Sweden sinks to a new low.

I know that I go on about Sweden quite a lot, but there’s a damn good reason why. Sweden is the perfect representation of all my fears about the future of Europe. Sweden has reached a level of cultural and national suicide that is so far ahead of every other country, that it is the perfect example of what will happen to the rest of us if we keep going down our current path. Therefore, I think it’s important to highlight the very real failures of Sweden (a country which many people have been deluded into believing is some kind of progressive Utopian paradise) so that people know what’s at stake if we don’t stand up and defend our way of life from the far left morons who would love to destroy it.

From NT.SE (Translated with Google Translate)

SÖDERKÖPING In the big red barn dance salsa and on the football field test some martial art of taekwondo. Unaccompanied asylum seekers and other Soderkoping Young people gather at the camp in St. Anna.
It is called the world’s best summer camp and is a week-long camp for young people in secondary school age. A total of 28 participants have converged at Motala Municipality’s summer home, near the sand, a few intensive days together. A project team of five young people have worked out the program of the camp conducted for the second year in a row.

– We start from the young people themselves and what they want to do, what they can contribute, says Eva-Lotta Martinsson, församlingspedagog, Soderkoping St. Anna parish.

– It is about seeing the power of youth and then support them in the best way, says Lotta Dahm, student union Form.

About half of the participants are unaccompanied refugees from Afghanistan and Somalia. The very purpose of the camp is to build bridges and create meeting between them and the other Soderkoping youngsters.

In a larger perspective, it is about preventing xenophobia.

– Should we create good relations it is necessary to eat together, brushing their teeth together and live like this, says Eva-Lotta Martinsson.

The challenge is how to continue meeting afterwards. There are already plans to be seen a weekend.

Tennis, taekwondo, salsa, go ring after boat, light hiking and film workshop is only a part of everything at camp programs. Reza Ahmadi, 20 years from Afghanistan, is one of the campers.

– It’s great fun here. I have new friends, giant lovely people, he says.

Josephine Karlsson, 17, was lured to the camp of a classmate. This is the first year she participates. Ungfeär half of the participants felt she was before.

– There has been a lot of fun activities and everyone is very nice to each other, she says.

The camp is organized by the Red Cross, Olivlunden, Swedish Church, Söderköpings municipality and educational association Forming in collaboration. The camp is just one of many things that are done and has been done in the municipality to reduce the distance between unaccompanied refugees and other young people.

A report from the Working ministry lifted Soderkoping forward as a good example of integration work and cooperation against xenophobia and exclusion.

Oh wow. A camp where teenage girls are allowed to interact with unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers (some of whom are adults) and are freshly arrived from parts of the world were females are treated as second class citizens. What could possibly go wrong?

"Yes Captain, we will happily send our teenage daughters to meet our vibrant New Swedes. Geographical location is the sole determinant of a person's behaviour, so obviously, they'll give up the barbaric practices of their homelands to be more like us"
“Yes Captain, we will happily send our teenage daughters to meet our vibrant New Swedes. Geographical location is the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour, so obviously, they’ll give up the barbaric practices of their homelands to be more like us”

From Nordfront (Translated with Google Translate)

Söderköpings municipality, the Swedish Church and the Red Cross have jointly organized a camp where so-called unaccompanied refugee children are able to meet Swedish girls of 16 years old.

As part of the project “Together” is now investing Söderköpings municipality, together with the cultural Marxist institutions Swedish Church and the Red Cross, to make Swedish girls interested in so-called unaccompanied refugee children who in many cases be well over 20 years.

Camp organizer Kajsa Nilsson from the Swedish Church confessed in the comments section of an article about the camp that the participating immigrants are often not at all children by a long shot, but said that we do what the situation calls for:
“It’s clear that you’re lying about his age, if it is to be given help to restart! I would certainly do so if I every had to flee my country, “she wrote.
The camp is held at Motala summer home out there in Sankt Anna and it is there that Swedish girls at 16 years of age may create “interfaces” with strangers. The different activities to bring the two groups together include draktillverkning, ring forging and tröjtryck.
– This is the second year we organize this camp and we want to continue with it, says Anna Doll who is the camp’s project manager.
– This is a great opening and a beginning. You get to know each other during such a week, whether they speak the same language, she continues.
About half of the participants are Afghans and Somalis male and the Swedish participants consist solely of girls. The camp has received a grant of 500 000 from the County Council of Östergötland Health pot for 2014, which means that it is the taxpayers who foot the bill.
But it is not only the idyll that you wish to convey prevailing in the camps in Sankt Anna. When the camp was organized last year became two of the alleged refugee children forcibly compelled by their foreign peers to strip naked and got after it photographed.
– We will go to the bottom of this and prevent further bullying. This kind of behavior is not acceptable, said a director of child and youth issues in the social resource activities then.
So it is with strangers who use violence to get their way as a 16-year-old Swedish girls will live with for several days.


They’ve literally created a camp to send their teenage girls to be sexually assaulted by adult Middle Eastern and African men. There’s no other way to describe it. They have a precedent from a previous year of girls being forced to strip naked and be photographed by men like these, and yet they’re still running the camp. Based on the statistics from that country, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that the same thing, or worse will just happen again. I guarantee that at some point, a girl will be raped. However instead of acknowledging this obvious reality, they’d rather take that risk than be politically incorrect by protecting their girls.

Fuck Captain Sweden. Sweden needs help from a real Scandinavian superhero.
Fuck Captain Sweden. Sweden needs help from a real Scandinavian superhero.

This is the future of every other European country, if we don’t stand up against political correctness. I for one do not want to live in a country that allows  a bunch of primitive savages to rape innocent teenage girls.

Would any of you?


Sweden to immigrants~ “You get what you’re entitled to”

I... never mind. Oh Sweden, what is wrong with you?
Is it possible, has Captain Sweden finally had enough of being raped both literally and metaphorically speaking?

What’s this, could the most insane country in Europe finally be waking up and standing up for itself? Apparently newly arrived immigrants are being issued with a document telling them what they can expect, and what is expected of them in Sweden. Summary can be seen below.

From Smalanningen

In general it says among other things:

• Refugee reception in Sweden is paid by the Swedish taxpayers. Your host is paid therefore by the usual Swedish citizens.

