Families of ISIS members suing Dutch Government…because of their children’s own decisions.

Victims, every one of them.
Victims, every one of them.

If the Dutch courts actually rule in favour of these families, they may end up outdoing Sweden as the most ridiculous country in Europe.

From World Bulletin

The families of individuals that ran away to join ISIL are preparing to file a lawsuit against the Dutch government, local media reported Wednesday.

According to Dutch media, families gathered together in order to plan to sue the Dutch government for not making the necessary efforts to prevent their children from traveling to Syria to join the armed group ISIL.

Mohammad Nidalha, a resident of the southern city of Leiden whose son reportedly traveled to Syria to join ISIL, leads the initiative.

Nidalha claimed that he had informed the police as soon as he found out that his 20-year-old son had traveled to Syria to join ISIL. Yet, he said, the police did not do anything.

Nidalha, who claims he has spoken with nine families so far, said he started the initiative to prevent other families from suffering like him.

He was quoted as saying, “The lawsuit will not bring back my son back but I am doing this to prevent other families to go through the same problems.”

What all you racists and Islamophobes don’t seem to realise is that whenever a non-white person does something wrong, it is never their own fault because it is always our responsibility to take care of them. They are essentially children in adult bodies who are incapable of making decisions themselves.

Jokes aside, there are ways in which I would actually agree that the Dutch (and indeed every other European country that has seen Muslims leave to join ISIS) are somewhat responsible. They are responsible for allowing extremists to walk free in their societies. They are responsible for allowing these extremists free reign to recruit young Muslims to their cause, and to demonise their host nations, while silencing any native Europeans who dare to speak out against them. Will they ever realise that some people are simply incompatible with our societies and so, we shouldn’t bend over backwards to try and fit them in?

I’m not optimistic that the lesson will be learned until it’s too late to do anything about it.


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