18 year old Somali man rapes 12 year old Swedish girl. Gets 180 hours community service.

I always tell myself that I couldn’t possibly respect Sweden any less than I already do, but somehow, they always manage to prove me wrong.

From Fria Tider (Translated by Google)

The girl told the court that she last November came with the offender, Muhamed, to his home because he promised her that she would then get back intimate photos he had of her.

In place in the home he tore off her clothes so that her jacket was broken and carried out the rape. When the 12-year-old girl tried to resist replied Somali feeding strokes over her face and holding his hand over her mouth while he raped her.

– Black dick is expensive, proclaimed Somali several occasions during the rape, told the girl.

Muhamed, who was 17 when the crime was committed, has claimed that the two had a “love affair” and that he did not know she was underage – information law could dismiss. According to the judgment, it is beyond reasonable doubt that he raped the girl vaginally and that he associated with it awarded her slap in the face / head and held a hand over her mouth.

Although the rape of a child normally should give prison select district court to let Muhamed get away with a light sentence – 180 hours of community service with probation. The judgment refers among other things to somalierns low age and that he has “some trouble with anxiety and sleep problems he is medicated against when necessary”.

Just unbelievable. Normally, I would try to add some kind of discussion when posting an article, and try to bring some kind of humour to it. I don’t tend to like just pasting articles verbatim on this blog, without adding my own content to it. In this situation though, I’m actually so disgusted by what I’ve read, that I really just have nothing to say. I think the article itself really says it all, and I’m sure anyone reading this, will share my disgust.

3 thoughts on “18 year old Somali man rapes 12 year old Swedish girl. Gets 180 hours community service.

  1. […] I honestly cannot understand that country at all. They claim to have “feminism” as a core ideology of how they govern things, yet they continue to import the absolute dregs of the world into their country by the millions, give them free reign to rape and sexually assault their women and girls non-stop, then give them a slap on the wrist for doing so, every single time. Seriously, in regards to their pathetic sentencing policies, I’ve written about similar cases in the past. […]


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