• Stay in the municipality of you have been placed. In the municipality – and only in the municipality – have your reception prepared. All municipalities in Sweden has high standards and good service. Do not believe the rumors that big cities have better opportunities – it’s usually the other way around! Älmhult have a very good induction program for you.

• Laws and regulations are the same for everyone. You get what you’re entitled to. Do not try to haggle or negotiate for you to get special benefits.Then you only lose face.

• We support you – but you must also set up for us. Trust us on refugees.

• Do not believe the rumors. Those who arrived as refugees before you do not know everything. Half-truths can be worse than no knowing. If you have questions or concerns about anything, so talk to us at the refugee unit.

• Make right for you! Society and democracy based on everyone takes responsibility.

This all seems very promising. More importantly though, it just makes logical sense. Even if Sweden didn’t have the highest rape statistics per capita in Europe, with most rapes being committed by immigrants, it would still make sense to take precaution and warn new arrivals to respect laws and to tell them that they need to take responsibility for their own actions. Everything said seems very reasonable. If anything, I’d say it doesn’t go far enough, but it’s a promising start for a country as insane as Sweden.

I wonder what Swedish politicians think?

From Smalanningen

It is not enough to describe it as unprofessional. It’s a terrible humanity, says Lars Ingvert.

Social Welfare Board’s two leading politicians chairman Lars Ingvert (S) and former president Vidar Lundbäck (C) tells us that they were not aware of the document before the examination.

Lars Ingvert says that it has been difficult to trace the origin of the paper, then the officer picked up the sick leave.

– I have not read or has part of it, and did not know it already, he says.

After Smålänningen sent a copy of the document to Lars Ingvert he comments on this.

– The auditor cited the audit, and we agreed that it is terrible what is in it.


He hopes that the document was not controlling in the refugee unit worked.

It is not enough to describe it as unprofessional. It’s a terrible humanity, uncomfortable, says Lars Ingvert.

– It is tragic that at some point in history Älmhults been this kind of attitude towards those who come here.

Lars Ingvert believes that it is important to now save the document and any decision that may form the basis for it, so that the decision can be suspended and removed.

– It may not remain so someone can get ahold of it and think that it is a policy document.

Can not guarantee

Vidar Lundbäck is satisfied that the document is old, perhaps a relic from work with refugees in the 1990s.

– There is something old that are not used that has lain in a drawer. It has not been used in years, says Vidar Lundbäck.

How do you know?

– It has been said to me, but I can clearly do not know.

What do you know about the document?

– I do not know who wrote it. But it looked oddly out and very old. I have not seen it before, and I’ve been in eight years.

Will the documents that this is indeed the politician you know?

– Nah, everything like material distributed in the business, we of course not. Procedures are written by the service men. But I find it very difficult to imagine that there would have been used for many years. But of course, I can not guarantee it.

– I certainly hope not. There was no appropriate paper. But I and Lars Ingvert agreed that it was not appropriate when it was up during the examination.

Head in Hands

Just incredible really. I actually can’t really add anything because I’m so amazed at that reaction. Whenever I think Sweden can’t possibly shock me anymore with their ridiculous levels of PC nonsense than they already have, they always, always manage to outdo themselves.

The establishment aren’t even trying to hide their hatred of whites anymore.

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to highlight examples of the anti-white sentiment that exists these days in what were once white countries. I don’t do this because I’m some kind of white supremacist/racist, who doesn’t like the idea of non-white people coming to our countries. As I’ve always tried to make clear, I care not what a person looks like, or where that person came from, as long as they respect our laws, our culture, our traditions, and are willing to contribute to our society by integrating and working with us.

I will straight up admit, that I’m not a fan of mass immigration at all, but that’s simply because I’m conscious of the fact that we’re a small country with a small population. It really wouldn’t take long for us to become a minority in our own homeland if our borders were fully opened, which would inevitably lead to us losing our identity. Ireland is unique. Just like China. Just like Nigeria. Just like India etc. I don’t like the idea of something unique being lost. Every culture and race has the right to exist, and the white races are no exception to this right.

The genocide of white people is "progressive politics" apparently.
The genocide of white people is “progressive politics” apparently. (click to enlarge)

Despite the propaganda that I’ve read and watched over the years (and there has been plenty of it), I’ve never been able to buy into the ridiculous nonsense that white men are the cause of all the problems that have ever occurred in the world. How we somehow bear the guilt of our ancestors, and are required to submit to the will of every other race in the world. It’s complete nonsense as far as I’m concerned.

Seriously, this is what these people actually believe. They're so consumed with hatred of us, that they are incapable of seeing how ridiculous their ideology really is.
Seriously, this is what these people actually believe. They’re so consumed with hatred of us, that they are incapable of seeing how ridiculous their ideology really is.

Have white men committed terrible acts throughout history? Absolutely, I’m not going to deny it. But are we the only racial group that has done bad things? Absolutely not. We need only look at what the Japanese did during WW2, the Arab slave trade, the human sacrifices practiced by Native American tribes, the Rwandan genocide etc, as just a few example of (the many) horrific acts that members of other races have committed. But do we judge their racial kin for their sins? Of course not, because doing so would be racist. So why is it that the world is not only allowed to demonise white people for the actions of other members of their race, but are also allowed to to brainwash their young people into thinking that their own race is inherently flawed? It’s blatantly hypocritical and I don’t understand how people haven’t woken up to it yet.

It's really not that hard to see this once you just stop to think about it.
It’s really not that hard to see this once you just stop to think about it.

Yesterday, the Independent published one of the most blatantly obvious examples of anti-white hatred  that I’ve ever seen from a mainstream newspaper. It was so blatant, that they actually had to delete it less than 24 hours later, because they quickly realised that they’d made their agenda far too obvious. Luckily enough, a cached version of it exists still.

From The Independent

White men should never hold elected positions in British universities again

Nothing is ever going to change if we keep letting them run everything, says our writer, and powerful women and minority ethnic people are needed

University is supposed to be amazing, a transformative experience which is informed by student unions across the country. Yet people don’t give a toss about their student unions, no one cares about the NUS, and activism is dying at all but a few hardcore universities. This generation of students has been pissed on by the government and fees, and privatisation, and all anyone seems to want to do is roll over and let it happen.

