Irish people can now “self declare” their gender.

I can just hear the Social Justice Warriors grinding their teeth as they prepare to rage at me for my “ignorance” on this topic. Sorry SJWs, I know your hearts are in the right place (at least I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here and assuming you have good intentions). However, I have done my research on this topic and despite my best efforts, I have failed to find any scientific evidence that a sex change is biologically possible. All I see evidence of is people pumping themselves full of the opposite sexes hormones, and mutilating their genitalia so that they look more like the opposite sex. I see no evidence that they actually become the opposite sex.

This is what these people actually believe.
This is what these people actually believe.

Yes, I know transgender people are being honest and genuinely feel as if their biological sex does not match the gender they identify as and I do feel genuine sympathy for their plight. I don’t envy what they’re going through one bit, and I don’t think it’s right to bully or discriminate against them. However, the schizophrenic man is being honest when he says he hears voices in his head. The anorexic person is being honest when she says that she sees an obese girl looking back at her when she looks in the mirror.

This situation again.
This situation again.

Do we tell him that these voices are real and that he should listen to what they tell him to do? Do we tell her that she really is fat and that she should keep starving herself to lose weight? Of course not, because we know how harmful it could be to cooperate with these delusions. So why is that when a guy says he feels like a female and that he needs to take estrogen and have his penis and testicles surgically removed so he looks more womanly, do we play along? Yes, I know not all trans people go that far. I’m simply pointing out the most extreme example which can (and has) been reached. I think it’s very irresponsible for society to treat this obvious disorder like it’s just a different lifestyle. These people need compassion and help, but sometimes that necessitates a dose of tough reality. Instead, our state is opting to take the cowardly and easy route of just cooperating with the condition rather than trying to help people with it.

From The Journal

TRANS PEOPLE IN Ireland will now not have to rely on testimony from psychiatrists or endocrinologists to have their gender recognised by the state.

Instead, their self-declaration will be accepted, for the purpose of updating passports, driving licences, obtaining a new birth cert, and getting married.

Tánaiste Joan Burton announced this evening that the Cabinet has agreed that, under the Gender Recognition Bill currently before the Oireachtas, changes of gender will be effected by a “statutory declaration,” for those over the age of 18.

Well I will say one thing in its favour. At least it’s limited to over 18s for now. Not like America where they allow children who don’t yet know any better to make these life changing situations.

If Friends was made today instead of 20 years ago, they would have had a storyline about Ross's son Ben transitioning to being a girl after he played with a Barbie doll in that one episode.
If Friends was made today instead of 20 years ago, they would have had a storyline about Ross’s son Ben transitioning to being a girl after he played with a Barbie doll in that one episode.

“A person who transitions gender will have their preferred gender fully recognised by the State for all purposes – including the right to marry or enter a civil partnership in the preferred gender and the right to a new birth certificate.”

“Following today’s Cabinet decision…amendments will be made to the Bill at Committee Stage to ensure there will be no need for a supporting statement from a medical practitioner.”

The medical testimony requirement had been a controversial element of the bill, with Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan describing it as “an insult to transgender people.”

“A person’s gender identity is a matter for each individual. Transgender people know their own identity. They don’t need medical evaluation to prove their identity to anyone.”

I have no doubt they genuinely do “know” it. That doesn’t change the biological reality of their sex though. No more than the anorexic girl “knows” she’s overweight. Seriously why exactly do feelings take precedence over objective, undeniable, physical reality?

This whole denial of reality reminds me of this guy, who thinks if he imagined something, that makes it real.

The requirement will, however, remain in place for those aged 16 and 17, the Tánaiste has confirmed.

The government has also dropped a section of the bill that would have forced trans people who are married to either get divorced or not have their gender transition recognised.

Minister of State Kevin Humphreys explained:

“As the marriage equality referendum has been passed there is no Constitutional barrier to a person in a marriage or civil partnership having their preferred gender legally recognised.”

So there you have it. No doubt, people who claim to care so much about the plight of transgender rights will take offence to my comments, but as I’ve said, I don’t think it’s right to treat these people badly. I just think it’s wrong to cooperate with the condition and promote it to the world as something normal. We know that the suicide rate is still very high even after transitioning, suggesting that treating it as normal doesn’t always do the sufferers any good. We don’t know what causes it (there may in fact be multiple causes and we can’t yet rule out young children imitating what they see as normal being a possible cause). From what I’ve seen, the majority of people aren’t convinced that this is the right way to deal with the issue.

So what reason or reasons do we have to treat it this way? If someone could provide scientific evidence that a sex change is biologically possible, that sex changes are a good thing, and that there’s a 0% chance of impressionable kids thinking that they’re transgender and being mistaken as such (when they’re not) because its promoted as being normal, then please go ahead. Keep in mind that for as long as we’ve known about transgenderism, we’ve considered it to be a disorder. Therefore seeing as that is the old position and the new position is that it’s perfectly normal, the burden of proof is on those who are presenting the new idea rather than the old. So please, show me the proof that this is the correct attitude to have.


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