A peak into the mind of a Swedish woman.

This is a disturbing read. It shows how truly brainwashed some of these people are.

From Reddit

Salaam aleikum. Throw-away for obvious reasons. I am a Swedish woman, 31, in the city of Malmö who is in a life-choice situation that involves an Arab man, and I could really need some urgent advice.

As you maybe know, we in Sweden celebrate the multi-cultural society and most people are happy we have gotten a lot of new Muslim co-citizens the past years. Unfortunately, as you also know, because of the war in Syria and America’s bombings, a lot have not moved on their own free will, they are refugees.

I really don’t understand how most people could possibly be happy with this situation. They’ve brought a rape epidemic with them. There’s been an increase in terrorism and gang related violence. They’ve demanded that Swedish society changes to accommodate their beliefs more. There’s a massive housing shortage as a result of mass immigration. All across the rest of Europe, people are getting sick of immigration and want to see much less of it. Yet in Sweden, they’re apparently so happy with it, that they actually call the invaders “co-citizens”. This literally would not happen anywhere else.

We try to help as much as we can, and I have personally worked at the immigration authority for 5 years now. I try to go out of my way to be professional, but last year something happened.

A man, let’s call him A, was my case. He is Syrian from the rural side and had fled with his two brothers. He is 23, brothers 17 and 15.

It was a hard case because we grant extra services to people with traumatic experiences and needed to determine his condition. Because of that I got to know A really well and he started courting me. I was taken out, came home to his place to meet his brothers, he was – and is – a true gentleman.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

"A" taking his new Swedish girlfriend home to meet his friends.
“A” taking his new Swedish girlfriend home to meet his friends.

We started really dating and he wanted me to quickly move to his apartment. It’s in a very Arab part of town, so I was curious but agreed. I was indeed wrong to distrust him, I quickly found the community you never find in Swedish cities. I was and am so happy with that.

This is an interesting comment. I’ve always suspected that part of the reason why the west is so laid back regarding mass immigration the past few decades is because there has been a collapse of community values and a sense of belonging. People feel as if they don’t belong to a larger community and so, it doesn’t make a difference to them if people from a completely different background move in on their turf. As far as people are concerned, a Muslim, or an African migrant is no further removed from them than their native countrymen, in terms of the the connection they feel to them. I think a lot of this has to do with the collapse of Christianity. Although I’m not religious myself, I can’t deny that Christianity was once the uniting factor of Western communities. Communities attended mass together every week, bonded with other members of their parish, and learned their values from the church. I think it’s safe to say that Christianity is dying bit by bit, leaving people without an outlet to bond as a community. Regardless of any bad the church may have done, I do think it’s sad to see that nothing has bee able to fill the communal void its collapse has left.

Typical mass attendance these days.
Typical mass attendance these days.

However, it took some getting used to to be “his” – Swedish men are very soft compared to Arab men, if that makes sense.

This comment makes me laugh. The highly feminist society of Sweden has spent decades demonising their men for displaying masculinity and more or less demanded that they be turned into a bunch of limp-wristed weaklings.

The self loathing is strong with this one. I bet he really hates that he was born male.
The self loathing is strong with this one. I bet he really hates that he was born male.

Finally, after decades of social engineering, they managed to turn a significant amount of their men into a bunch of self loathing manginas, with the traits that Swedish feminists have always wanted…. only to reject them in favour of men from a culture which is far more misogynistic than Swedish men ever were. It’s completely insane. I’ve never claimed to be an expert on women because…well… I’m not, quite frankly. However, I do at least have enough common sense to know this much. Women are attracted to men, not fucking doormats, which is exactly what a lot of Swedish men have been reduced to over the past few decades.

"Men (I think) your country is in trouble and needs you. You need to stand up and fight for your futu... HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING? WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE LATE FOR YOUR PEDICURE SESSION? Oh fuck it, Sweden is doomed.
The end result of decades of social engineering. What a tragedy.

OK, so 7 months ago, we decided to get Islamic married at a small beautiful ceremony. I started covering myself to respect him and I actually found it very safe. But that’s when the problems began. My family started to talk very badly about him and my brothers especially were extremely disrespectful to us and our life.

It has been escalating since, and as a result, he has become more controlling and stressed. I can easily handle that and I like that he cares so much about me.

Today, we were out for breakfast to meet up with my family. And then my one brother set a trap for A: he had his wife flirt with him in the kitchen, and when my brother “saw” it – he knew it all along – he punched A. A defended himself and we left.

He was first very angry with me but then we had a talk. This is where I need help: he can no longer accept my family and I think he is justified to think so. He has set the ultimatum that we either go to my parents tonight and tell them that I won’t be seeing them anymore and on top of that, he will help me learn how to create a good relation/marriage for the two of us. If we don’t do it, we are over.

I’m now in our bathroom speculating. I know I should say no to him, but my deepest desire is to give in to him and take my life with him.

Please, you know the culture better than me: what would you do? Thanks so much.

So lets summarise what has happened here.

  • She adopts Islamic traditions in order to “respect him” even though he is the guest in her country. It would be one thing, if she was in his home country. I could kind of understand then, but in her own country, this seems ridiculous.
  • He is a control freak. She just considers it to be him “caring” about her.
  • She says her family has become disrespectful towards him. She doesn’t explain how. Seeing as this is Sweden, I doubt they’d ever actually be genuinely be racist. They probably just expressed concern about her (obviously as a result of being brainwashed) behaviour. Showing such concern would probably seem racist to a Swede.
  • The guy wants her to break off contact with her family (which would thus isolate her even more and just lead to her getting more brainwashed).
  • She’s actually seriously considering it.

I just found this absolutely fascinating to read. It really is a disturbing insight into the mind of a Swedish woman. I actually wonder just how many others like her are out there. Looking at what’s going on in Sweden, I’m guessing she’s just one of many.


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