Denmark…the anti-Sweden

No, this isn't some poverty stricken, Indian slum. This is Europe.
No, this isn’t some poverty stricken, Indian slum. This is Europe.

After constantly reading about Sweden’s constant descent into insanity, it’s nice to hear that it isn’t spreading to their neighbours. It seems that Denmark is apparently very intolerant towards Gypsies, and some do-gooders (who have probably never actually dealt with Gypsies in their lives) aren’t happy about that. It’s crazy really. I mean, what is it about the Swedish people that makes them so different from the Danes in terms of their tolerance levels? I was always led to believe that the Nordic countries were all very similar to one another, but evidently, I was wrong.

From Online Post

Denmark has been ranked as the most intolerant out of seven Northern European nations, according to a new YouGov research poll (here in English).

The poll – which also included France, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Norway and Finland – found that 29 percent of Danes were found to be intolerant to either Romas, Muslims, Jews, black people or gay people. It just edged out Finland, which also scored 29.

“Denmark appears to be very intolerant overall, but setting the especially high level of negative sentiment towards Roma/Gypsies/travellers to one side, it is third (18 points) behind Finland (23) and France (20),” the poll found.

The findings showed that 72 percent of Danes were ‘totally negative’ when it came to their impression of Roma/Gypsies/travellers – first by a long way – while 45 percent felt similarly about Muslims, which was tied for the most with Finland.

I’m actually amazed that it’s only 72% that have a negative view of them. I’m guessing the other 28% have never actually dealt with them. Seriously, I’ve actually never encountered anyone who has ever actually dealt with Gypsies, who has ever had anything good to say about them. Most Eastern Europeans living in Ireland, have dealt with Gypsies for centuries, and they all seem to have a particularly strong contempt for them. I find that most of the Eastern European people that I have dealt with have been nothing less than pleasant. My own experiences with Gypsies (thankfully very few) have all been extremely negative. Therefore, due to a combination of my own personal experiences, and from hearing the negative views of other people who I would regard as being good people, I’m inclined to believe that there are damn good reasons why nobody seems to like Gypsies. In all honestly, what have they ever actually contributed of worth to any society that they’ve lived in?

Gypsy child doing what they do best.
Gypsy child doing what they do best.
It would be racist not to respect their cultural contributions.
It would be racist not to respect their cultural contributions.

To a lesser degree, the Danes were also intolerant of black people (11 percent), gay people (7 percent – the lowest of all seven nations), Jews (8 percent), Christians (7 percent), young people (11 percent) and the elderly (5 percent).

Overall, Sweden was found to be the least intolerant at 20 percent, followed by Norway and Germany (tied at 22), Britain (24), France (27), while the Finns joined the Danes at joint last (29).

Of course, we can always rely on the cuckold nation of Sweden to be the exception. Based on what I do know about Sweden, I’m inclined to believe that this is just a typical example of Swedish suicidal altruism, just like that Swedish woman who was gang raped by Gypsies she invited into her home to eat. Hence, I’m not going to take them seriously.


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