Dutch immigrants literally demanding that white kids be forced into their classrooms against their will.

It’s getting to the point now where I actually don’t care if I’m starting to sound racist in my postings. The fact is, I know my feelings better than anyone else knows them, and I can say with 100% honesty that I absolutely don’t hate people based on their racial group. However, I’m sick of the fact that the world displays such blatant unfair bias against white people and I’m tired of being civil all the time. For the past few months, I’ve constantly pointed out examples of this bias against us. As someone who believes in true equality, I believe that we have as much right as anyone else to exist as a distinct racial group.

The whole point of this diversity agenda is to hunt down every single white person out there and force them to integrate outside of their own group whether they want to or not. Despite the fact that every other racial and ethnic group in the world has the right to freedom of association, the right to pride in themselves, and the right to their own spaces, it has long since been determined that white people don’t have any such rights. We must never follow our basic biological instincts of wanting to associate with our own people (don’t deny it, you know damn well that you naturally feel more of an affinity to people who are similar to yourself than to people who are completely different from you). Following basic biological drives is evil if you’re a white person. You must be forced to integrate with other groups and have no space of your own. If you end up getting murdered/raped/bred out of existence, that’s just too bad. You deserve it for the crime of being born white.

From Yahoo News

Amsterdam (AFP) – Faced with an increasingly segregated education system, Dutch immigrant children have taken to the streets of their ethnically mixed Amsterdam neighbourhood seeking “white” pupils to attend their schools and help their integration.

Who cares if those children are happy in the schools they are in already, or if their parents sent them to those schools specifically for a reason? They have absolutely no right to go to a school of their choosing and must be forced to attend another school whether they like it or not.

Around 100 schoolchildren — Arabs, Turks, Africans, Moroccans — accompanied by their parents and teachers, wore provocative dazzling white T-shirts emblazoned with “Is this white enough for you?”.


Dutch native Annelies, 10, and immigrants’ daughter Aminata, 11, have been friends since kindergarten and are also wearing the shirts, which have “All children have the right to integrate” written on the back.

Except for the fact that what you’re calling for isn’t simply a right, because a right implies choice. What you’re referring to is an obligation, because you’re forcing it on people whether they want it or not.

They “want more white children in the school to learn about each other’s cultures,” said Aminata, her smiling face framed by dangling African braids during Friday’s protest.

“It’s important for later,” said the blonde-haired Annelies. “When we’re grown up we will have to deal with different cultures, we should already start learning to live together.”

I’ve got a better idea. How about instead of dealing with different cultures, you all give up your culture and assimilate into the culture of your host nation? You obviously left your old country to come to your new host nation because the host nation was in some way superior to your old country. So if the host country is superior, why should you try to change it to be more like the culture you left behind? Wouldn’t you therefore be dragging down the host nation to an inferior level. If, on the other hand your culture is superior, then just go back to your home country and have as much of your culture as you want. Everybody wins that way.

“At the moment there’s only one boy in our class who is 100 percent Dutch, although we live in a mixed neighbourhood, it’s ridiculous,” she said.


The pupils’ two schools – De Avonturijn and Catharinaschool – are considered “black” in this ethnically mixed southern Amsterdam neighbourhood, as more than 90 percent of their pupils are from immigrant backgrounds.

– ‘Black schools’ –

The number of new pupils signing up continues to drop and the schools are now threatened with closure, so today they’re going door-to-door, ringing doorbells and delivering flyers saying “We’re looking for white pupils”.

“When, for different reasons, a school ‘becomes blacker’, it’s very difficult to reverse the trend,” said Diane Middelkoop, spokeswoman for the two schools.

Yeah there’s a reason for that. It’s called white flight. It’s because people naturally want to be with their own kind. The less white a school is, the more alienated white people are going to feel in their own area, so naturally, they’ll want to go somewhere where they don’t feel like an outsider. It’s different when an outsider from a racial group immigrates to an area where they are in the minority, because they willingly choose that, and know what they are getting into. Being in the area you grew up in, and seeing the demographics change around you however, is naturally, a lot more uncomfortable to experience.

This image doesn't actually mean anything. It just came up when I googled white flight, and I thought it was pretty funny.
This image doesn’t actually mean anything. It just came up when I googled white flight, and I thought it was pretty funny.

“White children’s parents no longer want to be part of the school. I can understand that: we all want to feel at home and that means that we want to see people who share our origins and culture,” she said.

Exactly what I’ve just been saying. There’s nothing evil about that.

For some, the phenomenon shows that racism is rampant in Dutch culture.

Oh of course racism is rampant in Dutch culture. Dutch people are white, and as has already been pointed out time and time again, white people are all automatically racist by virtue of being white.

The Jew professor doing the usual “claim to be white while I demonise whites, claim to be a racial Jew when shit hits the fan against whites” that so many Jews like to do.

“It’s shameful that it’s come to this, that children have to take to the street to go to school with white children,” said resident Joan, 80, originally from the former Dutch colony of Suriname, tears in her eyes.

Here's the world's smallest violin for your tears.
Here’s the world’s smallest violin for your tears.

She blames parents who take their children out of what Dutch media call “black schools”.

“It’s racism and I’m ashamed. There was always a bit of racism in this country, but today it’s serious, it has to stop,” she said.

This is essentially what happens. You can point out obvious facts  and statistics to show the flaws in multiculturalism, and they'll just respond with "racist". They won't actually prove anything you said to be wrong, but they automatically win by demonising you.
A reminder that this man was a communist mass murderer who was essentially genociding the native Russians.

Seriously, I don’t care how often you use that word. The only reason it has power is because we allow ourselves to fear it. Call people racist all you want. The more you say it, the less effective it becomes as people will just think to themselves “you know what fuck it, I’d rather be called a racist than put up with this bullshit”.

– Racism or demographics? –

At the other end of the street, florist Wim Barlag has worked here for 50 years, has a son at one of the schools and has a different explanation.

“More and more families are leaving, making way for students — the problem is there’s simply not many children left,” he said.

Possible, but that’s also very alarming. If the native Dutch aren’t having children, it means they are being ethnically replaced by the newcomers. Literally a non-violent genocide.

The Netherlands has a reputation for tolerance, but racial tensions and discrimination are on the increase.

“I want my children to be integrated in Dutch society and to learn about different cultures,” said 35-year-old mother and housewife Majda Khatibi.

The Netherlands calls on immigrants to take part in Dutch society, through work or study. Once they have learnt the language, they must take an integration exam to make sure they fit in Dutch society.

This makes perfect sense. Prove you actually want to integrate and be a part of Dutch society. Once you have proven yourself maybe then, things will improve. Let it happen naturally, not by force.

As immigrant numbers have risen, so has the popularity of far-right politicians, including anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders who criticises immigrants for not integrating enough.

In fairness, can you blame him when you see things like this?
In fairness, can you blame him when you see things like this?

Marching door to door, the children chant: “Don’t think black, don’t think white, don’t think black and white: think the colours of your heart.”

Yet you’re the ones who brought up colour to begin with by specifically demanding that white children be forced to join your schools whether they like it or not.


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