“Glasgow girl” runs off to join ISIS. Family baffled as to why.

Truly a cause worth fighting for.
Truly a cause worth fighting for.

Admittedly this is an old story (it happened about 6 months ago). However, I only became aware of it a few days ago and I had to post about it because I think it’s pretty interesting.

When you watch the video you can see that they’re trying to downplay the reality of what has happened and instead act as if the girl herself is some kind of victim. The reality of course is that the girl saw videos of ISIS fighters beheading/immolating/crucifying infidel hostages and decided that she wanted to get involved in such a noble activity. She willingly chose to leave her old life and family behind, to go to a warzone, and get some Jihadi cock.

It’s just soooooo glamorous. What girl wouldn’t dream of a life like this?

Of course everyone seems to be baffled as to why this is happening. This girl grew up in Scotland. She came from an apparently moderate Islamic family. She got a western education, no different than that that of any other “Scottish” children. This is so confusing. After all, everything we know about science dictates that every single person in the world is a blank slate with absolutely no differences. Geographical location is the only thing that dictates how a person acts. It’s why all those white people who founded South Africa and Rhodesia starved and had to rely on foreign aid to survive, just like all the natives in Sub-Saharan Africa. Or how all those white people who discovered Australia suddenly reverted to a pre-stone-age level of technology like the Aborigines who lived there.

The Europeans who discovered Australia were automatically compelled to give up their technology, to live a primitive life of bliss.

Oh wait, that didn’t happen. They built those countries up to something similar to what they had left behind in Europe. In other words, they behaved the same in their new lands as they did in their old ones because they felt that it was better.

Of course, this is even more confusing for us. It’s not as if these Muslims could also possibly believe that their own way of living is superior to ours. Surely, they must automatically change to be exactly the same as us. There’s only one other possible explanation as to why they don’t behave exactly the same as us in our lands. We must be oppressing them somehow. Yes, this is clearly why so many Muslims who leave the Middle East for Europe, still behave the same way as they and their ancestors did back home.

It’s not as if that behaviour is hardwired into them or anything. Even though they’re now in Europe and science dictates that they will automatically give up their old behaviours to instead behave the same as any native Europeans (seeing as we’re all equal in every way), they usually suffer some vague form of unspecified oppression at the hands of white people. After all, even though every other race doesn’t have hardwired behaviours, all white people are hardwired to be racist oppressors who pick on other races for absolutely no reason. Therefore like everything else that has ever gone wrong in the world, this is all the fault of white people, and the girl (who is our equal in every way) should not be held responsible for her own behaviour.

Damn you White people. Why must you keep oppressing all those non-whites that you allowed into your countries? If you didn’t oppress them so much in some unspecified way, they wouldn’t have any reason to want to kill you.



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