The War on Christmas: Because European/American societies have no rights to traditions.

In light of the fact that we’re less than two weeks from Christmas, I figure that now would be the perfect time to discuss a subject that I’ve meaning to discuss for a while namely, the gradual attacks on Christmas (something which I think has really sped up this year). Don’t be surprised if the ridiculous “Happy holidays” nonsense comes here at some point in the future (if they do try and bring that here, I hope people will be as vocal as me about their contempt for it).

The first story I want to address comes from France. Recently, a council building in the city of Nantes was ordered by a court to remove a nativity scene as apparently having it there was a violation of their laws separating Church and State. This law has existed since 1905, but it’s only recently that it seems to be a problem. Although the article doesn’t spell where this problem is occurring, I think it’s pretty obvious that it probably offended some extremist Muslim types and their Social Justice Warrior, Marxist pets who of course have this ridiculous idea that Christmas traditions are oppressive in some way.

A quote from the article in question.

“In theory it doesn’t respect the law of neutrality of public buildings nor of the State, and it doesn’t respect the freedom of conscience of a citizen who sees a religious emblem imposed on them when going into Vendée’s departmental council,” he said.

Well the solution there is obvious. Act like a fucking adult and learn to ignore it instead of crying about the offensive imagery.

Baby Jesus: The most well known symbol of hatred in the world apart from the swastika. Oh and speaking of the swastika…

The next story that I want to address  goes back to the USA (where the ridiculous war on Christmas started). A Jewish woman took offence to wrapping paper which she claims has a swastika pattern. Because her stupid sensitivities were offended by it and because she’s such a special person, she arrogantly demanded that it was removed from sale nationwide…and unfortunately the cowardly fools running hallmark gave in to her demands.

It’s a well known fact that anybody who buys this wrapping paper is suddenly filled with an irresistible urge to go out and gas another 6 Million Jews. Thank God this brave woman saved so many lives with her whining.

The next story I want to deal with is regarding the decision by the the Dutch to abandon their traditional character Zwarte Piet (Black Pete in English) due to complaints that the character is racist. This is despite the fact that 92% of Dutch people are in favour of keeping the character and don’t consider it racist at all.

It’s like the bad old days of slavery all over again. -_-
Thank you Whitey for letting me into your country and giving me lots of free stuff. Now I demand you change all your beloved traditions to make me more comfortable.

Oh speaking of racism against black people, did you know the song “White Christmas” is apparently racist now? I sure didn’t, but according to this article here, apparently it is.

The only thing surreal to me is how fucking stupid you are to say this seriously.
The only thing surreal to me is how fucking stupid you are to say this seriously.

I always thought the “white” it referred to was snow, but I guess any inanimate object that’s white must be racist by virtue of the fact that it’s the same colour as the most racist and evil race of all.

Darius Rucker: The current face of evil racist white cops who go around murdering innocent black men for absolutely no reason.

I haven’t got anything else to say right now, but I’m sure the point is obvious. Because of the easily offended types out there, our harmless Christmas traditions are constantly under attack. The thing we need to remember is this. It’s called “taking offence” for a reason. It’s because you take offence rather than being given it. In other words, if you get offended by something, that’s your problem, not the problem of whoever offends you. Therefore you just need to get over yourself and let us get on with things as they are.


2 thoughts on “The War on Christmas: Because European/American societies have no rights to traditions.

  1. True, hadn’t thought of that.
    Just reading about Google’s ‘Christmas’ party in the RDS this week, this is how it was described:
    ‘The celebrations were referred to by the company as “holiday parties”, rather than Christmas parties, perhaps in recognition of the diverse religious backgrounds of its multicultural staff.’
    So it’s coming here….


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