Sweden to immigrants~ “You get what you’re entitled to”

I... never mind. Oh Sweden, what is wrong with you?
Is it possible, has Captain Sweden finally had enough of being raped both literally and metaphorically speaking?

What’s this, could the most insane country in Europe finally be waking up and standing up for itself? Apparently newly arrived immigrants are being issued with a document telling them what they can expect, and what is expected of them in Sweden. Summary can be seen below.

From Smalanningen

In general it says among other things:

• Refugee reception in Sweden is paid by the Swedish taxpayers. Your host is paid therefore by the usual Swedish citizens.

• Stay in the municipality of you have been placed. In the municipality – and only in the municipality – have your reception prepared. All municipalities in Sweden has high standards and good service. Do not believe the rumors that big cities have better opportunities – it’s usually the other way around! Älmhult have a very good induction program for you.

• Laws and regulations are the same for everyone. You get what you’re entitled to. Do not try to haggle or negotiate for you to get special benefits.Then you only lose face.

• We support you – but you must also set up for us. Trust us on refugees.

• Do not believe the rumors. Those who arrived as refugees before you do not know everything. Half-truths can be worse than no knowing. If you have questions or concerns about anything, so talk to us at the refugee unit.

• Make right for you! Society and democracy based on everyone takes responsibility.

This all seems very promising. More importantly though, it just makes logical sense. Even if Sweden didn’t have the highest rape statistics per capita in Europe, with most rapes being committed by immigrants, it would still make sense to take precaution and warn new arrivals to respect laws and to tell them that they need to take responsibility for their own actions. Everything said seems very reasonable. If anything, I’d say it doesn’t go far enough, but it’s a promising start for a country as insane as Sweden.

I wonder what Swedish politicians think?

From Smalanningen

It is not enough to describe it as unprofessional. It’s a terrible humanity, says Lars Ingvert.

Social Welfare Board’s two leading politicians chairman Lars Ingvert (S) and former president Vidar Lundbäck (C) tells us that they were not aware of the document before the examination.

Lars Ingvert says that it has been difficult to trace the origin of the paper, then the officer picked up the sick leave.

– I have not read or has part of it, and did not know it already, he says.

After Smålänningen sent a copy of the document to Lars Ingvert he comments on this.

– The auditor cited the audit, and we agreed that it is terrible what is in it.


He hopes that the document was not controlling in the refugee unit worked.

It is not enough to describe it as unprofessional. It’s a terrible humanity, uncomfortable, says Lars Ingvert.

– It is tragic that at some point in history Älmhults been this kind of attitude towards those who come here.

Lars Ingvert believes that it is important to now save the document and any decision that may form the basis for it, so that the decision can be suspended and removed.

– It may not remain so someone can get ahold of it and think that it is a policy document.

Can not guarantee

Vidar Lundbäck is satisfied that the document is old, perhaps a relic from work with refugees in the 1990s.

– There is something old that are not used that has lain in a drawer. It has not been used in years, says Vidar Lundbäck.

How do you know?

– It has been said to me, but I can clearly do not know.

What do you know about the document?

– I do not know who wrote it. But it looked oddly out and very old. I have not seen it before, and I’ve been in eight years.

Will the documents that this is indeed the politician you know?

– Nah, everything like material distributed in the business, we of course not. Procedures are written by the service men. But I find it very difficult to imagine that there would have been used for many years. But of course, I can not guarantee it.

– I certainly hope not. There was no appropriate paper. But I and Lars Ingvert agreed that it was not appropriate when it was up during the examination.

Head in Hands

Just incredible really. I actually can’t really add anything because I’m so amazed at that reaction. Whenever I think Sweden can’t possibly shock me anymore with their ridiculous levels of PC nonsense than they already have, they always, always manage to outdo themselves.

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