Sweden: Because one post just wasn’t enough.

Just before Christmas, I singled out Sweden specifically as a country that has allowed its love for political correctness to reach levels of insanity on an almost unimaginable scale. The kind of things that go on in Sweden are so ridiculous that it wouldn’t even pass as a parody of insane political correctness because of how unbelievable some of it is. Yet amazingly enough, it’s all completely true. I covered a lot of ground in my last post, but that only really gave a general overview of the situation there. I’ve heard about so much more stuff, that I just had to make another post to talk about what’s going on there. Also, I swear to you, that none of this is a joke. Sadly, it’s all true.

It’s tragic to know that the country that has arguably given us the most beautiful women on the planet, is going down such a horrible path.

This is going to be a difficult post to compose simply because I’m feeling overwhelmed on how to approach it. Normally, when I write something, I have a rough plan on how its going to be laid out, the points I want to cover, and a general flow that I think will work best. In this case, there’s so much I want to discuss, that I’m not really sure where to begin. I guess I’ll start with an old story from almost 2 years ago, but one that I think sums up the state of Sweden, and needs to be heard.

So I mentioned in my previous post about Sweden that it has the highest rape statistics per capita in Europe (primarily 3rd world immigrants raping native Swedish women). You would think a country with such strong feminist values would be outraged by this, and demanding that something would be done, but you’d be wrong. Instead, they have other more important issues to cover.

From Digital Journal

The local chapter of the Left Party, a socialist and feminist political party, in Sormland County Council, Sweden, is pushing to make standing while peeing illegal for men using the county council’s public restrooms.

Party officials are pushing to make public restrooms in the county council “sitting only.”



The Left Party’s Viggo Hansen, who made the proposal, said that ultimately he wants office toilets in the council to be genderless and would thus like to see only “sit-down” toilets in county council offices.

Has there ever been a greater evil committed against women than this? What? Mass rapes by 3rd world immigrants you say? You’re clearly just a Nazi/misogynist/uneducated bigot with white privilege who hates anyone who isn’t a white heterosexual male for absolutely no reason.
“Men and women are 100% equal in every single way. Gender is just a social construct. Urinals were invented by the patriarchy in order to enslave women. Death to the patriarchy. No more urinals”~ Swedish Left Party

So there you have it. In Sweden, there is this insane obsession with pushing for genderless public toilets. However, because women don’t like the idea of there being piss on the seat (not saying I blame them for that of course), the solution is to make it illegal for men to piss standing up instead of just leaving things the way they are and having separate toilets for men and women. After all, there is absolutely no difference between men and women, so there should not be different toilets. This sex segregation is clearly the same thing as racial segregation, as practiced in the United States during Jim Crow, or South Africa during Apartheid and obviously, we can’t be having that. I’m assuming this hasn’t actually become law (yet), but the fact that it was even proposed at all really says it all. Well actually, no it doesn’t. I still have other issues to discuss.

In Sweden, it’s very important that people don’t say things that may be offensive to other races. Even words that sound similar to offensive words can’t be said.  Realising this, they decided to rename certain birds with “racist” names in order to not cause offence.

From the Local

Four different bird species which include the word “neger” (“negro”) have been renamed using “svart” (“black”) instead. 
Other feathered creatures known as “swifts” in English will no longer be called “kaffer” in Swedish. This word, which can also be spelt “caffer” and “kaffir” is a racist term that has been used by white South Africans towards black South Africans. 
So white-rumped swifts will now be known as “vitgumpseglare” in Swedish
“Hottentott”, a species of dabbling duck is also being renamed because the word “Hottentot” is a derogatory term for a group of indigenous people called the “Khoikhoi” living in South Africa. The term is thought to refer to their language, which includes clicking sounds.
“Zigenarfågel” which translates as “gypsy bird” will take the name “hoatzin”, the English word already used to describe a type of tropical pheasant found in swamps and forests.

Do you know what the German word for black is? Schwartz. The German word for Negro? Neger. So what would be the German word for “Black Negro”? Well…

“Because of his offensive surname, which may hurt the feelings of some of our vibrant arrivals from Africa, we are demanding that Arnold Blacknegro change his name to something more appropriate”~ Swedes

Of course, as already mentioned, one of the biggest problems in Sweden of all (indeed, probably the worst of all) is all the trouble being caused by Muslim extremists who commit violent crimes on a level far out of proportion to the size of their demographic. I’ve discussed the PEGIDA group in Germany, a large movement that is gaining steam and demanding that something be done about immigration. You see the Germans (despite the collective guilt they feel about WW2 making them very politically correct), are still capable of realising that survival is more important than being nice to outsiders. Not so the Swedes. Even though they don’t have any reason to feel collective guilt, and even though they have more reason to fear for their survival, when PEGIDA tried to organise in Sweden, you know what happened?

Counter-demonstrators dramatically outnumbered anti-Islam protesters at a Pegida rally in Linköping in southern Sweden, with reports that just four people turned up to support the right wing group, while up to 400 others rallied in support of diversity.
Sweden in a few decades time. Despite the overwhelming evidence for this, only 4 people turned up to protest it. At least when Sweden turns into a Sharia hellhole, it will serve as an example to the rest of us…I hope.
It seems Swedes are actually more for than against the Islamification of their country. We all hear about Muslim men and women leaving Europe to join ISIS? Did anyone ever notice that none of them are white? Well, Sweden is the exception to the rule.
Michael Nikolai Skråmo, who also calls himself Abo Ibrahim Al Swedi, appears in the propaganda video wearing desert camouflage and clutching an assault rifle, and proceeds to give practical and motivational encouragement to would-be jihadis. 
Skråmo, who has two Norwegian parents but was born and grew up near Gothenburg in Sweden is understood to have moved to Raqqah, the capital of the fledgling Islamic State in Syria, back in September with his wife and two children, hoping to fight alongside Islamic State soldiers.
According to Sweden’s Expressen newspaper, he converted to Islam in 2005, after which he travelled widely in the Islamic world, learning Arabic and studying the religion.
Per Gudmundson, a Swedish blogger for the Svenska Dagbladetpaper claims that Skråmo became a well-known radical preacher at the Multicultural Youth Centre at a Gothenburg mosque, and was an open supporter of the American-Yemeni al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki before he was killed in a missile strike in 2011. 
Mohammed El Alti, Head of Information at Gothenburg mosque told The Local it was “unclear” whether Skråmo had worshipped at the city’s mosque, and strongly criticised the content of the video, which had secured almost 5000 hits on Vimeo by Tuesday morning.
“I don’t know this man…but the video is the usual thing we hear from these people who go and become terrorists. These are people who have not really been following Islam properly and they get recruited by Isis, and this may have happened to him.”
He added: “If it turns out he was converted to Islam in Gothenburg mosque then we are really sorry about that link.”
Michael Nikolai Skråmo speaks in both Arabic and Swedish in his video.
“My brothers and sisters,” he says. “What’s going on in the world is a war against Islam. You know it and I know it.” 
Could this be how they got him?
Could this be how they got him?

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that for now. There’s plenty of more things I could discuss, but at this point, I am getting tired. No doubt, I will be discussing Sweden again at some point.

"Men (I think) your country is in trouble and needs you. You need to stand up and fight for your futu... HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE LATE FOR YOUR PEDICURE SESSION? Oh fuck it, Sweden is doomed.
“Men (I think) your country is in trouble and needs you. You need to stand up and fight for your futu… HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE LATE FOR YOUR PEDICURE SESSION? Oh fuck it, Sweden is doomed.

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