The Africanisation of Europe

Interesting video. I guess even the mainstream can’t cover up the obvious reality of what this migrant situation means for the future of Europe.

The video points out the very real dangers this is having for Europe. Criminals and terrorists posing as asylum seekers. The strain on European services. The ethic tensions. It also shows the fact that it isn’t Libyans trying to escape from the chaos of Libya, but rather people from neighbouring countries pouring into Libya, taking advantage of the chaos and using it as a gateway to Europe  and a “better life” (one that involves parasiting off the European people).

This of course is a completely insane situation. We’re literally being told that people who are deliberately coming to Libya from other countries need to escape from the dangers of Libya and we’re expected to believe that the only place they can possibly go to for safety is Europe. The idea of telling them to go back to the countries they came to Libya from has never crossed anyone’s mind.

How much longer can this last before someone in the mainstream points out this reality?


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