Sweden~ “We need to employ ISIS fighters”

You people are insane.
You people are insane.

Sweden is just the gift that keeps on giving…unless you’re a native Swedish person who is still capable of rational thought (I think there is still a small minority who are).

From Speisa

Jihadists returning to Örebro Municipality will get psychological help.

And not only that: Tvärsnytt now reveals that the municipality council are discussing giving them jobs.

– It gives a very inverted signal, Peter Santesson, opinion Director at Demoskop, says to the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

ISIS Jihadists returning to Örebro will be offered help by a psychologist, the municipal leaders have decided. Jihadists are likely to have traumatic experiences and this is where the municipality wants to help.

– We have discussed how we should work for these guys who have come back, and to prevent them from returning to the fighting, and that they should be helped to process the traumatic experiences they have been through, Councilor Rasmus Persson (C), said to SVT “Tvärsnytt”.

They also wants to offer the jihadists jobs in the municipality. The initiative is to prevent alienation, which the Örebro Politicians believe is the reason to take part in the fighting in Iraq and Syria. (!)

Terror expert Magnus Ranstorp, a researcher at the National Defence University and head of EU’s work on the subject, thinks that Örebro is doing the right thing.

– Critics are completely way off, he says to Expressen and continues:

They do not know how prevention works. This is about giving these people a structure. Get them back into normality, instead of them recruiting and radicalizing other young people. Preventive work so that they do not relapse into their violent activities. If you do not have preventive work, that’s when it could be disastrous consequences.

Others are critical.

“Tvärsnytt” reports that several people have chosen to move from the district Vivalla after it became known that two individuals from it was fighting in northern Iraq. Residents are simply afraid to have a neighbor who sympathize with IS.

Peter Santesson, Survey Manager at Demoskop, is critical of Örebro Municipality ways of using the municipal money.

– The thoughts goes to the old “monster trips” and similar municipal programs. The problem is that it creates reverse incentives. The question that the municipality should ask is: If you can afford to create this kind of jobs, why do people who goes to Syria get them? And who possibly comes back with serious war crimes in the luggage? Instead of investing in young people who didn’t take this step, who didn’t go to fight, he says.

This is complete insanity. Why are they allowing these people to return to Sweden? If, for some reason that I don’t comprehend they must, then why aren’t they at least arresting them on arrival? What benefit do these people bring to Sweden? Seriously, why does Sweden need them so badly?

Sure, they despise our way of life, they constantly rape our women, and they plan to enslave us all, but it's worth it because it shows how progressive we are.
Sure, they despise our way of life, they constantly rape our women, and they plan to enslave us all, but it’s worth it because it shows how progressive we are.

This idea of giving them jobs is completely ridiculous. They already had opportunities to find work in Sweden, but instead they chose to leave to fight for an organisation that hates everything that Sweden stands for.  What makes these idealistic lunatics think that a job will be a good incentive for them now?

Sweden's next flag.
Sweden’s next flag.

I cannot stress enough, that while I don’t wish the obvious coming future on anyone, I’m glad that at least when Sweden does become a conquered Islamic caliphate, that it will hopefully serve as a wake up call to the rest of Europe.

Swedish men today. What a tragedy.
Alright men (I’m still not completely sure, but I’ll go with it). I see that you’re back from your pedicure sessions, so lets talk business. Surely, you guys can see the insani…HEY GUYS COME BACK, THIS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN DISCOUNT LEG WAXING!!!

One thought on “Sweden~ “We need to employ ISIS fighters”

  1. […] I’ve discussed this topic before about how the idiotic Swedes are actually willing to bend over backwards to help ISIS fighters return to Sweden and integrate with their society. Giving them jobs, using taxpayer money to help them deal with their “trauma”. Yeah, I’m sure they were traumatised, brutally torturing/beheading/crucifying all those infidels. However, there’s a reason why I’m bringing this topic up again. Besides the fact that it’s a new story discussing the same issue, it comes at the same time as another story that i thought was very interesting. […]


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