A word thrown around by fools who don’t understand its meaning.

I’ve often addressed the fact that when the politically correct SJW types are engaged in debates about their beliefs, one of their go to tactics is to resort to name calling. They use terms like “racist”, “sexist”, “bigot” etc because quite often, they are completely incapable of actually engaging in logical discussion, so insulting the opponent and putting them on defence, is the only option they have. This of course is easy to understand why. When you just take whatever is the promoted opinion of the day, and regurgitate it, it doesn’t actually require any thinking on your part. Sometimes, it’s better off not to think too hard, because very often, two politically correct opinions are in direct conflict with one another.

Seriously, this is what these people actually believe. They're so consumed with hatred of us, that they are incapable of seeing how ridiculous their ideology really is.
Another example of conflicting PC views. Men and women are supposedly exactly the same and gender differences as we know them are just a social construct. However, a transgender person has the brain of the gender opposite to their biological sex. But, how could they possibly have the brain of the opposite gender, if gender is just a social construct? Wouldn’t they therefore just be whatever gender they are born with, but who happens to to not fall into stereotypical gender roles? No wonder they’re so aggressive. Their heads must really hurt trying to process their ridiculous ideologies.

However, apart from the obvious insults that I’ve listed, there’s one word I’ve seen thrown about more than any other by these people. A word that I think is worthy of drawing attention to.

That word is…







Yes Michael. We're all ignorant.
Yes Michael. We’re all ignorant.

Just look at any debate that comes up regarding PC topics. Whether it be immigration, feminism, LGBT rights etc. Those who take the politically correct view will almost always use the word “ignorant” to describe those who disagree with them. For the record, a lot of these issues, I’d actually be somewhat on the side of the PC crowd (I’m pro gay rights, I think women deserve equality, I’m OK with controlled and reasonable immigration, and I think minorities deserve to be protected from discrimination).

However, I wouldn’t be on the extreme end of the scale. I’ve made my views on transgender people being allowed to share changing rooms or play on sports teams of the gender they feel like quite clear many times. I’ve given my views on mass immigration, and although I’ve never dealt with feminism, I will say now that I’m opposed to radical feminists as well as the perpetual crybabies who blame the alleged “patriarchy” for all of their own failures.

No matter what my views though, I can’t stand it when anyone, even those who are on the side of an argument that I agree with, use the word “ignorant”. To me, it just seems like a lazy cop out, by someone who is themselves ignorant.

"Grrr, you disagreed with what my hipster friends and what the mass media said about multiculturalism. You must be ignorant.... No, I've not seen the statistics on interracial crime. Why would I need to? I'm sure it's mainly white people committing crimes against minorities...right"
“Grrr, you disagreed with what my hipster friends and what the mass media said about multiculturalism. You must be ignorant…. No, I’ve not seen the statistics on interracial rapes and murders. Why would I need to? I’m sure it’s mainly white people doing it against minorities…right”

The reality of course is that quite often, those who hold politically incorrect views are in fact, the ones who aren’t ignorant, because we’ve had to go to extra effort to read up on alternate points of view (the kinds that aren’t promoted to the masses), to come to the conclusions that we’ve come to. Every single one of us however, is fed the same politically correct information from mass media because we aren’t able to escape from it. It’s omnipresent. We’d literally have to give up watching TV, reading, going online, or going outside to avoid it. So the idea that we are simply ignorant of these perspectives is laughable. It’s virtually impossible to be ignorant of these things.

Take the gay marriage referendum for example. Is there anyone (even those who don’t care either way about gay marriage) who isn’t aware of the upcoming referendum? I’d genuinely be amazed if there wasn’t. Is there anyone who is opposed to allowing gay marriage, who isn’t perceived as a hate-filled lunatic? I genuinely doubt it. I bet if you talk to virtually anyone about it, most people will say they are in favour of the referendum passing, and that’s to be expected.

"Wait, WTF? They're trying to legalise gay marriage? WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS? Quick, get my gun"~ Random homophobe who has been living under a rock for years.
“Wait, WTF? They’re trying to legalise gay marriage? WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS? Quick, get my gun”~ Random homophobe who has been living under a rock for years.

While I think most people are genuine and truly believe in marriage equality, I doubt most came to that conclusion themselves. As I discussed in a previous post, our thinking is shaped by the media we consume. Being in favour of gay marriage is the politically correct thing to do because this is what the media and prominent public figures have pushed for. People see this, and they accept it. They don’t need to look at alternate points of view, because they automatically accept the promoted view.

"Yes Master, I will believe whatever you tell me to believe"
“Yes Master, I will believe whatever you tell me to believe”

And that in my opinion is true ignorance. Now as I’ve said, I’m in favour of gay marriage, but I didn’t just automatically accept it because it was the “right thing to do”. I’ve listened to the other side (and not just the token nutjobs like the Westboro Baptist Church) and I’ve come to the informed conclusion, that I’ve not yet heard a convincing argument as to why it’s a bad thing.

On other PC issues, for example letting transgender school kids play on the sports team of the opposite sex, I’ve not heard a convincing argument from the PC side, therefore I hold the politically incorrect view (but as far as I’m concerned, the correct view based on pure logic). The point is, I’ve listened to the PC side and given them a chance to explain why this should be done. I’ve listened to the side who disagrees. After doing so I weighed up both points of view and came to the conclusion that the politically incorrect side were the ones who made the most sense.

I'm sorry young lady, but due to your biology, I must insist that you play on the same sports team as all the other girls.
I’m sorry young lady, but due to your biology, I must insist that you play on the same sports team as all the other girls.

So to summarise, the point I’m making is this. Unless you’ve heard both sides of an argument, rather than just automatically accepting one side that’s heavily promoted, it’s incredibly hypocritical to call an opponent who has the opposite view, but has analysed both sides, ignorant. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wrong and your opponent is right, but it does mean that they are more informed on the topic and therefore are a lot less ignorant than you are.


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