Sweden: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism

Swedish men from the past.
Swedish men from the past.
Swedish men today. What a tragedy.
Swedish men today. What a tragedy.

I vaguely remember writing in a previous blog post that out of all the first world countries that are currently under attack from Cultural Marxism, it seems as if Sweden is particularly badly effected. Then I came across this article here and it woke me up to just how bad the situation really is. What’s most alarming is that this article is from six years ago, so I shudder to think just how much worse it has gotten since then. Lets take a few quotes from the article itself.

the education system should start working for “gender equality” at an early age; children need counterweights to the gender roles which girls and boys are raised into.

I’ve already given my opinion on this sort of brainwashing in my post about the school calling children “Purple Penguins” instead of boys and girls. I thought such brainwashing was absurd then, and it’s absurd now.

Can anyone else see the stupidity of this?
Can anyone else see the stupidity of this?

The schools have no right to indoctrinate impressionable young minds like this. They should be focused on teaching the children useful skills and grading them.

They also want to abolish grades in schools

“We want to do away with the grade system [in today’s schools]. Grades contribute considerably to stress and are not a fair and objective system of measuring the individual’s potential.”

Oh for fuck sake. How are we supposed to differentiate between those with a skillset and those without then? Are we going to send every single child to study medicine at University when they grow up, and then qualify them all as doctors regardless of their competence level, so we don’t cause them stress or hurt their feeling? This is idiotic, plain and simple.

Imagine a hospital full of doctors like Dr. Nick Riviera. That’s what these people want.

“We do not believe in artificial borders. We have a vision of unrestricted immigration and emigration, where people have the right to live and work wherever they please… We want Sweden to become an international role model by producing a plan to implement unrestricted immigration.”

Brilliant. Sure who cares about the legacy that your ancestors built for you? Just piss it all away on every single third world savage that shows up inside your artificial borders.

They have a strong focus on anti-discrimination and racism, and desire harsh and swift penalties for “discrimination” yet soft penalties for many other crimes.

As I mentioned before, Sweden has some of the highest rape statistics in the world, and generally speaking, it’s usually immigrants raping native women. However, this clearly isn’t a serious crime as far as those in power think. Saying mean things to these immigrants is clearly far more worthy of punishment.

The Swedish Green Party state explicitly that the concepts male and female are “socially constructed” and forced upon all human beings. In order to reach the new world order, it is paramount that all such artificial identities are broken down. This should be facilitated by the education system and specially trained teachers. They believe that “all human beings” should be free to choose whatever name they desire. By this they appear to mean “gender” as well. They want everything to be “gender neutral,” not only marriage ceremonies but identity cards.

Can anyone else see the stupidity of this?
I’m posting this again just to reinforce how idiotic this belief is. Why aren’t these people in padded cells?

Anyway, I’m going to move on from the article (the link is still there at the top, read the rest of it, if you’re interested). I need to focus on the next point of this post. Apparently, a Swedish film company are making a film based on the rather obscure character, Captain Sweden. I’d never actually heard of the character myself, but apparently he exists. Check out the trailer, and see if you notice anything unusual about it.

So, did you notice? If not I’ll tell you. It seems that apparently Captain Sweden, who comes from a country in which the native ethnic group is primarily a bunch of blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white people, is being played by a black man.


Can you imagine if someone was to make a Captain *Random African Country* film with a white guy in the titular role? Of course you can’t, because nobody would be stupid or racist enough to do that. But of course, whites are only ever the perpetrators of racism, never the victims, so this is perfectly ok. I think the real reason this is happening is because they know that a white Captain Sweden would be protecting all those white women who are being raped by the 3rd world invaders, just like we can see from the white Captain Sweden in this comic.

I... never mind. Oh Sweden, what is wrong with you?
I… never mind. Oh Sweden, what is wrong with you? This suicidal tolerance you people have needs to come to an end.

The only good thing about Sweden is that the rest of us can study them as an example of the path NOT to follow. Hopefully, people will see what is happening there, will reverse course on the Marxist policies in their own countries and thus, their sacrifice will not be in vain.


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