Je suis Zeon

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"~ Voltaire
“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”~ Voltaire

Remember Charlie Hebdo? They were a French magazine that printed cartoons that offended Muslims. Back in January, some of these pissed off Muslims decided to go to their offices in Paris and massacre them. The entire “free world” was outraged by this and banded together to condemn their actions. People decided that freedom of speech was worth defending and that people had a right to offend people with their speech.

Leaders of various countries marching arm in arm in the defence of free speech. This line up includes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and french president Francois Hollande, among others.

Of course the French are willing to defend freedom of speech when it’s mocking Muslims.

That’s acceptable.

Obviously, it goes without saying that they are perfectly fine mocking Christians.

No problem here.

But there’s one group you better not even think of making fun of in France.

From Egalite & Reconciliation

Original article was in French. Translation may not be perfect, but you can get the gist of it.
Original article was in French. Translation may not be perfect, but you can get the gist of it.

Indictment of Zeon designer: Charlie no effect Zionists!

The Zeon designer was picked Tuesday morning at the crack of Backgammon by four police officers of the Brigade of repression of delinquency people (BRDP).

It is indeed to 7 am, probably schedule required by the urgency and dangerousness of the individual, that the four police officers woke the cartoonist to take him before the judge to the High Court Instance of Paris. A complaint appears to have been filed by the BNVCA (National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism), as saying an order from the highest.

The complaint seems to refer to the drawing – for which Zeon had yet been released last year by the 17th chamber – representing a balance and unbalanced weight of several historical crimes, but also for another drawing, which was not retained the prosecutor at the trial, representing a Palestinian child stabbed by a knife-shaped Israel.

The judge has indicted the designer of incitement to racial, religious, by speech, writing, picture or means of electronic communication. Zeon refused to answer his questions. He was set free in late morning.

Quick reminder on the BNVCA

The National Bureau of Vigilance against Racism and Anti-Semitism was founded by the Commissioner of Police Sammy Ghozlan in March 2002 with Union support Jewish bosses of France and the Word and Light Association (offshoot of the Simon Center Wiesenthal).

According BNVCA site itself, this organization has a unique community privilege a complaint of “anti-Semitic aggression” filed with the BNVCA would be recognized as a genuine “judicial referral” to “judicial and prefectural”.
(For more information, see the end of our article on “anti-Semitic attacks.”)

The offending images in question. The left image represents historical crimes on a scale with the Jew adding greater weight to the side with the Nazi camp inmate, against other great historical crimes such as those suffered by the black slaves, or the Native Americans . The right image shows a Palestinian baby being stabbed by a knife shaped like Israel.

I really don’t understand how this could seriously be happening. The whole point of the Charlie Hebdo solidarity marches was to support the freedom to offend through speech and cartoons. So why is that there is one specific group that we’re not allowed to offend in our “free” countries? How is this situation any different to Charlie Hebdo offending Christians and Muslims?

Orwell was a very intelligent man, whose work is more relevant than ever today.

I could easily explain why of course, but experience tells me that people tend to get very defensive on this issue and don’t want to hear it. So instead of actually saying it, I’ll just leave the information there, and allow people to figure out the obvious truth for themselves.

In France, this cartoon would probably be worth a prison sentence.
“Oy vey, these cartoons are like a whole new holocaust”~ French Jews

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