're running in the wrong direction.
No, no. Surely if we’re so bad, you’re running in the wrong direction.

I don’t understand why nobody ever asks this question. The minorities in predominately white countries who complain about racism have a simple solution to their problems. The fact is, apart from Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, the majority of the planet is inhabited by non-whites. Therefore, if whites are really the evil, oppressive monsters that we’re made out to be, whose laws are unfair on everyone else, would it not make more sense to either stay in their home countries, or if they must leave, to go to a non-white country?

Still better than living in a country of white privilege, right?

Instead, the opposite happens. It seems as if all these people who complain about how bad we are, such as the black and Hispanic communities in America, or the Islamic extremists in Europe would rather live among the evil white folks than back with their own. This makes no sense to me. Surely the Islamic extremists would be happier in Shariah law nations, the Hispanic people would be happier in South/Central America, and the Black Americans would be happier in Africa with their own.

Sure, I’ll get much better accommodation if I live in Whitey’s country, but still, that would mean being around all those evil white people.

The only conclusion I can come to is that we aren’t really all that bad at all. Hence why whenever I here anyone claim that we are and should feel ashamed of ourselves, I just laugh it off because I know that these complainers are living a much better life here with us than they would back in their own homelands without us.

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