500 “Brits” begging to be welcomed back from Jihad.

It truly amazes me at times just how soft and pathetic the West has become. We allow people who can’t stand our way of life to come into our counties, we bend over backwards to make them feel more comfortable, and still, we see them go off to fight for organisations that would love nothing more to murder, rape, and enslave us all. Then when some of these people decide that they’ve had enough of this and want to come back to  our countries, consequence free, we actually have people in power dignifying them by actually considering the possibility.

"Hey look, sorry about all those innocent infidels that I beheaded. Please let me come back"
“Hey look, sorry about all those innocent infidels that I beheaded. Please let me come back”

From Daily Star

The fighters quit Britain for Syria and Iraq to join IS’s campaign for a single Islamic state.

But a brutal regime of beatings, amputations, beheadings and crucifixions by the terror network has left them anxious to return.

They are trying to negotiate their safe entry to the UK with the Home Office. The would-be warriors hope to escape jail on the grounds they are risking their lives by fleeing IS.

The mass defection claims were made on the Ask.fm social networking feed of convicted terror sympathiser Mizanur Rahman, slammed for backing the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

Rahman was asked: “One sheikh told me there is over 500 UK fighters in IS that are working with the Home Office on a way to be allowed to come back and say IS are acting unjustly. Is this true?”

The North London-based radical could not confirm the figures.

A Home Office spokesman declined to comment on the claims.

Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe told the Home Affairs Select Committee at least 700 Brits have travelled to the Middle East to join Isis.

He said three London schoolgirls who ran away from home to become jihadi brides last month will not face charges if they return as they are not known to have committed terrorism crimes.

"You know, it just wasn't quite as glamorous as I expected. I'm ready to come home to my council house and welfare now"~ Jihadist
“You know, it just wasn’t quite as glamorous as I expected. I’m ready to come home to my council house and welfare now”~ Jihadist

I’m sorry, but WTF did they expect when they joined up? I’m sure they saw the same videos of people getting beheaded or burned alive that the rest of us saw. They obviously had no problem with all of that before when they joined up, so why should we feel any sympathy for them now? So they’re risking their lives by trying to leave the organisation. They wouldn’t have to do that if they hadn’t joined to begin with. It’s not as if these idiots were abducted and forced to join at gunpoint. They willingly left the safety of Britain probably because they wanted to murder infidels and rape women. Do we really want people like this back in Europe? Personally, I just don’t trust them. I reckon they’re looking to get back in so they can sabotage our countries from the inside.

The whole thing just screams "TROJAN HORSE"
The whole thing just screams “TROJAN HORSE”

These people made their choice, and now need to live with it. What kind of an example would it set for other would be Jihadi if they saw that they could go off, commit horrific crimes, and then come back without any consequences? It’s insanity that they weren’t dismissed outright.


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