Sweden: “We must save crab lice from going extinct”

Yet again, the most insane country in Europe is managing to outdo itself.

From Nyheter24 (roughly translated with Google Translate)

The artist Frida Klingberg want to save the crab lice from extinction by allowing volunteers to plant into lice in such pubishåret .
– It is not dangerous in any way but just a little uncomfortable , she says.
STOCKHOLM. Crab lice are becoming increasingly rare in Western countries because many shaves her pubic hair. In both Denmark and Australia are the louse endangered and according to the artist Frida Klingberg indications that Sweden is the next country on tour.

Therefore, she has started a project which aims to save the species from extinction. A group of volunteers have already signed up but the process of finding crabs continues. When lice well is found, the idea is to start a sort of chain letter with crab lice sent in a jar around Sweden and planted in volunteers pubic hair, chest hair or hair under the arms.

The goal: crab lice population under control

The test subjects will be as “itinerant nature reserve” for the dying lice.
– The plan is that we all share the burden and have lice in two to three weeks. Then, you pick off a few, put them in a jar and give them to the next person. Then we have a crab lice population in Sweden is under control, says Klingberg to Nyheter24.

Klingberg want to make flat louse to a “flagship” which will also lead to thoughts of other, larger issues. She compares the flat louse with the wolf as many critics also want removed because it is “inconvenient” to have close.

– It is both an art and a conservation project which according to me in any way reflect on how we value. We can opt out of inconveniences by killing or shooting them. It would, for example, many that we do with the wolf. But when you are a little distance from the wolf you will see that it is important to preserve. So it is a little flat louse too.

What do you think about that many choose to shave her pubic hair?

– I equate it with the deforestation of rainforests. It is a habitat destruction that affects crab lice.

How long will this project last?

– Dream scenario is as long as possible. But be people line up. When you have done this then you probably have some louse left, then you have to decide for yourself if you want to continue their involvement. I encourage people to continue.

Such beautiful creatures. They need your help to survive.
Such beautiful creatures. They need your help to survive.

Only in Sweden, will you find people trying to prevent a worthless parasite from going extinct.


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