Do you know why this is? It’s because our universities and student unions are too similar to our government; they are too stunted by white men. White men might want to appropriate injustice as theirs, desperate for something to struggle against, but it’s a hobby they’ll pick up and drop as soon as the first comfortable finance job beckons them over.

We need to ban white men and their activism dilettantism from student unions. We need powerful women and minority ethnic people to bring their passion back to the heart of student politics. Being a student union president should no longer be a place for privileged whiteboys to swing their dicks around before graduating into a world that is in no way affected by what they claim to fight for.

More importantly, we obviously live in a world that looks favourably on white men. In order to bring about change in our racist and sexist society, it must start in our universities. If women and minority ethnic people were in positions of leadership across all universities in the country, we would have a diverse graduating class of future leaders in every industry.

“Oh but, it’s racist to ban someone on the basis of their skin colour, and sexist to ban them on their gender,” cry the assembly chorus of confused souls trying to turn the language of progress into a weapon to further entrench the establishment. It’s not. You’re at university, go and ask a humanities professor. Learn something. 

White men have had the last several millennia in charge, and it’s been a s***show from start to finish. A new generation of powerful women and minority ethnic people is ready to lead and change. It is time for you to bow down.

I think it’s important to point out that the author is trying to lump white women in with ethnic minorities, not because he actually gives a toss about white women, but because he’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t want to alienate that demographic as well. The idea is simply a divide and conquer tactic. Instead of attacking all white people (which could potentially result in a united backlash from both men and women), he only targets white men, in order to play men and women off against each other. That way, when white men rightly take offence to this racist diatribe and fight back, there is the possibility that women will think that it’s an attack directed against them and thus, what should be a united front against racism is divided along sex lines.

As I've pointed out time and time again, united we stand, divided we fall.
As I’ve pointed out time and time again, united we stand, divided we fall.

Now keep in mind one very important thing. The country this newspaper was from, was Britain. A country which was built by and inhabited solely by white people for centuries. A country which to this day is still majority white (though mass immigration, forced integration, and political correctness not allowing people to voice their fears will soon put an end to that at this rate). The author was literally calling for white people to not have power in their own country. How can people not see the insanity of this? If you can’t, I’ll make it real simple. just replace the word “White” with “Black” or “Jewish” or “Muslim”, or any other protected group, and replace Britain with any country that group is the majority in. Do you notice how racist and offensive it now sounds?


We’re under attack. Anti-white racists would love nothing more than to strip us of any rights we have. I’m not advocating for people to go full on Nazi in retaliation, but I do think it’s important to be willing to speak out against this discrimination and hatred against us and to be proud of who we are. Loving and preserving the rights of our own peoples in our own countries is a universal right that all ethnic groups have the right to engage in. Cherish that right while we still have the chance.

An interesting video that compares what is suggested here, to what happened to Jewish civil servants in Germany when the Nazis first came to power. Kind of ironic that the author of the piece was a Jew by the name of Tom Mendelsohm. Can you not see the irony, Jew?

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Sadly, this is what people actually believe.
Sadly, this is what people actually believe.

A little over two weeks ago, I posted an example of the blatant hypocrisy that exists in the West regarding how we are allowed to treat Muslims, and how we are allowed to treat Jews in the world of satire and political commentary. The story I discussed was about a cartoonist who was arrested for an anti-semitic cartoon that he drew in France. This was all just mere weeks after people marched in France (including Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu) in the defence of “freedom of speech” following the Charlie Hebdo attacks. As if this wasn’t hypocritical enough, I’ve found a video which even more blatantly shows the double standards that exist.

Here, we see a French host saying that it is freedom of expression to draw offensive pictures of the prophet Muhammed and that it doesn’t matter how much it may offend Muslims, that they simply have to accept it.

The video then cuts forward to a later date and shows the same host interviewing a comedian who mocked Jews in his act. The host asks him if he thinks he should apologise for what he did, and when he responds that he doesn’t, because it was just part of his act, the host tells him that he finds his actions shocking and inexcusable.

The comedian then responds that they live in a society where they can freely express themselves (the same argument the host had used against the Muslim guest) and asks the host why he is against his act. The host responds that he doesn’t have a right to express himself because of the holocaust. The comedian rightly points out that black people had to endure slavery, but that doesn’t mean that they’re off limits for comedy.

***I’d also like to add that the holocaust is not the only genocide in history. There was the Cambodian genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge, and the Nanking massacre, which were both experienced by Asians. There was the Rwandan genocide experienced by black people. Then there was the Armenian genocide, and the Holodomor which were experienced by white people. This is just a small sample. Yet despite the fact that all these different groups have experienced genocide, we don’t see it being used as an excuse not to criticise them, or make fun of them, so why should the holocaust be any different?***

The comedian points out that he was able to make fun of all kinds of people and it was never a big deal, but as soon as he makes fun of an Israeli, there’s hysteria. The host responds by telling him that although he thinks he’s a very talented comedian, he’ll never be invited back onto the show again.

I'm trying sir, but I still don't get it.
I’m trying sir, but I still don’t get it.

So once again, we see a perfect example of how all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

Sweden is headed towards a cliff

A video that discusses the reality of Sweden right now.

Among Swedish Politicians, 1% of them live in areas with lots of immigrants…This tells you something about these people. Multiculturalism for voters, but not for me and my kids….If you really think multiculturalism is good, why don’t you go live there? The fact that you don’t live there, almost none of them live there, almost none of them send their kids to school there shows that at some level, they understand this is not working.

It’s sad to watch something like this, but unfortunately, it looks as if there is not much hope for Sweden. I can only hope that when things finally go too far there, that everyone else in Europe will wake up.

Our people wish to display our flag in schools. How long until one of our vibrant cultural enrichers cries about it?

I’ve read some good news that I felt like showing. Apparently, each primary school is set to receive a flag in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the 1916 rising. Most people seem to be in favour of it according to a poll conducted.

From Newstalk

We asked how you feel about the Irish flag and anthem in primary schools. The results are in…

It seems Ireland is quite divided on the issue of anthems in the classroom, but less so on the flag

Following reports, in the Mail, that all 3,300 primary schools in the country would soon receive a tricolor from the government ahead of the 1916 commemorations, we asked you if you believed Irish primary schools should display the Irish flag, and if primary school pupils should sing the national anthem at the start of each school day?

