British child gets “culturally enriched” by older Muslim boys.

As we all know only white people can ever be racist. This is because racism requires both prejudice and power. Having white skin automatically confers greater power on a person than those who don’t have white skin. We can see a perfect example of this in action in the video below.

Even though the two ¬†Pakistani boys were larger, had a two to one advantage, and are living in one of the most politically correct countries in the world, where invasive minorities are given preference in the media and by law enforcement over the native majority, they are still automatically overpowered by the smaller British boy’s white skin. Therefore, we can conclude that what we saw in the above video is not a hate crime, or if in fact it was, the perpetrator was clearly the white boy, who was more than likely oppressing those Pakistani boys somehow.

Yes, I know I've used this meme before, but I do so because it's 100% true. I've actually had arguments with idiots who think like this.
Yes, I know I’ve used this meme before, but I do so because it’s 100% true. I’ve actually had arguments with idiots who think like this.

Seriously, what are those Pakistani boys doing in Britain? If their parents have some in demand skills (for example, they could be doctors), then fair enough, at least the family as a whole is of some benefit to Britain. If on the other hand, they come from an unskilled family, why are they in Britain? How does their presence benefit the British people? Did Britain (an alleged democracy) actually allow the British people to say whether or not they wanted to open their borders to outsiders? Do the British people not have a right to live in safety within the borders of the country their ancestors built? We don’t see British people going over to live in Pakistan, raping their children, committing acts of terrorism, or allowing their children to savagely beat native Pakistani children. Why is the reverse allowed to happen?


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