EU rules that obesity is now a disability. We can no longer laugh at America.

Will we someday see a version of this cartoon with the bear wearing an EU flag?
Will we someday see a version of this cartoon with the bear wearing an EU flag?

One of the things that most of us find particularly worthy of mockery about America is their catering to the morbidly obese among them, as if these people are somehow victims worthy of special treatment. Well unfortunately, it seems as if the EU has decided to ruin that for us by now classifying obesity as a disability.

20 years ago we laughed at this ridiculous idea being the basis of a Simpsons episode. Now, insane people want to make this a reality.

I’m sorry but what the fuck kind of insanity is this? Are we seriously going to reward people for being a bunch of fat, lazy bastards with no self-discipline? This is absurd, plain and simple. These people shouldn’t be rewarded for their self destructive behaviour. They should be ashamed of themselves for actually being thought of in the same way as people who are paralysed or who are missing limbs. Unlike other disabilities that actually deserve to be called as such, this condition has a cure. It’s called not being a glutton and moving your lazy ass once in a while (Or in more PC terms, eating right and exercise).

South Park had the right idea about how these people should be treated.

I normally don’t give a damn what people do to their own bodies. If they want to destroy themselves then what business is it of mine? However, I do take exception to the fact that classifying this as a disability will probably allow them to park in disabled spaces, because after all, we can’t expect them to actually have to walk a few meters more seeing as exercise is a no-no for these people. Also, you can be sure that we’ll probably end up following America’s example by allowing these people to use mobility scooters which currently are reserved for genuinely disabled people. A waste of tax payer’s money if ever I heard one.

Jabba The Hutt’s fatter, less attractive brother here should be ashamed of himself, for taking away an expensive scooter which should be given to someone who actually needs it.

The fact that this behaviour is incentivised actually shocks me. I’ve said it before that society cares more about not hurting the feelings of people, rather than accepting an obvious reality. I mean what’s really more important? Making sure we don’t hurt the feelings of morbidly obese people, or encouraging them to become healthier so that they might actually get to live a longer, more fulfilling, and more productive life? In case it isn’t obvious already, I lean towards the latter. We already treat smokers like pariahs in our societies by forcing them to go outside in the cold to smoke, by taxing them into oblivion, and by constantly reminding them of the danger of their habit. Why shouldn’t we do the same with obesity?

You are what you eat.

I actually think it would be a good idea to turn to Japan for inspiration. Did you know that in Japan, it’s now illegal to be overweight? No really, watch this.

I’m not suggesting we should be as strict about it as the Japanese are, but we should at least be strict enough that you must be slim enough to NOT need a mobility scooter to get around.

Then read a bit more about it right here.

I’m sure the usual crowd of whiners would be out complaining about  the “nanny-state” if this were to happen here. Fuck them. These hypocrites are the same kind of people who would be lobbying Social Media to ban hurtful words, lobbying stores to stop selling violent videogames, or who would be in favour of the draconion holocaust denial laws in so many countries, so I can’t take their opinions on the nanny-state seriously.

2 thoughts on “EU rules that obesity is now a disability. We can no longer laugh at America.

  1. Ha. That’s what cha get for making fun of Americans. Nah. It’s usually us watching the EU thinking, “what the hell are they thinking over there.” like with the busing in muslims to take over cities. What it really boils down to is both the EU and The US will walk side by side to our doom.

    Too bad we can’t get you smarter citizens over here and send ours your way, so the morons and Marxists can suffer what they have created/will create.

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