London under the Caliphate

If we follow this link here we see a video of Radical “British” Muslim Leader, Anjem Choudary discussing his plans for the future of the UK

Again, I need to point out the obvious thing that I’ve already pointed out time and time again, if he wants to live in a society like the one he describes, then why doesn’t he just go live in one that already exists, like Saudi Arabia for example? Or better yet, why have the pathetic British authorities not deported him to one already? The man and his followers clearly have no place in civilised society

“But…but…this is all a mistake. I was on your side. I helped you!!!”~ David Cameron to his Muslim captors after they take power.

It’s complete insanity that this is actually being allowed to happen. I really don’t understand the logic of not trying to prevent them from being allowed to threaten society like this. Do the people in power and in the media think they’re just joking? Do they think that they’ll never have the population numbers necessary to be a threat? Or, are they actually willing accomplices, who want to see these people destroy our societies.

Tolerant Muslims in the UK.
No alcohol. No pork. Women forced to cover themselves from head to toe. Gay people being executed because of their orientation. Wow, how could anyone possibly have a problem with any of this?

The thing is, the average Briton does not want this way of life. A recent survey was conducted in which people were asked if they felt Islam was compatible with British society.

55% felt that it isn’t compatible with British Society.

22% felt that it is.

10% said neither.

23% said they they didn’t know.


Lets look at the 45% who didn’t necessarily think that Islam is incompatible with British society.

22% said it is. I would wonder however how many of that 22% are Muslims themselves. About 5% of the British population are Muslims, so if the poll reflects the overall demographics of the country, that leaves 17% who are non-Muslims. I’m guessing a lot of that 17% is made up of brainwashed liberal SJWs, who live in bubbles that are shielded from the reality. Essentially, the usual cohort of hypocrites who pontificate about how racist the lower classes are, while they live in their 95%+ gated white communities away from what’s going on.

“Oh it’s terrible. Those lower class plebs need to be more tolerant of other people, just like we are. What, let Muslims live in our neighbourhood? Oh no no no, that’s unnecessary. We’re already open minded enough that we don’t need to be culturally enriched. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go eat my lobster and play badminton”

The remaining 33% who either don’t know or say neither may as well be lumped together. I’d find it hard to believe than anyone can genuinely be that ignorant, so the only way I can interpret it is that they are of the same belief as the majority who do feel it’s incompatible with British society, but who are too afraid to be honest due to political correctness, so they just give a cop out answer.

No matter what way you look at it though, 55% is still technically a majority. Nobody voted to have their society changed like this and it’s obvious that if they had the opportunity to vote, they would vote against it. Britain is supposedly a democratic society. When are they going to address the fears of their people and give them a chance to decide their own destiny?

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