Ungrateful migrants go on hunger strike at French Border.

From The Local

French border police told AFP they had been ordered not to let through the migrants, many of whom came from Somalia, Eritrea, the Ivory Coast and Sudan, and hoped to travel onwards to Germany, Britain or Sweden to request asylum.

And they’re right not to. Just because Italy was stupid enough to rescue these people and turn them loose on Europe, rather than sending them right back where they came from, doesn’t mean other countries should have to pay for that stupidity. France has enough problems as it is. It doesn’t need to take responsibility for economic migrants who deliberately traveled into Libya from other countries, because they wanted to leech off of Europe.

“We are not going back, we need to pass,” read a large banner held aloft by one group of protesters, while another read: “We need freedom.”

Curled up on pieces of cardboard, sheltering where possible under trees and bushes, men, women and children who had made the journey from Libya by boat to Italy said they would block traffic if they were not allowed to pass.

How self absorbed are these people? Imagine if native Europeans decided to block traffic like this. The law would rightfully crack down on them and they would all be arrested. However, because they aren’t native Europeans, they get special treatment and are actually being allowed to engage in this behaviour without fear of being punished.   

While the women and children ate food provided by the Red Cross, the men refused.

“We won’t eat,” said 20 year-old Mustapha Ali. “We spent all of yesterday in the heat, and last night in the rain and cold. If we must die here, no need to eat.” 

Trying to make us all feel guilty about the decisions they made themselves. You wouldn’t have had to have been exposed to the elements if you had stayed where you were. Even if you were a genuine asylum seeker, you wouldn’t have this problem because you would have stayed in the first safe country (Italy) that you set foot in. You would have just been grateful to go somewhere safe. However, you obviously want to go a country where you’ll get more free stuff (eg Britain or Sweden) so it’s your own fault if you’re experiencing this hardship.

A record number of 1,439 migrants were intercepted this week by French police in the Alpes Maritimes area of southeast France, with 1,097 returned to Italy.

I hope those French police are all given medals for their service to their country.

Mohamed from Sudan told AFP he had arrived in Sicily with his brother and travelled by car and train as far as Menton in France — just across the border — where he had been arrested at the train station and escorted back to Italy.
“In Darfur there is a lot of war and violence, they massacre people, we want peace,” he said.

Is there a lot of war and violence in Sicily? Is that why you had to go to France? Because Sicily wasn’t safe? On that topic, why did you have to go to Europe for safety? Where there no safe African countries?

Look at how far Sicily is from Darfur. He seriously couldn't find safety anywhere else?
Look at how far Sicily is from Darfur. He seriously couldn’t find safety anywhere else?

The Schengen open borders accord means migrants landing in Italy can usually easily travel through neighbouring France, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia as they seek to make it to Britain, Germany and Scandinavia.

This is fucking insanity. Protect you borders Italy. The rest of Europe doesn’t want to be exposed to this problem because of your incompetence and soft-heartedness.

But border controls have been temporarily reintroduced due to a recent summit of G7 leaders in Germany.The mayor of Ventimiglia, Enrico Ioculano, told Sky TG 24 television that some of the migrants appeared to be getting through to France anyway by train. “There are currently around 50 migrants at Ventimiglia’s train station, the same number as there were a few days ago, though the faces have changed,” he said.

Good, I’m glad border controls have been reintroduced. All sovereign nations need to protect their borders from invasion. And this is exactly what it is, an invasion. These people breed much faster than we do, and it’s clear that they’re just going to keep on coming. They are completely incapable of actually functioning in a civilised society. As I’ve said before, a society is a reflection of the people who live there. The countries they come from are hellholes because the people who lived there made them hellholes. Therefore, if they keep coming to Europe, as the demographic ratio goes from a majority of Europeans, to a majority of third worlders, Europe itself will change to reflect that demographic change. This is so completely obvious, that I don’t know how people can’t see it.

Young, healthy black men.
“Don’t be so racist. Obviously Europe is so successful because it has magical European soil. It has nothing to do with the people who live there. These people will instantly become super intelligent and useful. They’ll be teaching astrophysics at Oxford university, and curing cancer before you know it”

“At least 200 have come and gone, I would guess they got into France by train,” he said.
The suspension of Schengen has been increasing the pressure on Italy, where reception centres are at breaking point with about 76,000 people accommodated nationwide.

The build-up has seen hundreds of migrants including three-month-old infants bedding down in Milan Central and Rome’s Tiburtina train stations.


If you can’t take the pressure, you shouldn’t have to. You have absolutely no obligation to these people. The vast majority in your society don’t want them. The vast majority in your fellow European societies (apart from Sweden of course) don’t want them. The small minority of do gooder morons who do want them, don’t have to take responsibility for taking care of them. So just do yourselves a favour. Send them back to Africa, and beef up security in the Mediterranean. Why is this so hard to do?


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