Remember Europe, it’s all your fault those migrants drowned.

Why must you continue to cause so much suffering Mr. European man? Haven't you hurt enough people with your irrational hatred?
Why must you continue to cause so much suffering Mr. European man? Haven’t you hurt enough people with your irrational hatred?

How can anyone keep reading garbage like this and still feel bad? It’s just getting ridiculous now.

From Quartz

On Apr. 22, cartoonist Khalid Albaih posted a single cartoon on social media: a black Jesus Christ, crucified, floating in blue water. Instead of a crown of thorns, he wears the European Union circle of stars.

It’s powerful commentary on the recent tragedy in the Sicilian Strait, where a ship capsized on Sunday, Apr. 19, killing at least 800 migrants on their way to Europe. The cartoon places blame for the injustice of their death: the crown symbolizes the responsibility of European Union, which has reduced investments in Mediterranean naval rescue programs.

You see, it’s all the EU’s fault that these migrants chose to pay criminal gangs to smuggle them illegally into Europe, only to drown because their vessels weren’t seaworthy. The responsibility certainly isn’t on themselves for choosing to do this, or the countries they came from, which should be looking after them. The EU has a responsibility to everyone, even those outside of its own borders.

The religious theme recalls the fact that tragedy took place—as it has many times before—in the Vatican’s backyard, and the Catholic Church’s tenet of offering refuge to those who are seeking (“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”).

LOL just as well none of us take the Catholic church seriously anymore, anyway. Besides, even if we did, I’d hardly call these people our “neighbours”.

Albaih told Quartz his cartoon is addressed to the European Union and the greater international community, which he blames for supporting regimes in African and Middle Eastern countries that are responsible for poverty, violence, and desperation. “Don’t ask how to stop the immigrants,” he said. “Stop what you’re doing.” 

I actually would agree with this. It’s no secret that powerful countries in the West will often support cruel regimes, as long as they play ball with western interests, while at the same time, being against more benevolent regimes which don’t. I’m not going to sing the praises of Russia, but I will say this much. I’d much rather be a gay guy in Russia (the enemy) than in Saudi Arabia (the ally) of the west.

Say what you will about Putin, but he certainly wouldn't do something like this to you if you were gay.
Say what you will about Putin, but he certainly wouldn’t do something like this to you if you were gay.

Albaih, who is Sudanese, says personal experience has made him particularly sensitive to the migrants’ tragedy. “Most people I know [in Sudan] are trying to get out,” he said, noting that although he has been based in Doha since 1998, many of his compatriots don’t share the same luck.

“They have nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all,” said Albaih. “All they have is this hope, this dream of a better life for their kids.” To step into a human trafficking boat, he added, is “beyond brave—all of this to have dignity, to live like a human being.”

So in other words, he admits that they are just economic migrants, looking to escape from poverty. They aren’t genuine refugees trying to escape from danger. Of course, this should be completely obvious. If they were just looking to escape from danger, they could just as easily flee to another (less dangerous) African country. But of course, they wouldn’t get lots of free stuff from other African countries, hence why they flee to Europe instead.

Seriously, when will people wake up to what’s going on? Don’t fall for the emotional appeals. It’s not our fault that this happened. They made a stupid choice and it backfired. The solution is quite obvious to prevent any more such deaths. Get word back to their home countries about what happened, warn them that they aren’t welcome and then, they’ll be deterred from making such dangerous trips in the future.

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