The joys of diversity come to Italy.

Remember Italy? That’s the country getting the brunt of the “Libyan” migrants. For some strange reason, the Italian people don’t seem to want them in their country. I just don’t get it. Are they so blinded by their hatred of their skin colour, that they are simply unable to comprehend the vast benefits these “Libyans” bring to the country? Benefits which are so plentiful and obvious, that nobody ever has to actually explain what they are to people, because they are so self evident and undeniable. Why, just look at this video which illustrates just a small sample of the vast benefits these invaders  new Europeans bring to Europe.

Such vibrancy. Such diversity. Such limitless benefits. How could anyone possibly be opposed to these migrants after watching this video? If there’s anybody who is sitting on the fence regarding what is the right thing to do regarding these migrants, I’m sure the answer is quite obvious now.


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