Gender neutral toilets: Because the extreme minority matters more than the majority.

Remember the good old days when it was pretty simple to figure out which toilets you should use? If you had a penis, you used the male toilets. If you had a vagina, you used the female toilets. This was such a simple concept and it worked perfectly well for so long. Then a small minority decided to demand their “human right” of using whichever toilets they wanted because they’re such special people, that their feelings should take precedence over everyone else. In a sane society, this wouldn’t be an issue. You’d just tell them to shut up and accept the fact that they aren’t deserving of special treatment. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a sane society, so we actually humour these idiots.

Truly, the greatest evil in the world right now.
Truly, the greatest evil in the world right now.

From Campus Reform

Students at California Polytechnic University recently held a “shit-in” to teach their peers about gender neutral bathrooms

Oh that’s a nice visual. You people are so classy.

Last Tuesday, members of Cal Poly’s Queer Student Union began circulating a petition requesting that the university add “Gender Diversity” signs to existing “all-gender bathrooms” on campus. Tuesday also kicked off the group’s three-day “shit-in” during which students were encouraged to only use gender neutral bathrooms on campus.

So you already have gender neutral toilets then, but want to abolish non-gender neutral toilets altogether? How exactly is that fair? They already met you half way, and it still isn’t enough. You people and your entitlement is just fucking pathetic.

“Put yourself in the shoes of a trans*/gender non-conforming student and take the pledge to use only all gender bathrooms,” states the group’s Facebook page.

No thanks. I will not put myself in the shoes of a transgender person, anymore than I’d put myself in the shoes of an anorexic, or schizophrenic person, or any other obvious mental disorder. Why should I, or anyone else be expected to do that?

According to the petition, the public university in San Luis Obispo, Calif. currently has seventeen all-gender bathrooms, but only five are “reasonably accessible, leaving non-cisgender students with a paltry amount of options when it comes to using the bathroom.”

So you have seventeen available to you, five of which are easily accessible. That’s seems like plenty to me. However, if you’re too lazy/in a hurry to go find one of those toilets, the solution is quite obvious, just use a non-gender neutral one that matches your biological sex.

“When we’re talking about inclusive practices, policies and facilities for transgender and non-gender-conforming students, one of the first things that comes up is access to restrooms,” QSU’s club adviser Adam Serafin told Cal Poly’sMustang News. “And what’s behind that is access to a safe place to use a restroom. Somewhere that is emotionally safe, but also physically safe for students.”

Oh this is so pathetic. Emotionally safe? Get over yourselves. Gender neutral toilets weren’t invented as some kind of conspiracy to hurt the feelings of the less than 1% of the population with gender dysphoria. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your feelings.

In addition to encouraging students to sign their petition, QSU members constructed a mock toilet in the school’s University Union Thursday that was accompanied by a large sign stating “we’ve got shit to deal with.” Passersby who were asked to sign the toilet in support of all-gender bathrooms wrote a range of messages including, but not limited to: “Get your shit together, Cal Poly” and “Poop equality.”

You probably did what you and rest of your Marxist kind always do, you probably bullied and intimidated people into signing your petition.

Event organizers advised non-transgender students to “check [their] potty privilege” and carried around signs that declared “going to the bathroom shouldn’t be a source of anxiety.”

And this proves my point. Trying to guilt the 99+% into thinking they have some kind of privilege just because they are fine using the toilets that match their biological sex.

This is what these people actually believe
This is what these people actually believe

“Gendered bathrooms pose a threat to the emotional and physical well-being of this demographic, and often force awkward and uncomfortable encounters for non-cisgender identifying students,” the group’s petition explained.

No examples given on these threats to their physical wellbeing. If I was to hazard a guess, I can imagine situations were a biological male who feel like female, walk into a girls toilets, freaking out the girls who think he’s some kind of a pervert, and then attack him out of fear. That’s not their fault. Why should those girls not be worried when they see a male in their toilets? This is just a perfect example of how they’re trying to put their own feelings on a higher level than the feelings of the majority. They could just as easily use male toilets without any drama, but then, that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it? Drama.

I can see the situation in the female toilets happening, but not the male toilets. It just does not seem realistic.
I can see the situation in the female toilets happening, but not the male toilets. It just does not seem realistic.

Despite the seventeen all-gender bathrooms that currently exist on Cal Poly’s campus, flyers passed around during the shit-in called for the creation of new all-gender restrooms “in buildings that currently lack existing facilities.” QSU and its supporters also demanded that the university convert all single-stall gendered bathrooms into gender-neutral ones.

If by single stall, you mean literally a room with just one toilet, I can get on board with this. If it’s only one person in the room, then I don’t see any issue with it being gender neutral.

QSU co-president Matt Klepfer credited a shit-in hosted by San Diego State University students last fall for inspiring the demonstration at Cal Poly.

“The overall reception from the student body has been wonderful,” Klepfer toldCampus Reform. “We feel that we educated a lot of people on the issue of the lack of all gender restrooms on campus, and those who were aware of the issue were glad to see something was being done to address the issue.

I hate how the word educated is abused these days. I look at education as something someone pursues for their own betterment and development. Indoctrinated is a more suitable word in situations like this.

Domenic Hjerpe, a senior at Cal Poly, noticed the shit-in while passing through campus Thursday and questioned how effective the group’s demonstration would be.

“I don’t believe putting a fake toilet in the center of our quad is the best way for my peers to effectuate the change they’re seeking,” Hjerpe told Campus Reform, adding that “for many students, myself included, it’s hard to take something like a “shit-in” very seriously.”

Of course you can’t take it seriously, the whole thing is fucking ridiculous. We all have instincts that tell us this, and even 10 years ago, we would have laughed at the stupidity of it. The problem however is that people are hiding their instinctual reaction under political correctness, hence why something like this is going ahead.

A campus climate survey administered to Cal Poly’s student body in the fall foundthat roughly 80 percent of students felt “comfortable” or “very comfortable” on campus.

“Cal Poly’s campus is already pretty extremely inclusive,” Hjerpe said.

And there you go. The vast majority are already satisfied, so why change what’s working? Of course, history tells me that the opinions of the majority don’t actually matter in a modern day democracy, because “privilege”. The only thing that matters is whoever is the biggest “victim” in society so no doubt, this situation will not end until the college gives in to their demands.


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