US soldiers stationed in Muslim countries ordered to observe Ramadan.

Hey, look on the bright side, at least it will give them some practice for when the West is completely Islamified.

Yes, these are actually American soldiers. So tolerant. So progressive.
Yes, these are actually American soldiers. So tolerant. So progressive.

From Weekly Standard

A top commander in southwest Asia reminded U.S military personnel stationed in Muslim countries in the Middle East of the restrictions placed on them during Ramadan. According to a report by the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Public Affairs, Brig. Gen. John Quintas, 380th Air Expeditionary Wing commander in Southwest Asia, said that the U.S. is “committed to the concepts of tolerance, freedom and diversity.” But he added that soldiers should “become more informed and appreciative of the traditions and history of the people in this region of the world… [R]emember we are guests here and that the host nation is our shoulder-to-shoulder, brothers and sisters in arms, risking their lives for our common cause to defeat terrorism.”

During the 30-day religious celebration of Ramadan, even non-Muslims are expected to obey local laws regarding eating, drinking, and using tobacco in public. Violators can be fined up to $685 or receive two months in jail. A spokesperson for United States Central Command [CENTCOM] said that “we are not aware of any specific instances of anyone being arrested” for such violations.

\For military personnel outside of U.S.-controlled areas, the only exceptions for the rules are for those “performing strenuous labor.” Such personnel are “authorized to drink and consume as much food as they need to maintain proper hydration and energy.” It is unclear what constitutes “strenuous labor” or whether additional exceptions might be made during a heatwave affecting some areas of the region that has taken hundreds of lives.

When asked if the restrictions were new or simply a continuation of past policy, a CENTCOM spokesperson replied:

There has been no change in policy…  [W]hile the US does not have a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the UAE, it is common practice to ensure all Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, and Marines deployed to Muslim countries are culturally aware that during the month of Ramadan, practicing Muslims do not consume anything from sunrise to sunset as a pillar of their faith. Commanders throughout the AOR create policies to ensure their subordinates respect the laws and culture of our hosts at all times.

The report on CENTCOM’s website is accompanied by the following graphic urging military personnel to “respect Ramadan.”

I find the bolded part particularly interesting. First of all, there’s the idea of being tolerant, and respecting freedom and diversity… concepts Shariah ruled countries are completely at odds with. I’m not saying that individual Muslims don’t believe in these concepts, but can anyone honestly name a country with Islamic law that does support these concepts? I honestly can’t think of one myself.

Saudi Arabian gay pride parade, 2015.
Saudi Arabian gay pride parade, 2015.

I also think it’s interesting that it says that soldiers should recognise that they are guests in these countries and therefore should be respectful towards their way of life. I wonder if Muslims in the US are expected to behave the same way towards their host nation.

From Center for Security Policy

According to a new nationwide online survey (Below) of 600 Muslims living in the United States, significant minorities embrace supremacist notions that could pose a threat to America’s security and its constitutional form of government.

The numbers of potential jihadists among the majority of Muslims who appear not to be sympathetic to such notions raise a number of public policy choices that warrant careful consideration and urgent debate, including: the necessity for enhanced surveillance of Muslim communities; refugee resettlement, asylum and other immigration programs that are swelling their numbers and density; and the viability of so-called “countering violent extremism” initiatives that are supposed to stymie radicalization within those communities.

Overall, the survey, which was conducted by The Polling Company for the Center for Security Policy (CSP), suggests that a substantial number of Muslims living in the United States see the country very differently than does the population overall.  The sentiments of the latter were sampled in late May in another CSP-commissioned Polling Company nationwide survey.

According to the just-released survey of Muslims, a majority (51%) agreed that “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to shariah.”  When that question was put to the broader U.S. population, the overwhelming majority held that shariah should not displace the U.S. Constitution (86% to 2%).

More than half (51%) of U.S. Muslims polled also believe either that they should have the choice of American or shariah courts, or that they should have their own tribunals to apply shariah. Only 39% of those polled said that Muslims in the U.S. should be subject to American courts.

These notions were powerfully rejected by the broader population according to the Center’s earlier national survey.  It found by a margin of 92%-2% that Muslims should be subject to the same courts as other citizens, rather than have their own courts and tribunals here in the U.S.

Even more troubling, is the fact that nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

By contrast, the broader survey found that a 63% majority of those sampled said that “the freedom to engage in expression that offends Muslims or anybody else is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and cannot be restricted.”

Nearly one-fifth of Muslim respondents said that the use of violence in the United States is justified in order to make shariah the law of the land in this country.

Center for Security Policy President, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., observed:

The findings of the Center for Security Policy’s survey of Muslims in America suggests that we have a serious problem.  The Pew Research Center estimates that the number of Muslims in the United States was 2.75 million in 2011, and growing at a rate of 80-90 thousand a year.  If those estimates are accurate, the United States would have approximately 3 million Muslims today.  That would translate into roughly 300,000 Muslims living in the United States who believe that shariah is “The Muslim God Allah’s law that Muslims must follow and impose worldwide by Jihad.”
It is incumbent on the many American Muslims who want neither to live under the brutal repression of shariah nor to impose it on anybody else to work with the rest of us who revere and uphold the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution in protecting our nation against the Islamic supremacists and their jihad.

Their values are completely at odds with those of the American public at large. Also, I’m guessing that not all of those polled were honest about their true feelings. I’m sure that only the stupider ones were completely honest. I’d bet the smarter ones only pretended to be opposed to living under Shariah law, or to using violence to achieve their goals, because they would have been smart enough to realise the trouble they could cause for themselves by being open about it.

Then again, lots of them are quite open about it, and haven't had any problems as a result.
Then again, lots of them are quite open about it, and haven’t had any problems as a result.

So let me ask this question. If these Muslims want to live under Shariah law so badly, why did they choose to go to a country, where Shariah law isn’t practiced, when there are countries which do practice it?

I see only two possible explanations

  1. To leech off of a country with a far higher standard of living… like parasites really.
  2. They’re actively engaged in conquest. They outright admit that they believe that Shariah law is “Allah’s” law and that they have a duty to impose it on the world through jihad. Is it really that hard to believe that those already in our nations are acting as a fifth column to weaken us from the inside, thus making us easier to conquer?

Of course, you can be sure that nothing will be done about this. Authorities and the media will probably blame it all on white racism or something, and tell us that if we just act a bit nicer towards them, eventually they’ll give up their desire to conquer us, and will magically change their entire belief system to be more like ours. If you ask for evidence to support this theory, you’re obviously just a hate filled racist who uses fear of being conquered as an excuse when really, you just hate their skin colour.

“Yes, you got us. We just really, really hate their skin colour. It really is that simple. There’s no other possible explanation”

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