When will the idealistic morons in the West accept reality?

Description of video in case it gets taken down at some point

GEEN STIJL TV Channel. The interview of three Muslim teenagers (probably of Moroccan origin) shows above all how integration had totally failed in the Netherlands. There is no reason not to believe the boys belong already to the third generation non western immigrants that are living in the Netherlands. They are born and raised here. Still their knowledge of the Dutch language is very poor. It is hard to believe, if we think they are attending a Dutch school from the beginning and are now visiting high school. Billions of Guldens and later on Euro’s were invested (still) in extremely expensive integration programs.

Very alarming are their idea’s about the host country that had done so much to give them good life, health care, education etc. How many of them could have reached the age of 5 years old, if they were still living in their country of origin? Now they are spitting on the “Kuffar”. They want to rough up their women and girls for not dressing properly etc. They want to live in the wonderful country IS “where a Muslim can live according to the laws of his faith. It is very obvious that the boys get all their idea’s from their parents and the mosques; it is especially clear by the youngest.

Few day’s after the terror assault in Copenhagen interviewed the Dutch TV the famous Danish cartoon drawer Kurt Westergaard. This is what he had said: Now after the attack. I am afraid that the Danes will take it very hard and hostility among the two groups will grow. By that all integration efforts made for so many years and the milliards of Kronen it had cost, will go down the drain. Alas for mister Hedegaard, integration had TOTALLY FAILED. We have to look at it as a bad investment that had totally failed.

I don’t really have much that I need to add. The description says it all. These people aren’t integrating at all. If anything, each generation becomes more and more distant from the host society. The first generation recognise the value of our societies and come here for a better life. The following generations however end up taking for granted, the benefits they get living in our societies, and develop an idealised view of the societies that their parents left behind. Some of them get to the point that they actually leave their host society to wage Jihad against it. Others, remain as worthless parasites and try to drag down the host society from within.

Can anyone seriously explain to me, why these people are here? How do they benefit our societies? What do they contribute? If they don’t contribute, then what obligation do we have to them? If they aren’t willing to integrate and feel that Shariah states are superior, why aren’t they deported instantly?

All I want, is to understand why. I mean surely if there is a good reason for them to be here, it would make sense to tell us what this reason is, in order to reassure us that they’re worth having here. It’s like how if a child is sick and they need to take horrible tasting medicine to feel better. They’re not going to like the unpleasantness of it, but if you explain to them why it’s necessary, they’ll endure it for the greater good. If someone can explain to me why we need to deal with the unpleasantness of having people who want to destroy our way of life, and do so in a way that makes sense, I’d be willing to listen.

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