Regarding the question of the anthem, you responded with a result that was decidedly divided, with 52.75% voting Yes, and 47.25% voting no.

Poll question: Should every primary school sing the National Anthem every morning?



However, there was a far clearer statment made on the poll asking if the national flag should be flown at every school.

Poll question: Should the Irish national flag be displayed in every school?



This is fantastic news. As the old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. I know our country isn’t perfect, but in the end, we have to take some pride in it, or else we’re doomed to lose everything that makes it unique and special. Seeing our people take pride in it, gives me hope that they’ll be more willing to stand up for it if… say…something like this happens.

From Fox News

Students at the University of California, Irvine have voted to make their school a more “culturally inclusive” place by banning the American flag.

The Associated Students of University of California (ASUCI) passed a resolution March 3 that would remove the Stars & Stripes along with every other flag from the lobby of a complex housing the offices of the student government.

“Designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidentially,” read the resolution authored by Matthew Guevara.

The resolution passed 6-4. Two people abstained. Let me break down the vote for you — six unAmerican students, four patriots and two individuals who could have a career in House Republican leadership.

Guevara’s resolution, which was in dire need of an edit, rambled on about “paradigms of conformity” and “homogenized standards” and blah, blah, blah.

It sounds like Mr. Guevara could have a future career in community organizing or the Democratic party.

“The American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism,” he bemoaned. “Flags not only serve as symbols of patriotism or weapons for nationalism, but also construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge nationalistic sentiments.”

I know, folks. I know it’s California. But this is beyond bizarre even for the yoga and granola crowd.

I reached out to the university for a comment and a very nice spokesperson (who seemed anxious for the weekend) assured me the university did not endorse the resolution.

She also told me the executive board of the student government association is going to meet this weekend and discuss the possibility of a veto.

Reza Zomorrodian, the ASUCI president and a young patriot, told me he was very upset over the student government’s actions and will push for a veto.

“It’s an attack on American values,” he said. “A lot of people want to come to the United States for a reason – it’s because of the freedoms we have.”

Zomorrodian told me the legislation was the result of a longstanding feud over the display of the American flag. He said unknown perpetrators kept taking down the flag and he would put it back up.  The flag is currently folded and being protected in a vice president’s office.

“I’m really disappointed in our legislative council right now,” he said. “I’m firmly against what they did. I think it was a horrible idea.”

Zomorrodian said he wants the American public to know that UC Irvine is a patriotic campus.

Only six people voted for this,” he said. “We have 22,000 undergrads here. Six people made this decision. The UC Irvine has made huge contributions to bettering this country. This is an elected body that made a decision for the whole and will suffer the consequences of making that decision.”

Mr. Zomorrodian sounds like a very nice young man who understands what the American flag represents — and I hope he musters the votes necessary to rehoist the Stars & Stripes.

As for the handful of un-American rabblerousers who’ve brought shame upon the campus of UC Irvine – I would offer these gentle words:

If you have a problem with the flag and what that flag stands for and the brave men and women who died for that flag – then you are more than welcome to pack your bags and haul your ungrateful buttocks across the border.

And one final thought about the vandals who keep taking down the flag in the dark of night. I wonder if Mr. Zomorrodian has considered asking the university’s ROTC program for help. I suspect a handful of young soldiers might be able to nip that problem in the bud.

***UPDATE: Apparently Fox News exaggerated the story (LOL I really shouldn’t be surprised). Apparently what really happened was that the college only voted to remove the American Flag (along with flags of every other country) from a common area on the campus. There’ll still be an American flag flying on the campus grounds, but there won’t be one in the common area. I still believe that it was a pointless move and just pandering to political correctness, but it wasn’t as ridiculous as I originally thought. I value my integrity and don’t wish to be deceptive when I post information here, hence why I’m taking time to clarify what actually happened ***

How about this story


Portsmouth, Va. – Portsmouth Sheriff Bill Watson says he is furious after a group of judges told him to take down an American flag display.
Sheriff Watson said his agency got the American flag display as a gift from members of the Portsmouth Fire Department a few weeks ago.
It’s made of old fire hoses which a sign beneath it that reads, “A Tribute to Public Safety.”
Watson said he requested to have it mounted on the wall in the lobby of the courthouse but was shocked by what he was told.
Watson said he was told, “Not only do we not want it on the wall, we don’t want it in the courthouse.”
Watson said, “I just can’t believe that they don’t want to display the American flag in a courthouse, I mean that’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”
NewsChannel 3 spoke with a judge who didn’t want to be identified about the issue. The judge told us it was decided that the lobby of the courthouse is not the appropriate place for the display.
He said they don’t want any display or memorial of it’s kind positioned in the lobby when people walk into the courthouse.
The judge said if you allow one type of display, then you will have to allow all types.
The judge said having the display in the lobby sets the wrong precedent. The decision is upsetting Watson and others.
Watson said, “They expect my deputies to put their life on the line for a judge. If somebody was going to come into a courtroom with a gun, the deputy is supposed to stand in front of the judge and take a bullet, but yet they won’t let us have our flag, saluting public safety? To me, that’s a slap in the face.”

Displaying this publicly is like 10 new holocausts at the same time.
Displaying this publicly is like 10 new holocausts at the same time.

The last bolded paragraph of the Fox News story, I agree with completely. If the American flag upsets you so much, then why the fuck are you in America? How dare you go into another country, then demand they change to make you more comfortable. You should be grateful for the opportunity that you have been given. I would direct the same response to anyone who cried about the Irish flag in Irish schools by the way. I don’t care where you came from, you’re in Ireland now. if you don’t like Ireland, and its symbols, then go somewhere else.

If I’m mistaken in accusing non-Americans of doing this, and it was in fact Americans themselves who did it, can I just say, what the fuck is wrong with you? You always go on about how America is this great inclusive country, a “melting pot” so to speak. If that’s the case, then shouldn’t the American flag be representative  of everyone in America. Who cares if you’re white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc. You’re all supposed to be Americans, one people, united by the common bond of being American.

But of course, that’s bollocks. You say diversity is your strength. But as I already pointed out, the belief that most would share is that united we stand, divided we fall. So how can both possibly be true? Looking at the racial and religious tensions that go on there, it’s obvious that diversity is tearing your country apart. I only hope that those of us here in Ireland are smart enough to not make the same mistakes. We’re Irish, and we’re proud of it. United we stand, divided we will not be.

