Cultural Marxism: A definition.

Cultural Marxism in a nutshell.
Cultural Marxism in a nutshell.

I’ve come to the realisation that I’ve used the term Cultural Marxism an awful lot in this blog, but I’ve never actually defined what it is. I’m sure most people who have been reading this blog will have already long since looked it up, but for those who haven’t, here’s a definition.

Karl Marx: Quite possibly the worst human being in history.

As the name suggests, Cultural Marxism originates from Marxist theories. For those unfamiliar with Marxism, it is essentially the template for Communism, the abolition of class based societies in which everyone is technically an equal and the means of production are shared by everyone. Of course we know from history that in practice this was bullshit. Communist societies such as the Soviet Union, Red China, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge etc., caused human misery and destruction on a scale unlike anything else ever seen in human history.

Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin: Two monsters who may never have gotten anywhere if not for Karl Marx and his theories.

Cultural Marxism essentially applies Marxist theories to cultural aspects of a society rather than the economic aspects of it for the purpose of destroying everything that they consider wrong about that society. Instead of looking to abolish class differences, Cultural Marxism looks to abolish race, gender, sexuality, religious etc. differences in societies. This is done mainly through the use of their most effective weapon of all…political correctness.

Most reasonable people would of course have no problem with any of this and would in fact be perfectly in favour of such equality for all. The problem is much like how Communists lied about creating an equal society without class differences, Cultural Marxists lie about creating an equal cultural society.

Instead, in a Cultural Marxist world, what we would regard as “normal” aspects of culture is undermined in favour of that which we would consider to be abnormal or alien to our culture. For example, in a society with one predominant race and other minorities, the minorities are unfairly favoured over the majority when it comes to discrimination. An obvious example right now is America. Whenever a black criminal is killed by cops (even in cases were the cop only does so in self defence), it isn’t unusual for the black citizens to riot and attack white people just for being white. Yet this is not condemned by Cultural Marxists, or if it is, they’ll find some way to blame it all on whites somehow.

Cultural Marxists accept this as being ok…provided it’s minorities who are doing it.
It's perfectly acceptable for minorities to be proud of who they are, but white people must never take such pride in a Cultural Marxist world.
It’s perfectly acceptable for minorities to be proud of who they are, but white people must never take such pride in a Cultural Marxist world.

The same can be said for religion. We’ve all seen Christianity (the dominant religion in Europe for the past 2000 years) being attacked by feminists for being misogynistic because they don’t allow female priests and are opposed to abortion. It’s also attacked by homosexuals for being against gay marriage. Compare this to how Islam (a minority religion in Europe for now) is treated. This is a religion in which women are treated as the property of their husbands in many cases and are forced to cover themselves from head to toe, and homosexuals are killed by stoning, and it’s never attacked to the same degree as Christianity, because it doesn’t suit the agenda of Cultural Marxists to attack this religion as it isn’t a big part of European Culture.

“The Catholic Church doesn’t like gay marriage. That’s much worse for Gay people than stoning them to death”~ Marxists

Sexuality is not off limits to Cultural Marxists. Most of us are tolerant these days of homosexuality and inter-racial relationships, and we would look back at our ancestors who opposed these things as being less enlightened than us. I’m all in favour of the rights of homosexuals and inter-racial couples myself, but the fact of the matter is, there was a time when society was as opposed to these things as we would be to paedophilia or beastiality. I’m not in any way suggesting that homosexuality or inter-racial relationships are a perversion like those. I’m just simply stating that the opposition they faced was the same.

Can you imagine a world in which our descendants accept paedophilia and beastiality as being normal orientations, and look back at us as being unenlightened bigots? Unfortunately, I can. I truly believe that at some point, Cultural Marxists will try to promote these things as being normal.

To sane people, this is a joke. To Cultural Marxists, this is a real civil rights movement in the making.

Sure, look at this video from Sweden (world Capitol of Cultural Marxism) to see a preview of things to come. The girl distinguishes between Paedophiles and Child Molestors, but in doing so, she runs the risk of gradually helping to normalise a disorder that should not be normalised under any circumstances.

This poor brainwashed girl probably thinks she’s being tolerant and understanding. In reality, she’s defending a bunch of sick freaks who should be monitored by authorities at all time. I wonder how she would feel if she had children herself.

The most important thing to remember is this. The big lie about Political Correctness is that it’s about raising the standards of underprivileged groups to that of the privileged. In fact the opposite is what occurs.What they actually do is drag the standards of the privileged down to the level of the (allegedly) underprivileged in the hopes of undermining everything that is good and pure about that society.

Cultural Marxism cannot create anything of benefit. It can only destroy. That’s why I think it’s important that when it comes to issues of political correctness, vs an obvious reality, we must always remember that the obvious reality is what we should put our trust in. For the sake of our future and that of our descendants, it is essential that we never forget this.

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