The whole Gender/Sex distinction makes no sense to me.

Imagine if one day, people suffering from a mental illness (lets just use schizophrenia as an example) and a bunch of do-gooders suddenly decided that schizophrenia wasn’t actually a mental illness at all. They claimed instead that their hallucinations weren’t actually hallucinations. That everything they saw and heard in their head was real. Imagine also that they decided to bully everyone who disagreed with this by calling them bigots and tried to force everyone else into accepting the idea that this was truth. They ignore all scientific logic and reality, instead basing their arguments entirely on their own emotions, and expect the rest of the world to also deny reality just so they don’t get their feelings hurt. I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems like a crazy idea and I’d wager that encouraging these people in their delusions would be doing them more harm than good.

How dare you question this you hate filled monster, you.

In my last post, I discussed the recent suicide of a transgender teenager. I tried to be as respectful and dignified as possible because I do genuinely feel sympathy for that person, and don’t think it’s right to make light of their tragic death. However, I also made a point of saying that no matter how emotional an issue might be, we must always try to remain as logical as possible. I’ve often heard people say “X is just a social construct”. That’s all well and good. However, a person’s sex is not a social construct at all. It’s an objective physical reality that can’t be disputed. However, people have decided to treat gender as something different from sex. Essentially “Sex” is male/female, whereas gender is masculine/feminine. In other words, gender refers to the characteristics that are traditionally associated with one sex or the other.

You can swap the gender all you want. The one on the left is still male and the one on the right is still female.

The way I see it, I can understand how people can argue that these characteristics don’t have to be binding towards one sex or the other, because people have the right to expression of their personality and shouldn’t have to hide who they are. I don’t care if a boy prefers to wear dresses, or play with Barbie instead of Action Man. That’s his right. However, it doesn’t matter how they behave, because ultimately, their sex (male/female) is still an undisputed reality and no matter what, they can never change that. Therefore, a male who feels like a female on the inside, is still a male because of this physical reality.

Who cares if the existence of the moon is an objective physical reality? He believes it isn’t real, therefore we should encourage his delusions instead of trying to help him come to terms with the truth.
These are NOT women.
These are NOT women.

Instead of pointing this out to people who suffer from gender identity disorder, and trying to help them come to terms with who they are, they are instead told that their delusions are real, that the gender they think they are is more real than the sex they actually are, and that its everyone else’s fault for not being able to understand. I’ve already discussed why I think this is a bad idea here.

Also, where does this notion of “yes, because you feel that way, it’s real” end? When are we going to tell people with Species Dysphoria that their delusions are real? In fact, why don’t we already? I can’t really see the difference.  Both cases involve people denying obvious reality, because they feel different. Hell while we’re at it, we’ll probably have to legalise bestiality so these “animals” can be free to mate with their own “species”. Oh and maybe bring in anti-discrimination laws to protect them.

“You fired that dog employee because he barked at customers and humped their legs? That’s a hate crime right there. I’ll see you in court”.

Why are you uneducated bigots oppressing this cat by telling him he’s a human? It’s not his fault he was born in the body of the wrong species. You should be more tolerant and respect his right to shit in your children’s sandbox.
How does South Park do it? They see the insanity years before anyone else does.

What happens to the rights of everyone else in this situation? Why should I be forced to deny objective reality, ignore my instincts, and pretend that someone is the opposite sex of what they are? Why should boys and girls be forced to share the same locker rooms and toilets at an age when they feel awkward dealing with the opposite sex? Why should biological males who feel like girls be allowed to play on the same sports teams as girls, when there is a good chance that they’ll have an unfair advantage due to their greater physical strength? Why are the rights of everyone else who isn’t suffering being stomped all over in favour of a small minority?

Isn’t this wonderful? Don’t you feel so much better now?

I’m not saying this to be hurtful. I genuinely don’t have anything against transgender people at all and I don’t think they should be treated badly for being who they are. I just simply don’t give a damn about emotion based arguments and don’t consider them relevant to important topics like this. What I care about is scientific reality. If someone can prove to me through science that a biological male who feels like a woman in his head is just as much a woman as a biological female (and vice-versa) then by all means, I’ll happily recant my views. However I truly believe that such a thing can’t be done. I’ve noticed that whenever the so called tolerant types (who in reality, are some of the most hate-filled and intolerant people of all) are asked to do this, they usually instead resort to bullying and insults, implying that it should just be obvious to see, and that those of us who don’t see it, are just stupid and full of hate. Please, prove me wrong.


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