British scientist: “Lets outlaw fat-shaming”

One of the most annoying things about political correctness is that it seemingly has no end in sight. It doesn’t matter how much more tolerant and open minded we as a society become, these people are always going to find some new “victim group” that needs protection, and demanding that we wrap them up in cotton wool. In a lot of prior cases (sexism, homophobia, racism etc), the victim group was being discriminated against for something they had no control over. The black guy couldn’t help that he wasn’t white. The gay guy couldn’t help that he was attracted to other guys instead of girls. The woman couldn’t help that she wasn’t a man. I can understand completely why people wanted to stand up for these groups because they were being unfairly treated for something they couldn’t change.

Good idea Mr. American Bear, but next time might I suggest getting off the scooter and walking to the bottle, for added effect?
Good idea Mr. American Bear, but next time might I suggest getting off the scooter and walking to the bottle, for added benefit?

Although, I will say that I think social justice has gone a bit too far in certain cases (radical feminists who want to oppress men, rather than being equal, people claiming that a white cop killing black thug in self defence is racist, people demanding that we allow biological males to play on girls sports teams, because they feel like girls on the inside etc), I do at least acknowledge that these groups were genuinely disenfranchised, and that they needed and deserved to be treated better than they were.

Good, you're drinking diet coke and you're actually walking. Next step, try eating better food.
Good, you’re drinking diet coke and you’re actually walking. Next step, try eating better food.

Now however, the social justice movement has become a total parody of itself. Now, we are expected to go to ridiculous lengths to make sure we don’t offend anybody. The latest idea is to make it illegal to “discriminate” against overweight people. Now let me just make this clear. I don’t believe in bullying people and I understand that weight can be a sensitive issue. At the same time, I’m also aware of the obvious reality that excess weight can be very dangerous, and can shorten lives. In the Western world (most notably America, though other countries are catching up) obesity and the illnesses related to it, have drastically increased in the past few decades. While I don’t think being abusive is right, I do think acknowledging extremly unhealthy behaviour is important. As far as I’m concerned, encouraging someone to become healthy is more important than not upsetting them.

Remember, it doesn't have to be this way.
Remember, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with me.

From The Express

Dr Sarah Jackson suggested laws banning discrimination based on age, sex or race should be extended to cover people who were overweight.

Researchers behind a landmark study into weight discrimination found those who were subjected to jibes about their size were dramatically more likely to suffer from depression. 

The renowned psychologist made the claim following two studies into the links between weight discrimination and quality of life. 

Researchers argued that poking fun at fat people was often seen as socially acceptable, but the ‘fattist’ taunts led to a drop in quality of life.

I’m sure plenty of people would feel bad about their weight regardless. I remember that I used to be heavier than I wanted to be (I wasn’t obese, but I was definitely overweight). I didn’t get picked on for it, but I was always aware that I weighed more than I should and I felt ashamed of it. Eventually, I took the initiative and started eating better and exercising, and sure enough, I lost weight. Even then, I don’t see why jibes are a bad thing (unless it gets to the point of harassment and bullying). The point is to encourage you to take action to get healthier. It’s just like how we try to discourage smoking by forcing them to do so out in the cold, and by increasing the costs to do so through excessive taxation. Sometimes, we have to be cruel to be kind.

And according to this 2004 study, around 300,000 Americans die from obesity related illnesses per year. Who knows how much higher its gotten in the 11 years since?
And according to this 2004 study, around 300,000 Americans die from obesity related illnesses per year. Who knows how much higher its gotten in the 11 years since?

The study of more than 5,000 people by University College London calls for a major rethink of how fat people are treated in the UK. 

In the survey, participants were asked how often they encounter discrimination in their daily lives, including being threatened or harassed. 

Some said they experienced abuse almost every day, although researchers said the vast majority rarely or never experienced discrimination. 

So the vast majority don’t experience discrimination? Then why are we acting as if this is a major issue then?

“In the United Kingdom, the Equality Act 2010 legally protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, or gender reassignment; making it clear that discriminatory behaviour of this nature is not to be accepted,” said Dr Jackson, lead author of the report.

“However, our results indicate that discriminatory experiences contribute to poorer psychological wellbeing in individuals with obesity, but there are currently no laws prohibiting weight discrimination. 

“This might send the message to people that weight discrimination is socially acceptable.”

So essentially what you’re saying is that people are going to discriminate against obese people unless we have explicit laws forbidding them from doing so. Any proof? I could see them not hiring an obese person for a job they wouldn’t be physically capable of doing (for example, would you hire an obese person as a personal trainer in a gym) or if they were providing a service that the size of the person made impossible to accommodate (for example, asking an obese person to buy two seats in a plane because they can’t fit into one). I don’t look at that as being discrimination. I just see that as acknowledging reality. Should we pretend that an obese person can take up the same space on a plane as an average sized person, or pretend that an obese person should be training people in the gym, just so we don’t hurt their feelings?

Well that shut me up.
Well that shut me up.

Experts said examples of obese people being discriminated against also included being treated disrespectfully and receiving poor service in shops.

Anecdotal evidence. For all we know, these people were just pricks who acted like assholes to the staff, and then when the staff didn’t give them great service in return, they just assumed it was because of their weight.

Al Bundy would insult the customers for their weight, but they were bitches who treated him like shit, so they deserved it anyway.
Al Bundy would insult the customers for their weight, but they were bitches who treated him like shit, so they deserved it anyway.

Earlier research into ‘fat shaming’ found making people feel bad about their weight had no impact on their ability to slim down.

In fact, those who reported experiencing weight discrimination gained more weight than those who did not.

And plenty of people who do end up losing weight do so because they feel bad about their weight. In fact, isn’t that the reason why everyone who loses weight does so? They feel bad about their weight, so they take action to change that so they won’t feel bad anymore. I really can’t think of anyone who is overweight who decides that they feel good about their weight, so they’ll take action to lose weight.

Dr Jackson concluded that other methods should be used to encourage weight loss, but the most recent study goes further in calling for recognition of fattism as a significant problem.

It is a significant problem, but not for the reason you think it is.

