Sweden sinks to a new low.

I know that I go on about Sweden quite a lot, but there’s a damn good reason why. Sweden is the perfect representation of all my fears about the future of Europe. Sweden has reached a level of cultural and national suicide that is so far ahead of every other country, that it is the perfect example of what will happen to the rest of us if we keep going down our current path. Therefore, I think it’s important to highlight the very real failures of Sweden (a country which many people have been deluded into believing is some kind of progressive Utopian paradise) so that people know what’s at stake if we don’t stand up and defend our way of life from the far left morons who would love to destroy it.

From NT.SE (Translated with Google Translate)

SÖDERKÖPING In the big red barn dance salsa and on the football field test some martial art of taekwondo. Unaccompanied asylum seekers and other Soderkoping Young people gather at the camp in St. Anna.
It is called the world’s best summer camp and is a week-long camp for young people in secondary school age. A total of 28 participants have converged at Motala Municipality’s summer home, near the sand, a few intensive days together. A project team of five young people have worked out the program of the camp conducted for the second year in a row.

– We start from the young people themselves and what they want to do, what they can contribute, says Eva-Lotta Martinsson, församlingspedagog, Soderkoping St. Anna parish.

– It is about seeing the power of youth and then support them in the best way, says Lotta Dahm, student union Form.

About half of the participants are unaccompanied refugees from Afghanistan and Somalia. The very purpose of the camp is to build bridges and create meeting between them and the other Soderkoping youngsters.

In a larger perspective, it is about preventing xenophobia.

– Should we create good relations it is necessary to eat together, brushing their teeth together and live like this, says Eva-Lotta Martinsson.

The challenge is how to continue meeting afterwards. There are already plans to be seen a weekend.

Tennis, taekwondo, salsa, go ring after boat, light hiking and film workshop is only a part of everything at camp programs. Reza Ahmadi, 20 years from Afghanistan, is one of the campers.

– It’s great fun here. I have new friends, giant lovely people, he says.

Josephine Karlsson, 17, was lured to the camp of a classmate. This is the first year she participates. Ungfeär half of the participants felt she was before.

– There has been a lot of fun activities and everyone is very nice to each other, she says.

The camp is organized by the Red Cross, Olivlunden, Swedish Church, Söderköpings municipality and educational association Forming in collaboration. The camp is just one of many things that are done and has been done in the municipality to reduce the distance between unaccompanied refugees and other young people.

A report from the Working ministry lifted Soderkoping forward as a good example of integration work and cooperation against xenophobia and exclusion.

Oh wow. A camp where teenage girls are allowed to interact with unaccompanied refugees and asylum seekers (some of whom are adults) and are freshly arrived from parts of the world were females are treated as second class citizens. What could possibly go wrong?

"Yes Captain, we will happily send our teenage daughters to meet our vibrant New Swedes. Geographical location is the sole determinant of a person's behaviour, so obviously, they'll give up the barbaric practices of their homelands to be more like us"
“Yes Captain, we will happily send our teenage daughters to meet our vibrant New Swedes. Geographical location is the sole determinant of a person’s behaviour, so obviously, they’ll give up the barbaric practices of their homelands to be more like us”

From Nordfront (Translated with Google Translate)

Söderköpings municipality, the Swedish Church and the Red Cross have jointly organized a camp where so-called unaccompanied refugee children are able to meet Swedish girls of 16 years old.

As part of the project “Together” is now investing Söderköpings municipality, together with the cultural Marxist institutions Swedish Church and the Red Cross, to make Swedish girls interested in so-called unaccompanied refugee children who in many cases be well over 20 years.

Camp organizer Kajsa Nilsson from the Swedish Church confessed in the comments section of an article about the camp that the participating immigrants are often not at all children by a long shot, but said that we do what the situation calls for:
“It’s clear that you’re lying about his age, if it is to be given help to restart! I would certainly do so if I every had to flee my country, “she wrote.
The camp is held at Motala summer home out there in Sankt Anna and it is there that Swedish girls at 16 years of age may create “interfaces” with strangers. The different activities to bring the two groups together include draktillverkning, ring forging and tröjtryck.
– This is the second year we organize this camp and we want to continue with it, says Anna Doll who is the camp’s project manager.
– This is a great opening and a beginning. You get to know each other during such a week, whether they speak the same language, she continues.
About half of the participants are Afghans and Somalis male and the Swedish participants consist solely of girls. The camp has received a grant of 500 000 from the County Council of Östergötland Health pot for 2014, which means that it is the taxpayers who foot the bill.
But it is not only the idyll that you wish to convey prevailing in the camps in Sankt Anna. When the camp was organized last year became two of the alleged refugee children forcibly compelled by their foreign peers to strip naked and got after it photographed.
– We will go to the bottom of this and prevent further bullying. This kind of behavior is not acceptable, said a director of child and youth issues in the social resource activities then.
So it is with strangers who use violence to get their way as a 16-year-old Swedish girls will live with for several days.


They’ve literally created a camp to send their teenage girls to be sexually assaulted by adult Middle Eastern and African men. There’s no other way to describe it. They have a precedent from a previous year of girls being forced to strip naked and be photographed by men like these, and yet they’re still running the camp. Based on the statistics from that country, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that the same thing, or worse will just happen again. I guarantee that at some point, a girl will be raped. However instead of acknowledging this obvious reality, they’d rather take that risk than be politically incorrect by protecting their girls.

Fuck Captain Sweden. Sweden needs help from a real Scandinavian superhero.
Fuck Captain Sweden. Sweden needs help from a real Scandinavian superhero.

This is the future of every other European country, if we don’t stand up against political correctness. I for one do not want to live in a country that allows  a bunch of primitive savages to rape innocent teenage girls.

Would any of you?

2 thoughts on “Sweden sinks to a new low.

  1. Maybe their intention is that a little bit of inter-racial shenanigans goes on! The resulting babies will then contribute to this new perfect society and their lives will be funded by the Swedish taxpayer. This is the only reason I can see for having only Swedish girls and immigrant males!! Unless they’re doing the same for Swedish males and the female immigrants?! Very strange carry on, whatever happened to good old all-inclusivity. As you said what parent would agree to this.


  2. […] I really can’t blame the school for being worried. If Sweden is anything to go by, it is quite likely that these “refugees” will have little hesitation about raping any of these girls if given the opportunity. It’s nice to know that the Germans are a little more in touch with reality, and actually want to protect their girls, unlike the Swedes who literally sent them to a camp to be sexually assaulted by immigrants. […]


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