Sweden: The only EU country where the majority thinks non-EU immigration has been good overall


The graphic above shows the percentages of people surveyed in each EU country who think that non-EU immigration has been a good thing for their country. The likes of ourselves, Spain and Portugal are among the most positive, with a percentage between 43 and 49%. Most countries are much lower. One thing that is however obvious is that apart from Sweden (with an absurdly high score of between 71 and 77%), not one country has greater than 50% approval. This means that the majority of EU citizens (and in some countries, a very large majority) are opposed to it.

So this brings up the question, if we live in democratic societies, and the majority are opposed to something, why exactly are we doing it? We didn’t vote for it and clearly, the majority don’t want it, so why is this happening?

On another note, what the hell is going on in Sweden? Are they really that brainwashed that they actually think its a good thing, despite having the second highest rape statistics per capita in the world as a result of non-EU immigration, or is something sinister going on? I’m getting suspicious that Sweden may very well be faking these statistics and pretending everything is OK when clearly its not.

I really feel bad for any sane Swedes that realise what’s going on.


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