Professor Jane Wardle, co-author of the latest report, said: “Combined with our previous work showing that weight discrimination does not encourage weight loss, we can see that weight discrimination is part of the obesity problem and not the solution. 

“Weight bias has been documented not only among the general public but also among health professionals; and many obese patients report being treated disrespectfully by doctors because of their weight. 

“Everyone, including doctors, should stop blaming and shaming people for their weight, and offer support, and where appropriate, treatment.”

If you’re looking for a doctor who isn’t going to put the blame were it belongs (on you) for your obesity, then you’re not looking for a doctor at all. You’re looking for a quack. The doctor’s job is to to help you get healthy, and if that means telling you that you need to lose weight in order to do so, a proper doctor will do that, no matter how much it may hurt your ego. Accepting obesity isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s just going to result in more people seeing it as a lifestyle choice, rather than what it is, a serious medical epidemic.

Is this what you're looking for? Because I'm afraid I've got some bad news...
Is this what you’re looking for? Because I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…

But outspoken hypnotherapist Steve Miller has rejected the findings.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said political correctness around obesity was making people fatter.

“Of course I do not advocate bullying fat people, but letting them know they are dangerously fat and giving them some constructive fat shaming if needed is an absolute must if we are to slim people down. 

“The truth hurts but it can also save lives.  We need to tackle fat head on and trust me, no-one loves a fat person like I do.

“Fat people can do something about their weight, they may hide behind excuses but they’re more than capable of changing their lifestyles to shed the pounds.”

At least the article ends with someone who talks sense.

Sweden: “We must save crab lice from going extinct”

Yet again, the most insane country in Europe is managing to outdo itself.

From Nyheter24 (roughly translated with Google Translate)

The artist Frida Klingberg want to save the crab lice from extinction by allowing volunteers to plant into lice in such pubishåret .
– It is not dangerous in any way but just a little uncomfortable , she says.
STOCKHOLM. Crab lice are becoming increasingly rare in Western countries because many shaves her pubic hair. In both Denmark and Australia are the louse endangered and according to the artist Frida Klingberg indications that Sweden is the next country on tour.

Therefore, she has started a project which aims to save the species from extinction. A group of volunteers have already signed up but the process of finding crabs continues. When lice well is found, the idea is to start a sort of chain letter with crab lice sent in a jar around Sweden and planted in volunteers pubic hair, chest hair or hair under the arms.

The goal: crab lice population under control

The test subjects will be as “itinerant nature reserve” for the dying lice.
– The plan is that we all share the burden and have lice in two to three weeks. Then, you pick off a few, put them in a jar and give them to the next person. Then we have a crab lice population in Sweden is under control, says Klingberg to Nyheter24.

Klingberg want to make flat louse to a “flagship” which will also lead to thoughts of other, larger issues. She compares the flat louse with the wolf as many critics also want removed because it is “inconvenient” to have close.

– It is both an art and a conservation project which according to me in any way reflect on how we value. We can opt out of inconveniences by killing or shooting them. It would, for example, many that we do with the wolf. But when you are a little distance from the wolf you will see that it is important to preserve. So it is a little flat louse too.

What do you think about that many choose to shave her pubic hair?

– I equate it with the deforestation of rainforests. It is a habitat destruction that affects crab lice.

How long will this project last?

– Dream scenario is as long as possible. But be people line up. When you have done this then you probably have some louse left, then you have to decide for yourself if you want to continue their involvement. I encourage people to continue.

Such beautiful creatures. They need your help to survive.
Such beautiful creatures. They need your help to survive.

Only in Sweden, will you find people trying to prevent a worthless parasite from going extinct.

Sweden yet again: “Facts don’t matter, only feelings”

So a couple of days ago, I posted a rather long winded (hopefully satirical ) article, in which the author was demanding that America criminalise hate speech. I know that most people have the best of intentions and would never consider using offensive speech towards vulnerable groups, and so therefore, would probably be in favour of hate speech legislation. After all, what good does hate speech do? Only intolerant racists/homophobes/misogynists etc would be against its criminalisation, right? So what difference does it make to the ordinary decent citizen, if hate speech is illegal?

The only people in the world this effects...right?
The only people in the world this effects…right?

The problem however, is that what constitutes hate speech is open to the interpretation of those in power. I’ve now found a specific example to illustrate why I’m so against the idea of hate speech legislation, because it perfectly coveys how open to abuse it is.

From Gatestone Institute

Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.

Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists. One should, however, keep in mind that in statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes.

In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.

The internet radio station Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonposten and Expressen to ask why they had described the perpetrators as “Swedish men” when they actually were Somalis without Swedish citizenship. They were hugely offended when asked if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to stay away from certain men. One journalist asked why that should be their responsibility.

In 1975, the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the former homogeneous Sweden into a multicultural country. Forty years later the dramatic consequences of this experiment emerge: violent crime has increased by 300%.

If one looks at the number of rapes, however, the increase is even worse. In 1975, 421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%.

Sweden is now number two on the global list of rape countries. According to a survey from 2010, Sweden, with 53.2 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants, is surpassed only by tiny Lesotho in Southern Africa, with 91.6 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants.

According to figures published by The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet; known as Brå) — an agency under the Ministry of Justice — 29,000 Swedish women, during 2011, reported that they had been raped (which seems to indicate that less than 25% of the rapes are reported to the police).

Strange explanations

Rather than doing something about the problem of violence and rape, Swedish politicians, public authorities and media do their best to explain away the facts. Here are some of their explanations:

  • Swedes have become more prone to report crime.
  • The law has been changed so that more sexual offences are now classed as rape.
  • Swedish men cannot handle increased equality between the sexes and react with violence against women (perhaps the most fanciful excuse).

A long-held feminist myth is that the most dangerous place for a woman is her own home — that most rapes are committed by someone she knows. This claim was refuted by Brå’s report:

“In 58% of cases, the perpetrator was entirely unknown by the victim. In 29% of cases the perpetrator was an acquaintance, and in 13% of cases the perpetrator was a person close to the victim.”

Brå reports that there are no major differences between women of Swedish and foreign background when it comes to the risk of being raped. Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists.

