UN demands that we give free everything to illegal immigrants.

If they aren't criminals, then why are they referred to as "illegal" then you fucking moron?
If they aren’t criminals, then why are they referred to as “illegal” then you fucking moron?

The Mirror

Those who sneak in must be allowed to work and be paid “proper wages”, said Francois Crepeau.The EU as a whole together with other western states should be prepared to find homes for a million asylum seekers over the next five years, he urged.

This is completely insane policy of course. Since 2008, most EU countries are struggling to find homes and employment for their own citizens (ie, the only ones they have an obligation to). Why the fuck should we be forced to take in others who we have no obligation to?

I’m sure you aren’t bad people. I’m just saying we have no responsibility to take care of you. How exactly did you end up in Ireland when you’re supposed to stop in the first safe country you set foot in? Did you flap your arms and fly here from the Middle East?

The UN’s special rapporteur on human rights added: “While it may constitute an administrative offence, irregular migration is not a crime… irregular migrants are not criminals and should not be treated as such.”

That’s not his decision to make. Sovereign nations should have the right to declare what is and isn’t a crime in their own borders. We’ve already seen how powerless the UN really is regarding the Israeli war against Gaza. Why should anyone take this seriously?

Illegal is legal

He made his incendiary comments in an “end of mission” report issued after spending four days in Brussels studying the EU’s border management.

He said: “Irregular migrants should be able to access health care, education, local police, social services, public housing, health and safety inspectors and labour inspectors without risking being reported to immigration enforcement.”

Then what’s the point in having immigration enforcement? Sure, lets just let every one of the few billion people from the 3rd world into the EU. Sure, it will be overcrowded, services will collapse under the strain, and Europe will end up a 3rd world hellhole itself, while the current 3rd world countries would be completely empty but…wait how does that make sense?

We must let every single one of these people in and give them free everything, even if we have to take it from the needy in our societies. Doing so will enrich us…somehow.

He revealed that 150,000 would-be refugees arrived in Europe by sea last year – nearly double the 80,000 that landed in 2013.

“Any attempt at sealing borders…will continue to fail on a massive scale,” he warned, arguing that Syrian war refugees “cannot be expected by the EU to live in Lebanon and Turkey indefinitely.”

Why not? Culturally, they have more in common with Turkey and Lebanon than with Europe. Surely, they’ll fit in better there.  Muslim refugees in Muslim countries seems like common sense to me.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone said: “This statement demonstrates how seriously out of touch with the real world some representatives of the UN have become.
“The idea that you can solve the problem of international illegal migration by making life more comfortable for these people is a recipe for complete disaster. It will only encourage more flows of migrants to our shores.”
Peter Bone, also a Tory MP said: “What Mr Crepeau is suggesting is a complete nonsense.
“If people are coming into the country illegally they are breaking the law and should be deported as soon as possible. The idea that controlling our borders is wrong is offensive to the British people.”
Steven Woolfe, Ukip migration spokesman, said: “Mr Crepeau epitomizes why so many people in Britain dislike interfering international bureaucrats.
“He is an unknown and unrecognisable bureaucrat, trying enforce a migration policy and philosophy that is alien to the working people of most member nation states.
Finally, politicians who are waking up to insanity and are willing to speak out against it. This is refreshing to see.

“He only way for Britain to regain control of its own borders is to leave the EU altogether and implement proper border controls as an independent nation state.”

THE controversial views on migration of Francois Crepeau add to the suspicion that UN special rapporteurs – or investigators – are promoting their own bizarre Leftist agendas.

The 54-year-old Canadian law professor follows in the footsteps of Brazilian housing tsar Raquel Rolnik, who produced a “misleading Marxist diatribe” attacking the so-called bedroom tax and UK cuts to housing benefit.

In a 22-page letter last year, Rolnik also joined Maria Carmona, special rapporteur on extreme poverty, and Olivier De Schutter, the special rapporteur on the right to food, to claim that Coalition steps to tackle the huge budget deficit left by Labour could break Britain’s international treaty obligations to the poor.

Earlier, the UN’s special rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, a South African feminist academic, said sexism in Britain was the worst she had seen in the world despite her visits to dangerously repressive countries such as Bangladesh, Somalia and Algeria. 

Exactly, these people are either insane, or just people who hate the West and want to destroy it for reasons none of us can comprehend. They literally ignore obvious realities, just to push their ridiculous agendas that have absolutely no benefit to the people living in these countries.

When is enough, enough? Once we let in more people than we can possibly look after, what will they suggest next? Perhaps they’ll start seizing holiday homes from people for these refugees? Nah that couldn’t ever happen, right?

Oh wait…

Still, that’s not too bad. It’s not as if they’re suggesting that they should be allowed into our actual homes to live with us? That definitely would never happen, right?

Oh wait…

Wake up people. It’s never going to stop. They really plan on replacing the native Europeans with third worlders altogether.


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