Ireland: One of the most inconvenient places for the demands of Muslim tourists.

So according to a recent Irish Times article, Ireland is one of the “least friendly” countries in the world for Muslim tourists.

From The Irish times

Ireland one of least Muslim-friendly countries – report

Ireland is considered to be one of the least friendly places for Muslims to visit, according to the Global Muslim Travel Index, which has just been published.

First of all, I don’t appreciate the blatantly misleading heading of the article, which simply labels us as being “unfriendly” to Muslim tourists. This is of course to trigger the typical feelings of guilt that naturally manifest in people whenever they are accused of being prejudiced in some way. A more appropriate headline for the story in question would be the one that I used in for this post, because that’s what it’s really all about. It is being implied that we should somehow feel bad about how things are here and change things to make another group more comfortable.

You hate filled paddies. I’m only demanding that you do exactly what I want in order to make me feel more comfortable in your country. Why must you oppress me so?

The report evaluates countries in terms of their attentiveness to the needs of Muslim travellers, including the presence and accessibility of “halal” restaurants with food prepared to Islamic standards, and the provision of prayer rooms at airports, shopping centres and hotels.




Key factors in people from the global muslim community making travel decisions are restaurants serving food that is halal, or permissible under Islamic law, as well as readily accessible mosques or prayer rooms.

Why the fuck should we be required to have Mosques or prayer rooms available for their use? Do the Irish people want them? Do we need them? I don’t think so, so why should we be expected to provide them for outsiders? What responsibility do we have to cater to their beliefs and values?

We have about 6 of these in Dublin already. We’ve done more than enough already.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on halal meat. A disgraceful (as far as I’m concerned) practice that involves the causation of needless pain and suffering to innocent animals. I’m not some vegetarian whacko or anything, but I don’t believe that an animal should have its throat slit unstunned and be left to slowly bleed to death. As far as I’m concerned, halal (and kosher for that matter) meat, has no place in a society that respects animal rights.

I didn’t want to show an actual image of Halal slaughter because of how sickening it is. The cartoon gets the point across.

According to the report’s authors, they are also conscious of safety with rising anti-Muslim sentiment in some Western countries and an increase in Islamist militant attacks are worrying.

Interesting that it brings up safety issues due to militant Islam generating a lot of ill will towards Islam in general. I’d love to see the stats comparing Muslims killed by native Europeans vs Native Europeans killed by Muslims. Even then, at least the Muslims have an option of returning to the safety of their own countries. For Native Europeans, the danger is here with us. We have no safe place to return to.

“The halal lifestyle is a key component of the global travel industry,” Fazal Bahardeen, Crescent Rating’s chief executive said. “More so, because destinations are trying very hard to diversify their tourists.”

Why do we need to diversify our tourists? Is it not better to just continue to attract tourists who like us for what we are as opposed to attracting new groups who demand that we change things to suit their specific needs? Is it really worth it?

If they want halal food prepared to their standards, and the provision of prayer rooms in various public areas, they can find these things in Islamic countries. It is not our responsibility to cater to their every demand. We are what we are, and we shouldn’t have to change to suit the demands of others.


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