“You might be Mike Brown if…”

It seems that the anger over the death of black teenager Michael Brown at the hands of white cop Darren Wilson still hasn’t cooled. A stand up comedian did a bit mocking the incident and managed to troll the fuck out of audience big time.

Personally, I found it pretty amusing to watch. Not so much because of the jokes (which were lame) but because of how annoyed the audience were getting. It was also pretty obvious that the comedian took a lot of pleasure in trolling the fuck out of the audience, just from looking at his mannerisms and listening to his tone of voice.

What’s particularly amusing is the fact that what he was saying is all true. I discussed the Ferguson riots a few months ago here, and all his jokes are about the things I discussed back then.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in now, facts are irrelevant. As far as the idiots in the crowd are concerned, Darren Wilson should have allowed Michael Brown to take his gun from him and possibly even use it against him, rather than using it to defend himself. All that matters is that Michael Brown was black (and therefore the innocent victim) and Darren Wilson was white (and therefore the evil oppressor). Anything that goes against that narrative, they don’t want to hear.


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