Calling us names, just to get their own way.

About a week ago the Turkish president made the claim that if the EU rejected Turkey’s application for EU membership, it would just prove that we’re “Islamophobic”. There couldn’t possibly be any other reason for rejecting their application. It must surely be that reason, just because the Turkish president said so. The article can be read here.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, pictured lecturing EU leaders for hurting the feelings of Turkish citizens by not allowing them to invade our countries.

Of course anyone with any common sense should know this is completely absurd. Turkey isn’t even a European country. Sure, a tiny part of it is technically on the continent (I’m not going to deny that), but you may as well say that Britain is part of South America because of the Falklands if you’re going by that logic. If we allow one non European country into the EU, it sets a precedent for other non European countries to demand access and leech off the rest of us and of course whitey, being the castrated wimp that he is, probably would let them all in, for fear of looking intolerant or something.

Wow, clearly a country at the heartland of Europe.
Wow, clearly a country at the heartland of Europe.

However beyond geography, there are plenty of other more important reason why Turkey has no business “enriching” the EU with their presence.

  • Turkey has open borders with other Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Iran, and Iraq. If we opened up our borders to Turkey, we’d be opening up our borders to those countries as well. Do we really want to make it that easy for ISIS types to get into Europe?
  • Turkey’s population (about 78 million) is larger than that of any EU country (apart from Germany at about 80 million). We can’t absorb that many new migrants at once. We just can’t.
  • Turkey (while better than most Islamic countries) still has a human rights record that isn’t up to EU standards. Unfair trials, lack of freedom for the press, lack of protection for minorities etc, are issues that have no place in the EU.
  • Culturally, they’re far too different from us. As I’ve stated before, multiculturalism just doesn’t work, unless the cultures are similar enough to overlap enough to make it work. Even though the EU is full of diverse cultures, we still share enough history and tradition to bind us all together. Whether it be the legacy of the Roman Empire, Christianity, the Middle ages, the Renaissance, the industrial revolution etc, there is a common bond that binds us. Turkey has none of that and from the time of the Ottoman Empire, right up until the present, it has always been an outsider.
Our ancestors spent the better part of a millennium trying to prevent these people from overrunning and enslaving us. Are we really going to be stupid enough to let them back in, just because they think we’re being mean and insensitive?

Of course none of these reasons matter to the Turkish president. It’s all just Islamophobia. This just proves an obvious reality. All these terms like Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Islamophobe etc, are just being overused and abused by people who just want to silence all opposition to them and bully people into accepting what they want. Personally, I think they can go fuck themselves. If their only argument is to name-call those who disagree with them, then as far as I’m concerned, they’ve already lost. These words only have power if we let them have power. If someone tells me that I’m an Islamophobe because I oppose the obvious insanity of letting the Turks join the EU, my response to that is going to be “Yeah…and?”

“Please let me into your countries, Whitey. If you do, I’ll make delicious kebabs for you. That’s worth the risk…right?”~ Random Turk

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