AntiRacist Hitler Cartoon

This cartoon is worth watching as it perfectly symbolises what is going on in (what were once) predominately white countries.

Just to summarise the video:

-Hitler (who apparently survived WW2) comes back and claims that he was wrong for being a racist.

-He decides that now he will dedicate his life to being an anti-racist and spreading diversity.

-He visits Israel and decides that it “isn’t diverse enough”. There are too many Jews and not enough non-Jews

-He opens the borders to Israel and floods it with non-Jewish immigrants.

-He uses propaganda to encourage Jews to intermarry with non-Jews, rather than other Jews, thus producing non-Jewish children.

-Any Jews who complain about any of this are verbally attacked as being racists or Jewish supremacists. Their legitimate fears of becoming a minority in their own homeland is scoffed at.

-15 years later, the Jews are all but extinct (only one remains).

-Thus, Hitler finally succeeds in doing what the holocaust failed to do, the genocide of the Jews.

Now, replace the Jews with white people, Israel with white countries, and Hitler with anyone who pushes multiculturalism in those countries, and you’ve got the current situation facing the Western world.

The way I see it, I completely agree with the Jews in the video. It isn’t racist to want to preserve yourself and your race. It’s perfectly natural and something that should be encouraged. Caring about our own race and its future doesn’t mean that we hate people of other races. There’s no reason why small and reasonable amounts of outsiders (who are willing to integrate) can’t be brought in. It just means that we believe that our race has as much right to exist, and to do so in the countries that our ancestors built, as any other race has to exist in their own.

What’s the problem there? What is so evil about wanting to leave for our descendants, what our ancestors left for us. What is so evil about wanting our descendants to look like us? What is so evil about taking pride in what makes us unique as a people? I honestly can’t see it.

The best part of the video was when Hitler parodied this very real quote from Barbara Spectre. This is genocide, plain and simple.

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