Without parallel

Back in 1975, the year when politicians decided that Sweden was to become multicultural, the Swedish population stood at 8,208,442. By 2014 it had grown to 9,743,087 — an increase of 18.7%. This growth is entirely due to immigration, as Swedish women on average give birth to 1.92 children compared to the 2.24 average of immigrant women. One should, however, keep in mind that in the statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes.

Sweden’s recent population growth is without parallel. Never before in the country’s history has the number of inhabitants increased so fast. Sweden is now the fastest growing country in Europe.

Over the past 10-15 years, immigrants have mainly come from Muslim countries such as Iraq, Syria and Somalia. Might this mass influx explain Sweden’s rape explosion? It is difficult to give a precise answer, because Swedish law forbids registration based on people’s ancestry or religion. One possible explanation is that, on average, people from the Middle East have a vastly different view of women and sex than Scandinavians have. And despite the attempts by the Swedish establishment to convince the population that everyone setting foot on Swedish soil becomes exactly like those who have lived here for dozens of generations, facts point in an altogether different direction.

The latest statistical survey of immigrant criminality compared to that of Swedes was done in 2005. The results are practically never mentioned. Not only that; anyone who dares refer to them, for example on social media, is viciously attacked.

But The Emperor has no clothes on.
But The Emperor has no clothes on.

So what happens if you point this stuff out?

Denigration of ethnic groups

Michael Hess, a local politician from Sweden Democrat Party, encouraged Swedish journalists to get acquainted with Islam’s view of women, in connection with the many rapes that took place in Cairo’s Tahrir Square during the “Arab Spring”. Hess wrote, “When will you journalists realize that it is deeply rooted in Islam’s culture to rape and brutalize women who refuse to comply with Islamic teachings. There is a strong connection between rapes in Sweden and the number of immigrants from MENA-countries [Middle East and North Africa].”

This remark led to Michael Hess being charged with “denigration of ethnic groups” [hets mot folkgrupp], a crime in Sweden. In May last year, he was handed a suspended jail sentence and a fine — the suspension was due to the fact that he had no prior convictions. The verdict has been appealed to a higher court.

For many years, Michael Hess lived in Muslim countries, and he is well acquainted with Islam and its view of women. During his trial, he provided evidence of how sharia law deals with rape, and statistics to indicate that Muslims are vastly overrepresented among perpetrators of rape in Sweden. However, the court decided that facts were irrelevant:

The Court [Tingsrätten] notes that the question of whether or not Michael Hess’s pronouncement is true, or appeared to be true to Michael Hess, has no bearing on the case. Michael Hess’s statement must be judged based on its timing and context. … At the time of the offense, Michael Hess referred neither to established research nor to Islamic sources. It was only in connection with his indictment that Michael Hess tried to find support in research and religious writings. The Court therefore notes that Michael Hess’s pronouncement was obviously not a part of any reasoned [saklig] or trustworthy [vederhäftig] discussion. Michael Hess’s pronouncement must therefore be viewed as an expression of disdain for immigrants with an Islamic faith.”

Statistical evidence

What may one conclude from the available statistics?

As part of the evidence Michael Hess presented in court, he made use of whatever statistics existed on immigrant criminality in Sweden before the statistical authorities stopped measuring. Michael Hess tried to find answers to two questions:

  1. Is there a correspondence between the incidence of rape and the number of people with a foreign background in Sweden?
  2. Is there a correspondence between the incidence of rape and some specific group of immigrants in Sweden?

The answer to both questions was an unequivocal Yes. Twenty-one research reports from the 1960s until today are unanimous in their conclusions: Whether or not they measured by the number of convicted rapists or men suspected of rape, men of foreign extraction were represented far more than Swedes. And this greater representation of persons with a foreign background keeps increasing:

  • 1960-1970s – 1.2 to 2.6 times as often as Swedes
  • 1980s – 2.1 to 4.7 times as often as Swedes
  • 1990s – 2.1 to 8.1 times as often as Swedes
  • 2000s – 2.1 to 19.5 times as often as Swedes

Even when adjusted for variables such as age, sex, class and place of residence, the huge discrepancy between immigrants and Swedes remains.

Research reports on crime in Sweden have become a rarity, but among the eighteen that were done during the 1990s and the 2000s, eleven dealt with rape. Two of these reports dealt with the connection between rape and immigration, and they both confirmed that there is a link.

These figures are available to the authorities, the politicians and the press, yet they insist that these numbers do not mirror reality.

See, this is why I’m so opposed to hate speech legislation. This is clearly a case of it being abused to protect  those who don’t deserve protection. Who cares about all those innocent women who were raped? Who cares about building up a profile of likely rapists in order to protect other women from being raped as well? It’s more important that we don’t cause offence to people. after all, we wouldn’t want people waking up and seeing how the world really is.


Now lets compare Sweden with its neighbor, Denmark.

Glaring discrepancy

How is it, then, that in 2008, Sweden’s neighbor Denmark only had 7.3 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants compared to 53.2 in Sweden?

Danish legislation is not very different from Sweden’s, and there is no obvious reason why Danish women should be less inclined to report rape than their Swedish counterparts.

In 2011, 6,509 rapes were reported to the Swedish police — but only 392 in Denmark. The population of Denmark is about half the size of Sweden’s, so even adjusted for size, the discrepancy is significant.

In Sweden, the authorities do what they can to conceal the origin of the rapists. In Denmark, the state’s official statistical office, Statistics Denmark, revealed that in 2010 more than half of convicted rapists had an immigrant background.

Other research

Foreigners overrepresented

Since 2000, there has only been one research report on immigrant crime. It was done in 2006 by Ann-Christine Hjelm from Karlstads University.

It emerged that in 2002, 85% of those sentenced to at least two years in prison for rape in Svea Hovrätt, a court of appeals, were foreign born or second-generation immigrants.

A 1996 report by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention reached the conclusion that immigrants from North Africa (Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) were 23 times as likely to commit rape as Swedish men. The figures for men from Iraq, Bulgaria and Romania were, respectively, 20, 18 and 18. Men from the rest of Africa were 16 times more prone to commit rape; and men from Iran, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia, 10 times as prone as Swedish men.

Gang rapes

A new trend reached Sweden with full force over the past few decades: gang rape — virtually unknown before in Swedish criminal history. The number of gang rapes increased spectacularly between 1995 and 2006. Since then no studies of them have been undertaken.

