If we Europeans don’t stop persecuting the Jews, our economy is doomed.

In what can only be described as a thinly veiled threat, the President of the European Jewish council has said that if Jews are forced to leave Europe due to anti-semitism, that it would spell disaster for our economies.

"Goyim, I demand that you feel sorry for us eternally oppressed victims and bring in draconian laws to prevent any criticism of us"
“Goyim, I demand that you feel sorry for us eternally oppressed victims and bring in draconian laws to prevent any criticism of us”

From RT

European leaders should be quick in adopting real measures to counter anti-Semitism or witness Jews leave, taking away their money and businesses, says the President of the European Jewish Congress (ECJ).

The rise of xenophobia and anti-Semitism in Europe has led to many Jewish families pondering escape, ECJ’s Russian-born president Moshe Kantor said.

“This minority is going in case authorities are not delivering some real, real stuff,” Kantor told Reuters. “This minority is going to leave Europe, definitely because this question just now in every Jewish family in Europe: to leave or to stay.”

A Jewish organization which collects data on anti-Semitism, Community Security Trust (CST), reported last months that Britain’s Jewish community suffered its highest number of anti-Semitic incidents on record last year – 1,168 – primarily due to the conflict in Gaza.

France demonstrated a similar rise in anti-Semitic acts: they doubled in 2014 to 851 registered, compared to 2013’s 423, according to the major Jewish group, the Representative Council of French Jews (CRIF).

This year’s attacks on Jews in Paris and Copenhagen have led to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling on European Jews to immigrate to Israel.

If Jews do it, that would trigger a serious economic crisis in Europe, Kantor warned.

“I think out of three million Jews that are living in Europe at least one million, a very active part or young part, self-sufficient part are going to leave and it will be a disaster, an economic disaster for Europe in general because first of all some supporters, non-Jewish supporters will come with Jews. It’s a lot of cash and money currents are going to leave Europe and also businesses,” he said.

He added that there is“a strong demand from civil society to modify the legislation fighting against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.”

I’m very confused. I was always led to believe that Jews are just a poor and oppressed minority with no real wealth or power, and it was just antisemitic lies to disagree with this. But now we have this leading Jew claiming that Jews (who make up about 0.5% of the European population) are essential to the European economy, to the point were it could collapse without them. So which is it Jews? Are you a poor oppressed minority with no real power, or are you an essential part of the European economy?

It’s kind of similar to how the Jews run Hollyood (and even brag about it themselves) but if any Gentile says the same thing, it’s “anti-semitic”.

What also needs to be pointed out, is that (despite the attempts to frame it otherwise), most of this anti-semitism is not coming from native Europeans, but from Muslim immigrants who were brought to Europe by Jews. So instead of blaming Europeans for the rise of anti-semitism, why not direct it where it belongs, at the members of your own tribe who caused it all such as…

This woman isn’t even European, but is demanding that we change our societies without asking if that’s what we want. When shit hits the fan, people like her can flee to safety in Israel, leaving us to suffer in our own countries.

Looking at the comments on the article though, it seems that the rise in anti-semitism is becoming something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. People are getting sick of all this whining and demanding, and are actually calling his bluff and telling him to take his fellow Jews and leave. Interesting times ahead.


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