Psychology of White Self Hatred

A great video that highlights just how truly pathetic most self loathing white people are. It’s one of my big pet peeves when I see people talking about the “injustices” that random minorities suffer and how upset they are about it. It is especially annoying when they try to portray themselves as some kind of edgy, intellectual type for doing so. The reality is, that these people are cowards who are simply regurgitating popular perspectives in order to fish for positive attention from their peers. They aren’t challenging anything by doing so, nor are they making the world any better. They’re just partaking in a collective circle-jerk of white guilt, in order to get a pat on the head by their fellow cowards and brainwashed peers.

Abe Lincoln fought a civil war to end slavery? Lots of white doctors flew to Africa (risking their lives) to treat ebola? Most of the inventions in the world invented by white people? Lets ignore all that and focus on the Nazis and the KKK instead as being representative of all white people.

So many white people are outraged when a white cop kills a black person. They aren’t afraid to voice their displeasure of these incidents on social media for their peers to see. How many of these same white people are outraged when a white cop is killed by black thugs? Or how about when a black or Hispanic cop kills a white person?

Countless white people around the world campaigned and lobbied to end apartheid in South Africa. How many of them feel sympathy for the remaining South African whites who have to endure horrors, such as the ones in this video?

On the topic of South Africa, does anyone remember its neighbour Rhodesia? Once, that country was also under minority white rule like South Africa, and was the most prosperous country on the continent for whites and blacks alike. I’m not denying of course that blacks were treated as second class citizens, but even then, their standard of living was a lot higher than anywhere else on the continent. Eventually, minority white rule fell, the country was renamed Zimbabwe and what was once the most prosperous country on the continent, became one of the poorest in the world. Does any white person in the west feel sorry for the remaining hardworking white farmers who are being expelled from their farms and having them seized by the government?

It will be a glorious day when this evil old bastard finally passes into hell. It can’t be much longer now.

Better yet, does anyone even know this is going on? I get the impression that most of these internet activists are too damn lazy to actually bother doing their own research on matters. They just find out about whatever has gone viral, choose whatever opinion is the most popular and state it, in order to appear as some wise intellectual for their peers.

Personally, repeating what’s popular doesn’t impress me. Having the courage to tell the truth no matter what, does.

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