Anti-Semitism( ie. stating facts that Jews are uncomfortable with)

With the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz occurring recently, there have been numerous commemorative events that have taken place to remind us all of the horrors God’s chosen people endured at the hands of Adolf Hitler, the insane meth addict and germaphobe, who used his knowledge of black magic to hyponotise the German people into murdering 6 million of them for absolutely no reason. Or at least, we’re always led to believe it was for no reason. Anyone who dares question that story is obviously just a Nazi themselves.

Dark Wizard Hitler, when he wasn’t achieving an orgasm just from watching Eva Braun lifting her skirt.

It seems that at a recent holocaust memorial event, the president of Serbia has managed to offend Jews with a perfectly innocent comment that he made.


Serbian human rights groups called on Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic to apologize for saying at a Holocaust commemoration that Nazis targeted Jews because of their over-representation in professions.

Nikolic “is spreading stereotypes about the Jewish people, saying that this minority was ‘over-represented in prestigious professions’,” said the January 28 statement signed by a number of Belgrade-based human rights monitors and civil society groups.

Among the signatories were Belgrade representatives of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights.

In his speech on January 27, Nikolic said that for the Nazis, “the biggest threat was seen in the Jewish people, probably on the account of their characteristics and being prominent in the prestigious professions in the domains of finances, art and science,” according to a report by the government-run broadcaster, Voice of Serbia.

He spoke at a ceremony marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945.

Nikolic, who is friendly to Israel and spoke in the presence of the Israeli ambassador, members of Serbia’s Jewish community, and Holocaust survivors, made the need for remembrance the central point of his speech.

“The Holocaust was the most shameful and abominable event in the human history,” he said. “In the manner unique for its fanaticism and cruelty, a huge number of human lives perished in a short time, and it must never be forgotten.”

The statement signed by the human rights groups and activists stopped short of saying that Nikolic, whose politics are nationalist, is anti-Semitic, instead suggesting that his aides were ill-prepared.

Nikolic’ remarks “testify to the extremely bad preparation for public statements, ignorance and insensitivity to human rights,” the statement said.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic. Clearly the reincarnation of Hitler because of what he said.

It’s ironic enough that these Jews are complaining about this man spreading stereotypes about Jews when one of the biggest stereotypes about Jews is that they complain a lot. In fact, there’s a tvtrope for it. Of course, if you were to point this out to them, they’d probably just complain that you’re being anti-semitic.

This picture was taken seconds before it was overloaded by all the complaints about the Serbian President.

The fact is, what he was saying is 100% verifiable historical fact. Anyone who actually bothered their asses to do a few minutes of research could verify that what he said is true. Jews were indeed on average, more successful in Weimar Germany than the average German citizen, dominating positions in finance, entertainment, education, science etc. It’s no different than how they are now in the Western world (most notably America) where they dominate prestigious and powerful positions in the Wall Street banks, Hollywood, the media, the Ivy League etc. Again, anyone who actually bothered doing their research could easily verify that this is completely true, and isn’t just Anti-Semitic rumours.

A small sample of some of the Jewish run media institutions.

The man never implied that every single Jew in Germany was doing well. Of course there were plenty of Jews who were suffering just as much as any other poor German citizen of the time. Nor did he suggest that they deserved to be wiped out for it. He simply dared to suggest that the Germans didn’t just go collectively insane in the 1930s and 40s and decide to commit genocide for absolutely no reason. There were a lot of people who just so happened to be Jews who were getting rich off the backs of Gentile Germans, who were transforming German society into one of debauchery, and who had far more power and wealth than their proportion of the population would suggest as being reasonable. Again, let me remind you that this can easily be verified just from doing a bit of research. Instead, we’re expected to believe that the Jews were hated for absolutely no reason and that Hitler was able to use this irrational hatred to get people to commit genocide.

Need I remind you that this man was supposedly an insane crystal meth addict, an asexual germaphobe, had only one testicle, yet somehow had the charisma to turn an entire nation against a completely innocent group for absolutely no reason. That is, if you believe all this nonsense.

It’s getting to the point were I actually can’t take complaints of Anti-Semitism seriously anymore. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. The more these people complain about Anti-Semitism over nothing, the more likely it is that people will start to ignore them. Then when actual Anti-Semitism does occur, there’ll be nobody around to protect them. I hope for their sake they realise this before it’s too late.

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