One of the worst cases occurred in 2012, when a 30-year old woman was raped by eight men in a housing project for asylum seekers, in the small town of Mariannelund. The woman was an acquaintance of a man from Afghanistan who had lived in Sweden for a number of years. He invited her to go out with him. She obliged. The Afghan man took her to a refugee housing project and left her defenseless. During the night, she was raped repeatedly by the asylum seekers and when her “friend” returned, he raped her too. The following morning she managed to call the police. Sweden’s public prosecutor has called the incident “the worst crime of rape in Swedish criminal history.”

Seven of the men were sentenced to between 4.5 and 6.5 years in prison. Prison time is usually reduced by a third, so it won’t be long before the men will be ready for new assaults — presumably on infidel women.

In cases of gang rape, culprits and victims are most often young and in almost every case, the perpetrators are of immigrant background, mostly from Muslim countries. In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists. Several times the courts have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted sex with six, seven or eight men.

One striking incident occurred in 2013, in the Stockholm suburb of Tensta. A 15-year-old girl was locked up while six men of foreign extraction had sex with her. The lower court convicted the six men but the court of appeals acquitted them because no violence had occurred, and because the court determined that the girl “had not been in a defenseless position.”

This month, all major Swedish media reported on a brutal gang rape on board the Finnish FerryAmorella, running between Stockholm and Åbo in Finland. Big headlines told the readers that the perpetrators were Swedish:

  • “Several Swedish Men Suspected of Rape on the Finland Ferry” (Dagens Nyheter).
  • “Six Swedish Men Raped Woman in Cabin” (Aftonbladet).
  • “Six Swedes Arrested for Rape on Ferry” (Expressen).
  • “Eight Swedes Suspected of Rape on Ferry” (TT – the Swedish News Agency).

On closer inspection, it turned out that seven of the eight suspects were Somalis and one was Iraqi. None of them had Swedish citizenship, so they were not even Swedish in that sense. According to witnesses, the group of men had been scouring the ferry looking for sex. The police released four of them (but they are still suspects) whereas four (all Somalis) remain in custody.

The internet radio station Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonpostenand Expressen to ask why they had described the perpetrators as “Swedish men” when they were actually Somalis. That is irrelevant, said the journalists. They were hugely offended when asked if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to stay away from certain men. One journalist asked why that should be their responsibility.

“If the women knew, then perhaps they would have stayed away from these men and avoided being raped,” said the reporter from Granskning Sverige. Whereupon the journalist slammed down the phone.

And there you have it. In Sweden, it’s worse to be a racist than a rapist. How is this even happening in civilised society? How can they be failing to protect their women so badly? Again, in case I haven’t stressed it enough in previous posts, I’m not calling for them to round up and deport all their Muslims and Africans. I’m just suggesting that they stop denying reality, and do more to protect their own people. How is it that people are not more outraged by this? How can anyone support hate speech legislation after seeing what its really used for?

Sweden~ “We need to employ ISIS fighters”

You people are insane.
You people are insane.

Sweden is just the gift that keeps on giving…unless you’re a native Swedish person who is still capable of rational thought (I think there is still a small minority who are).

From Speisa

Jihadists returning to Örebro Municipality will get psychological help.

And not only that: Tvärsnytt now reveals that the municipality council are discussing giving them jobs.

– It gives a very inverted signal, Peter Santesson, opinion Director at Demoskop, says to the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

ISIS Jihadists returning to Örebro will be offered help by a psychologist, the municipal leaders have decided. Jihadists are likely to have traumatic experiences and this is where the municipality wants to help.

– We have discussed how we should work for these guys who have come back, and to prevent them from returning to the fighting, and that they should be helped to process the traumatic experiences they have been through, Councilor Rasmus Persson (C), said to SVT “Tvärsnytt”.

They also wants to offer the jihadists jobs in the municipality. The initiative is to prevent alienation, which the Örebro Politicians believe is the reason to take part in the fighting in Iraq and Syria. (!)

Terror expert Magnus Ranstorp, a researcher at the National Defence University and head of EU’s work on the subject, thinks that Örebro is doing the right thing.

– Critics are completely way off, he says to Expressen and continues:

They do not know how prevention works. This is about giving these people a structure. Get them back into normality, instead of them recruiting and radicalizing other young people. Preventive work so that they do not relapse into their violent activities. If you do not have preventive work, that’s when it could be disastrous consequences.

Others are critical.

“Tvärsnytt” reports that several people have chosen to move from the district Vivalla after it became known that two individuals from it was fighting in northern Iraq. Residents are simply afraid to have a neighbor who sympathize with IS.

Peter Santesson, Survey Manager at Demoskop, is critical of Örebro Municipality ways of using the municipal money.

– The thoughts goes to the old “monster trips” and similar municipal programs. The problem is that it creates reverse incentives. The question that the municipality should ask is: If you can afford to create this kind of jobs, why do people who goes to Syria get them? And who possibly comes back with serious war crimes in the luggage? Instead of investing in young people who didn’t take this step, who didn’t go to fight, he says.

This is complete insanity. Why are they allowing these people to return to Sweden? If, for some reason that I don’t comprehend they must, then why aren’t they at least arresting them on arrival? What benefit do these people bring to Sweden? Seriously, why does Sweden need them so badly?

Sure, they despise our way of life, they constantly rape our women, and they plan to enslave us all, but it's worth it because it shows how progressive we are.
Sure, they despise our way of life, they constantly rape our women, and they plan to enslave us all, but it’s worth it because it shows how progressive we are.

This idea of giving them jobs is completely ridiculous. They already had opportunities to find work in Sweden, but instead they chose to leave to fight for an organisation that hates everything that Sweden stands for.  What makes these idealistic lunatics think that a job will be a good incentive for them now?

Sweden's next flag.
Sweden’s next flag.

I cannot stress enough, that while I don’t wish the obvious coming future on anyone, I’m glad that at least when Sweden does become a conquered Islamic caliphate, that it will hopefully serve as a wake up call to the rest of Europe.

Swedish men today. What a tragedy.
Alright men (I’m still not completely sure, but I’ll go with it). I see that you’re back from your pedicure sessions, so lets talk business. Surely, you guys can see the insani…HEY GUYS COME BACK, THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN DISCOUNT LEG WAXING!!!