“Quick, lets increase the brainwashing, because the kids are waking up”

The anti-white racists at The Guardian, who have made it quite obvious time and time again that they’d love nothing more than to see the extinction of the indigenous white population of the UK have just come with an article condemning school children for their “racist” views.

From The Guardian

A survey of 6,000 schoolchildren has found widespread misconceptions about the number of immigrants and non-white people living in England, as well as negative attitudes towards Muslims and those born overseas.

I have absolutely no idea how anyone could possibly have misconceptions, either about the sheer amount of non-whites in Britain, or about how beneficial these people are to Britain.

Typical scene from London
Typical scene from London
And another.
And another.
Rotherham child molesters.
Rotherham child molesters.

Nope, absolutely no idea where these misconceptions could have come from.

The study, believed to be the largest of its kind to be carried out in the UK, found that 60% of the children questioned believed it was true that “asylum seekers and immigrants are stealing our jobs”, while 35% agreed or partly agreed that “Muslims are taking over our country”.

That’s just crazy talk. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that Muslims are trying to take over the…


Well it’s not as if they’ll ever actually get anywh…


The research was carried out by the charity Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC) and based on questionnaires sent to more than 60 schools around the country from 2012 to 2014.

Ged Grebby, SRTRC’s chief executive, said the findings raised serious questions about the information young people were getting from the media and sharing online, and warned that more needed to be done to prevent them succumbing to far-right ideologies.

Yes fantastic idea. Instead, we should increase the amount of biased information they get from far-left ideologies. We won’t actually back up anything with facts, we’ll just tell them this is how things are, and if they disagree, they’re evil in some way.

“We have found that there is a large amount of negativity when young people are asked questions about immigration or Muslims,” he said. “This survey shows that this is fuelled by a totally distorted view of the number of immigrants and Muslims living in the UK.”

Even if there is a misconception about the numbers now, it doesn’t change the fact that they have increased at an alarming rate and are only going to keep increasing as time goes by. Even if they don’t outnumber the native Brits now, at present growth rates, they will at some point. It’s better to be alarmed now while they can still do something about it, rather than waiting until it’s too late.

Despite all the propaganda that has been directed against white people post WW2, we do in fact have as much right to exist as a distinct racial and ethnic group as any other people. When China forces mass immigration and integration on Tibet, the world rightfully recognises it as the genocide that it is. If European countries decided to recolonise Africa, and started a mass immigration of white Europeans into African countries, it would cause outrage because it would be recognised as a genocide against the black Africans.

When mass third world immigration and integration is forced on white countries however, and the native whites are forced to change their society to make these immigrants more comfortable, it’s called diversity, or multiculturalism, and is treated as a good thing. Anyone who points out the objective and observable reality of the problems this causes for the native people is branded a racist. People are literally being demonised for resisting the genocide of their own people.

How obvious does it have to be before people see the truth?
How obvious does it have to be before people see the truth?

The study of 5,945 children aged from 10 to 16 at schools across England found:

  • The average estimate for the percentage of foreign-born people living in the UK was 47%. The true figure is 13%, according to the 2011 census.

13% is still a very large figure, and you can be sure that it will only continue to grow.

  • 28% believed jobs being taken by foreign workers might stop them reaching their goals, and 49% agreed that migration to the UK is out of control or not being managed properly.

And of course despite the fact that nobody voted for multiculturalism, and clearly a lot of people are opposed to it, the democratic UK is not actually going to address these fears and respect the wishes of their people.

  • Nearly a third agreed with the statement “Muslims are taking over England”, while 41% disagreed, and on average respondents thought Muslims made up 36% of the population, as opposed to the true figure of around 5%. Almost half [47%] agreed there are poor relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in England.

I bet that 5% is bullshit. Even if it’s not again, it will grow, and it will do so quickly.

  • Many of those questioned were also pessimistic about their own futures, with more than a third – 35% – believing they would not achieve their potential at school, 40% stating they will not earn enough in the future, and 43% saying there is a lack of job opportunities.

And of course we’ll see the lack of job opportunities being made worse by bringing in more and more people from abroad to compete for the few jobs available. Who cares if natives are left unemployed? The multicultural paradise must keep going.

Multicultural Britain
Multicultural Britain

Dr Paul Jackson from the University of Northampton, who worked on the research project with SRTRC, said: “There is clearly a gap between the reality and perception on issues like the number of immigrants or the size of the UK’s Muslim community among some young people. The subsequent levels of hostility towards these groups is very worrying and is something that we, as a society, need to take seriously.”

Why not start by addressing the hostility these groups display towards the native Brits? Or are you just one of those multiculturalists who likes to believe that non-whites are only ever victims and never perpetrators?

Here we see a bunch of black guys beating up a white guy. Clearly the white guy is the bad guy in this case.
Here we see a bunch of black guys beating up a white guy. Clearly the white guy is the bad guy in this case.

Prof Hilary Pilkington from the University of Manchester said that unless these perceptions are challenged, and young people are given more reason to be optimistic about their own futures, the political and social implications could be far reaching.

“This is not evidence of widespread racism among young people but it is clear there is a large degree of anxiety – often based on inaccurate information – about what is happening in their communities and about their own futures.”

It may be exaggerated, but it’s certainly not inacurate. It’s a lot closer to reality than what you and your kind are preaching.

Pilkington, who has written extensively on young people and the far right, said young people had been hit particularly hard in the downturn and it was very easy for valid economic concerns, over issues such as housing and jobs, to spill over into antipathy towards immigrant communities and foreigners.

I’m not saying that all immigrants and foreigners deserve to be targets of unfair aggression, but outside of those who actually have something to contribute such as foreign doctors, IT specialists etc, why are these people in Britain, and what do they contribute? What do Islamic extremists who want to enforce their religion on the the rest of society, who treat women as second class citizens, who molest children, and who have absolutely no unique skills, bring to the table? I’m not saying deport all foreign nationals, but in a sane society, you would get rid of those who are a threat to it. That’s where anger is justified towards these people and I can understand why the average British person is getting frustrated.

“The political and educational challenge we now face is to find a way of constructively talking about culture, faith and immigration so that those who are most dispossessed can see the similarities of their precarious positions with those of marginalised ethnic or immigrant communities,” Pilkington said.

If you want them to see similarities between themselves and these groups, might I suggest holding them to the same standards as everyone else? Enforce the laws on everyone equally, rather than being unfairly draconian towards the native British.

The study was based on questionnaires sent to 60 schools around England between 2012 and 2014, followed by visits from SRTRC. Although it is not a representative survey, the authors say in terms of the ethnic and religious breakdown of those questioned it is broadly in line with the census of 2011.

Grebby said that the attitudes in the survey mirrored the experience of his staff, who give talks and lessons in schools up and down the country every week. But he said there was evidence that these attitudes changed among young people who had attended SRTRC’s workshops.

Good, the indoctrination process is working.

Typical workshop.
Typical SRTRC workshop

Grebby said: “SRTRC’s educational model is built around the need to ensure young people have the critical thinking skills necessary to challenge inaccurate information and build resilience towards the adoption of potentially prejudicial attitudes.


It is only once we acknowledge the existence of these attitudes and identify the influences at work that we can deliver the right kind of educational interventions to help build capacity to resist racist ideas and attitudes among young people.”

You can try all you want but ultimately, observable reality will supersede any “education” you try to give. It’s not going away any time soon. As things get worse and worse, and more people wake up the hell that multiculturalism really is, the more ineffective your propaganda will be.


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