Swedish Muslim convert: “Fellow Muslims, murder my fellow Swedes.”

That country…


From Fria Tider (Translated by Google)

Michael Skråmo grew up in Gothenburg and converted to Islam about a decade ago. Last fall, he went a step further in their faith – which he took with him his wife and four small children and traveled to Syria to fight the terrorist group Islamic State, IS.

It’s poorly translated. What it should say is “traveled to Syria to fight for the terrorist group Islamic State, IS.”

No, this guy isn't an immigrant to Sweden. He's actually a native.
No, this guy isn’t an immigrant to Sweden. He’s actually a native.

In a new update on Facebook calls Skråmo – or “Abdul Samad al Swedi” as he calls himself today – Muslims in Sweden to come down to the Arab world and do jihad. But they do not have that opportunity so they can start killing Swedes instead, he notes.

Who could have ever predicted that letting in an endless supply of primitive people whose way of life is completely incompatible with the Swedish way of life, could possibly be dangerous? I am shocked, shocked I tell you.

“The Muslim enemy is all one. We are against them. Download the Inspire magazine start making bombs from the menial stuff from ICA or coop select yourself …” [sic] writes Michael Skråmo in the post, which attracted the attention of the journalist Per Gudmundson.

Every good Muslim has a duty to kill Swedes and other “infidels”. When secured a place in paradise, explains Skråmo.

What kind of God could justify such evil actions?

An artist's rendition of "Allah", the bloodthirsty God worshipped by IS.
An artist’s rendition of “Allah”, the bloodthirsty God worshipped by IS.

“Islam is jihad in all shapes and we are here to dominate the world with the sword,” he writes.

If you look at the history of Islamic conquest, you can see that this is what they actually believe. They’ve literally been trying to spread their power and authority by force since the time of Muhammad himself. Why do we assume that they’re no longer interested in doing this? Just because the European powers no longer have any desire to conquer the world, doesn’t mean they don’t. There’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that they have moved on from the desire to conquer. I mean seriously, it’s not as if they even try to hide it. They outright admit that this is what they want to do. They outright admit that they take advantage of open borders in EU countries to plant their agents within our societies. Why don’t we take their threats seriously?

Before he did jihad was Michael Skråmo involved in several tax-funded Muslim organizations in Sweden. Among other things, he was a lecturer at the Islamic Sweden United Muslims, recently awarded SEK 300,000 in grants from the Agency for Youth and civil matters in order to combat “racism and intolerance”.

In 2009, invited the terror Swede into the state SVT’s program “Debate” as an expert in “Islamophobia” . He then wanted to combat what he meant was a racist image of Muslims as bearded men with AK-47s.

This fear is based on ignorance of Islam, said Michael Skråmo SVT program.

Well at least the article ends on a hilarious note.

“You fear us out of ignorance. None of what you believe about Islam is true. Now I’m going to behave in exactly the same way as those incorrect and racist stereotypes of Islam that I’m trying to prove false.”

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